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    the blob writes:

“It seems a bit funny that a group of neo-Nazi skinheads in New Zealand should celebrate Hitler’s birthday like the Hammerskins did in Wellington the other weekend. FDB! decided to do a bit of digging to see what Der Fuhrer thought of New Zealand. What we found was, well, rather disappointing. He was obviously not very well informed on geography or ethnography. Take a look at this; it’s excerpts from a speech given by Hitler on July 15, 1925, explaining Nazi racial doctrine. He started by using dogs as an example, declaring that although dogs were indeed dogs, not all dogs were alike and some were better than others. Sheer genius there, but it gets better…

You say ‘a human being is a human being’. No doubt! But between the individual human beings there is after all a certain differentiation. For example: many New Zealanders live in trees and many still climb around on all fours, very different from a European who walks on two legs and does not live in trees but wanders on streets.

Now you might say: ‘That is the effect of climate’. My friend, if all Europeans left the Continent and the New Zealanders slipped in here, you will surely not believe that the climate will make a European out of the New Zealander, however great the influence of climate, that influence will not reach beyond certain characteristics…

It’s almost beyond comprehension that the leader of a political party could be so stupid, but obviously Party officials didn’t think so. In fact, the whole of Hitler’s speech was considered to be significant enough for official publication in pamphlet form by the Nazi Party and widely distributed.

Here’s a photo of some of the Hammerskins:

Cheer up boys, bananas are available all year round in New Zealand now. We hear the Hutt Valley has some pretty fancy trees. Perhaps you could hold the next celebrations for Hitler’s birthday in one?”

    the media reckons:

In Brno, hundreds of boneheaded members of the neo-Nazi National Resistance tried to hold a march on May Day; emboldened, presumably, by the lack of opposition to their goosestepping antics at last year’s May Day, a day on which local police paid their own special tribute to the workers by beating up a woman protesting against the scum. This year, however, the boys in uniform — normally kept busy trying to avert clashes between local anarchists and their pinheaded opposition — received orders to stop the march after permission for it was withdrawn; shortly before the geese started stepping. According to Radio Praha:

Elsewhere in Prague, anarchists clashed with right-wing extremists while the police, out in force for the day, struggled to maintain law and order. Around two hundred anarchists marched along the banks of the Vltava to Strelecky Island where ultra-right supporters were congregating. The two groups came face to face at Legionaries Bridge, separated by two lines of police in riot gear. Isolated skirmishes were quickly brought under control and several dozen people were detained. The situation is reported to have been rather more serious in the Moravian city of Brno where some 500 neo-Nazis clashed with police in the centre of town, throwing stones and bottles. Several people are reported injured, among them two policemen and one journalist.

    buzz or howl under the influence of heat:

And finally, in highly-photogenic scenes that would make some local ‘working class’ punks piss their pants — and their comrades in the bourgeois media jump, yet again, on their overused broomsticks — punks, skins ‘n’ herberts in Berlin have celebrated May Day in fitting fashion, while antifa in Dortmund have expressed their very understandable frustration at not being able to extend very special May Day greetings to members of the NPD and other prancing neo-Nazis (‘Rioters set fire to train tracks, vandalize buses, trams in western Germany’, AP, International Herald Tribune, May 1, 2007):

The riots in Dortmund were among several outbreaks of violence on May Day in Germany. In the eastern town of Erfurt, several protesters were injured during a right-wing demonstration and various counterprotests, police reported. About 1,300 members of the far-right NPD party marched through the city center, and some hurled bottles and cobblestones at police. Left-wing protesters also caused “severe damage of property,” a police spokeswoman said. She would not give details on damage or the number of arrests.

In cities all over Germany, demonstrators marched against right-wing extremism, but most protests remained peaceful…

As, of course, will the neo-Nazis.

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