Dr. Cam on Helen Coonan’s fascist flirtation

Crikey! Dr. Cam writes:

“The Jewish and Croatian communities of Australia are, according to a report in today’s [April 26] Australian Jewish News, angry and outraged that Communications Minister Helen Coonan, Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and NSW Upper House MP David Clarke attended a commemoration of Croatia’s inglorious independence on 10 April:

    The Howard Government has been embarrassed by the appearance of a cabinet minister at a Croatian independence function linked to a murderous neo-Nazi regime.

    Jewish groups are outraged at Communications Minister Helen Coonan’s attendance at the Sydney commemoration earlier this month, which marked Croatia’s independence following the fascist Ustase regime’s rise to power during World War II.

    Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and NSW Upper House MP David Clarke were also guests at the April 10 event, held at the Croatian Club in Punchbowl.

    NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (NSWJBD) CEO Vic Alhadeff described the celebration as “offensive” to Australians, while it is understood Croatian embassy officials are also angered at the involvement of a senior government minister.

The Jewish and Croat communities have every reason to be outraged when members of government are breaking bread with anti-Semitic extremists — and so should we all be. Coonan and Fierravanti-Wells’ attendance at an event celebrating one of the most evil moments in Yugoslav history can probably be put down to ignorance. Clarke has no excuse, having been involved with the Ustase since the ’70s, he is surely well aware of their violent tactics. Nor is this the first time he has celebrated the Nazi takeover of Croatia. In 2005, he feigned surprise at being connected to the Ustase … after he was caught out celebrating the exact same event at an Ustasi function. The Liberal Party needs to do to Clarke what it never managed to do to Urbancic — Clarke must be excommunicated from the party and assigned a Brian Burke-esque pariah status, even if the Christian right faction loses a few of its precious numbers.

Bigotry has no place in 21st century Australian politics.

It’s an outrage the roots of which are 66 years in the making. On 10 April, 1941, the royal dictatorship of Croatia was overthrown and replaced by the brutal Nazi-aligned Independent State of Croatia, led by a group called the Ustase. The Ustase quickly got around to the business of murdering hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, Romani, anti-fascists and pretty much anyone that didn’t approve of wholesale murder. Hundreds of thousands of people were also forcibly deported or forcibly converted to Catholicism as the Ustase played their role in the wider Holocaust.

Following the conclusion of World War II a number of these active collaborators resettled in Australia — authorities turning a blind eye to those with murky Nazi pasts as their attentions turned towards fighting the Communist threat — and formed groups dedicated to the reformation of Independent Croatia, through terrorist activity, with the tacit support of the conservative end of Australian politics. In 1963, after the Yugoslav Government formally complained about Australian Ustase captured waging a guerilla war in Yugoslavia, Robert Menzies responded by praising the Ustase insurgents. A few years later [November 30, 1968], as Ustase laid waste to the Yugoslav consulate in Sydney, Billy McMahon (who would soon become Prime Minister and ‘just happened to be there’) described the Ustase as “a good bunch” with “a good cause”.

Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, the Ustase continued an unchecked campaign of terror (assaults, bombings, murders etc) against the local Yugoslav community which only ceased when several bystanders were injured by a bomb in Sydney and public outcry forced Australian intelligence operations to recognise that a violent terrorist network was operating in Australia. But why were the Ustase allowed to operate with free rein for so long? It surely had nothing to do with the fact that a member of the Ustase, Nazi propagandist Ljenko “Little Goebbels” Urbancic, was a senior powerbroker within the Liberal Party. Urbancic remained an influential member of the far-right faction of the Liberals until his death in 2006, alongside his protege … David Clarke. Which brings us to today.

(Those interested in the history of the Ustase in Australia should check out Sanctuary: Nazi Fugitives in Australia by Mark Aarons [Heinemann, Melbourne, 1989] and Radical Melbourne 2 by Jeff & Jill Sparrow [Vulgar Press, Melbourne, 2004])”

See also : Joan Coxsedge, Ken Coldicutt and Gerry Harrant’s Rooted in Secrecy: the clandestine element in Australian politics, esp. ‘One, Two, Three — Ustasha Are We!’, pp.43-59.

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5 Responses to Dr. Cam on Helen Coonan’s fascist flirtation

  1. KinkyBoy says:

    Who really gives a Toss what Jews think. It’s a bit rich for them to whine about the so called prejudices of others when they’ve codified prejudice, bigotry and “hatred” as their religion and way of life. Read their religious literature for an insight into the collect-hive mind of the Jew.

    It treats you, me, and everyone with contempt.

    Yet they think we envy them. We may rightly fear them for their religious licence to kill with impunity as a direct function of being God’s monopolistic and extortionate conduit of “truth” to the “Goyim”, but no, we don’t envy them, because they’ve got nothing we want.

    Everything the Jew has is material, because he has no soul. Ever looked into the eyes of a “powerful” Jew, and shuddered at the lifelessness of them? The eyes are said to be a window into the soul, and so often I sense in JewHiss eyes, that there is only utilitarian malevolence and contempt for the Gentile World that surrounds them. It can only be a neurotic function of religious psychosis, caused by a realisation of the fact that Gentiles can indeed and do create a world of beauty completely in absence of Jewish “Morality” or even his presence. For this he hates us.

    Such reality is completely at odds with the Talmud, because Talmudic Jewish ‘relevance’ is rendered impotent by the facts on the ground that imply he is functionally irrelevant. Any relevance is because he foists himself through law and intimidation upon us.

    More presumptuously precious palaver from a whispering orifice of the Shrewish Horde of Iniquities:

    NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (NSWJBD) CEO Vic Alhadeff described the celebration as “offensive” to Australians…

    Many Gentiles, on discovery of their true nature, would find your religious precepts to be offensive. You separate and deride us from us but speak for us? Are you an Australian “Gentile authorised person”. You speak only for Jewes.

    This Jew presumes to speak on behalf of “Australians”. Let the Talmud publicly speak your mind. It views Australian Gentiles as something less than “Jewes” and even as beasts. Even the foetal Gentile is judged, and he is not yet born. It’s called “pre-judice” and Jew’ve got it in spades. You are demonstrably NOT God’s Chosen people and Pied Piper Totalitarians to the YidCore. Piss Off.

  2. @ndy says:

    Yo Kinky.

    Thanks for the Heads-Up.

    Next time I drop by Glick’s, I’ll be sure and Tread Carefully.

  3. KinkyBoy says:

    Always….When there’s Snakes about. They need the blood of the living for nourishment and warmth.
    Some of them are quite poisonously venomous, and some just look nasty. Some’ll squeeze your guilt conscience ’til your eyes pop or you begin to stab yourself to death. Eventually they’ll end up destroying their own audience. Who’ll be left to applaud and Kiss their precious and tender Quoit.

    Most of them just want to dress up in front of a vanity mirror so that they look nice for the Gentile and bathe in our adulation, eventually forced and feigned out of bored politeness. Serial attention seekers who care little for the damage they inflict on the societies of others. They’re vewwy important Andy. Ask ’em they’ll tell you, for it is written and, relatively, they’ll do anything to make their blight shine brighter than anyone else’s, including knobbling those they feel are close competition.
    The “knobblee” often neither knows nor cares for competition and wonders why the hell the Kike is constantly whispering in his ear about all sorts of “caring” shit.
    Knobbling’s what it is. Knobbling the other so that the Chosen can manifest as such.


    PS As an aside, JewHissNess is a state of mind common to Gentiles who lust for dominion over others. The Jew has aligned himself racially with this repugnant state of mind that demands the subjugation of others through lies, intimidation and mischief.

  4. Who really gives a Toss what Jews think. It’s a bit rich for them to whine about the so called prejudices of others when they’ve codified prejudice, bigotry and ”hatred” as their religion and way of life…

    The funny [thing] is, the Antis say they fight fa[s]cism… yet support Israel…

  5. @ndy says:



    I get it. You believe that The Jews are Grouse, and avail yourself of every single Opportunity to remind The World that such is your Opinion — cleverly disguised as raving Anti-Semitism. However, in Future, please constrain yourself, as you normally do, to uttering such Commentary on The Dutch Immigrant’s Blog, as I believe that ZOG, via the Controlled Media — from its Base in Jew York, in the Jewnited States — already provides The World with enough Paeans to the inherent Worthiness of The Jews as it is.

    Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.


    Tedious with a capital ‘T’. There are no ‘Antis’ here mate, just me. And if you seriously believe that there is some contradiction between my opposition to fascism as expressed herein and my views on the state of Israel, please feel free to spell it out. As it stands, I’ve written very little on the subject of Israel, but if you search my blog for that term, as I have, you’ll discover that, among other things, I’ve made some commentary on the subject of:

    a tiny number of boneheads among Russian immigrant yoof;

    Daniel Pipes, Campus Watch, and their attempts to silence or otherwise mute criticism of the Israeli Government on US college campuses (and the possible extension of this project to Australian universities);

    ding-dong battles between Marxist and Zionist students inre the relative merits of the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon;

    protest against the invasion of Lebanon in Tel Aviv;

    Class War’s statement on the war;

    a Lebanese anarchist’s blog on Middle Eastern politics;

    and more besides.

    Your point, dummkopf?

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