Paul Norton : Smartz on Spartz and Fartz

Paul Norton — among other things a bourgeois Green opposed to the formation of a revolutionary, internationalist workers party and unable and unwilling to defend the Chinese deformed workers state — has written a scurrilous attack upon The Spartacist League of Australia, a part of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist): a revolutionary, internationalist workers party able and willing to defend the Chinese deformed workers state and committed to leading the Australian proletariat, at the head of all the oppressed, in sweeping away the entire capitalist system of wage slavery, repression and war.

His attack is titled ‘Spartz Meanz Fartz – for thirty-five years’ (Larvatus Prodeo, August 19, 2009).

A so-called ‘academic’, Norton writes in his commentary “I take it ICC was the Control COmmission”; thereby demonstrating not only an inability to spell correctly, but also contempt for historical accuracy. The ICC was the ‘International Control Commission’, not the ‘Control COmmission’. It published a report, titled ‘The Logan Dossier: Documentary Evidence and Testimony in the August 1979 Trial and Expulsion of Bill Logan from the international Spartacist tendency for Crimes Against Communist Morality and Elementary Human Decency’.

Paul Norton: Hate Michael Jackson, Hate Trotskyism, Hate the Spartacist League.


Subscription Drive Success!
ASp Welcomes New Readers!

Congratulations to participants in the 2009 Australasian Spartacist subscription drive! The Spartacist League of Australia (SL) and Spartacus Youth Club (SYC) undertook an energetic campaign from late February until early April to widen the readership of our Trotskyist press! We exceeded our modest quota by almost 50 percent, achieving 254 points! The points represent subscriptions to Australasian Spartacist (ASp) and the press of other sections of the International Communist League, especially Workers Vanguard, newspaper of the Spartacist League/U.S.! The success of our campaign is a tribute to the hard work of comrades and sympathisers!

~ Australasian Spartacist, No. 205, Winter 2009


Trotskyist Platform, No.11, April–July 2009.
(Adaire Hannah) IBT supporter leads walk-out against adult education cuts in Wellington, International Bolshevik Tendency, August 15, 2009.
Revolutionary Regroupment, Resignation from the International Bolshevik Tendency, Samuel Trachtenberg (September 25, 2008) and:

* Posted 5/22/09; For the benefit of any remaining (or future) potential internal critics of the IBT leadership, we are posting a link from to a downloadable (15MG) version of “Bureaucratic Centralism in the International Bolshevik Tendency”, published by former Bay Area supporters of the IBT in the early 90’s. While we are not endorsing their views or the group they briefly formed, the bulletin contains internal IBT documents. These documents chronicle the leaderships disloyal behind the scenes maneuvers which effectively destroyed the IBT’s Bay Area local, setting many bad precedents for the future development of the group.

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