[For Dion] Death In Moscow

A young man in Moscow on trial for assault, 18-year-old Azerbaijani Rasul Khalilov, has been shot dead, in an apparent revenge attack. The dead man was allegedly a member of a yoof gang called the ‘Black Hawks’.

Use of the words ‘Black’ and ‘Hawks’ — and the dead man’s membership of an ethnic minority — has naturally prompted quality journalists to make comparisons with the 1960s US political party the Black Panthers (for Self Defense).

Oddly, the two groups — separated by a continent and four decades — bear absolutely no similarity to one another whatsoever beyond a label.

In any case, in response to these latest developments, Melbourne historian Dion XXXXXXXX has stated on the Bombshell political philosophy forum that both the Black Hawks and the Black Panthers were “liars”, “hypocrites”, and “no better than the trash they fought against”.

In a further extraordinary outburst — contained in his latest historical monograph ‘Political journalism in post-Communist Russia’, published by the Ponds’ Institute for Historical Studies — XXXXXXXX further alleged that murdered Russian journalists Vadim Kuznetsov, Vaghif Kochetkov, Ilya Zimin, Vyacheslav Akatov, Anton Kretenchuk, Yevgeny Gerasimenko, Vlad Kidanov, Alexander Petrov, Vyacheslav Plotnikov, Anna Politkovskaya, Marina Pisareva, Konstantin Brovko, Ivan Safronov, Ilyas Shurpayev, Gaji Abashilov, Magomed Yevloyev, Abdulla Alishayev, Stanislav Markelov, Anastasia Baburova, Natalia Estemirova and Malik Akhmedilov routinely lied and “took bits and pieces” from others’ accounts as and when they saw fit merely in order to help their misbegotten “cause”. Ultimately, XXXXXXXX argues, their efforts did more harm than good, alienating many otherwise deeply-concerned individuals (such as himself) from good journalism with their “go-nowhere rhetoric and elitist ramblings”.

Finally, as an expression of solidarity with the over 200 journalists murdered in post-Communist Russia, XXXXXXXX has also called upon Melbourne residents to continue to frequent Brunswick Street in order to ostentatiously sip caffèlattes — but only after checking out the fabulous range of quirky designer boutiques ITA. As an added incentive, from the safety of his Brisbane office, fellow Bombshell resident Mark Bastard has promised recalcitrants that he “will beat the fucking shit out of you and then make a black man take a shit in your face” should they ignore Dion’s stirring call to action.

Relative of Azerbaijani killed in Moscow: “Leader of Movement against Illegal Migration Alexander Belov-Potkin ordered Rasul’s murder”
R. Metleboglu
September 4, 2009

Cousin of 18-year-old Azerbaijani Rasul Khalilov, who was killed in Moscow, spoke exclusively to APA’s Moscow correspondent about the details of the incident.

He said Russian citizen Rasul Tahir Khalilov, 18, was killed in front of his house at 11.30 on September 3.

“I was to meet Rasul and were to go to the court. A man waited for him in front of the building. There were two-three men in the car nearby. Rasul was shot in shoulder and tried to flee, but the murderer fired four times and Rasul died,” he said.

Khalilov’s relative says he was killed because of the national enmity and by the order of Alexander Belov-Potkin, leader of Movement against Illegal Migration.

“In may last year Rasul and his friends underwent attack of [boneheads] near Park Pobedy metro station. It was a group connected with the Movement against Illegal Migration. Rasul was a well-bred young man, he had no father, he was the student of International Law Institute under Russian Ministry of Justice,” he said.

Rasul Khalilov’s relative refutes the reports that Rasul was the member of extremist organization “Black Hawks”. He was born, brought up, studied in Moscow.

“80 percent of his friends were of Slavic descent. It is insulting to say that a man like Rasul spread ideas of nationalism, stirred up national enmity. He was killed because of the national enmity. Rasul was killed only because he was Azerbaijani. Unfortunately, this is Russia’s realities,” he said.

The farewell ceremony will be held in a mosque in Otradnoye district of Moscow tomorrow. Rasul Khalilov will be buried in a Muslim cemetery near Mitishi.

Bigotry Monitor
Vol.9, No.12
Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union
March 20, 2009

…Asked to explain the Sova report’s reference to the ultra-right underground as “an alternative and, to a significant extent, an autonomous milieu, with its own infrastructure (companies, financial and intellectual resources, the possibility of legal support for those suspected of crimes),” Kozhevnikova pointed out that “the nationalists’ own lawyers include, for example, Dmitriy Bakharev and Sergey Belikov. Sergey Shtin, a member of the executive board of the Union of the Russian People, is the head of a Moscow law firm. It is a known fact that Aleksandr Potkin (Belov) (leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration or DPNI) has his own business. Vladlen Kralin (Vladimir Tor), leader of the Russian Order group and one of DPNI’s activists, was vice president of NIKoil Bank in 2007 and deputy general director of MosPromStroy Management Company LLC in 2008… Not to mention the fact that there are quite a few wealthy people who are not members of any organization but who are fully prepared to give money to the ultra-right.”…


See also : Nothing to see here, just murder, apathy, and collaboration (August 15, 2007), a blog post drawing attention to the highly amusing video Russian patriots produced for an episode of Russia’s Funniest Home Videos:

The three-minute video, titled “Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani”, begins with two men kneeling before a masked extremist in combat fatigues. Apparently unprompted, they mumble that they have been taken hostage by “Russian Nationalist Socialists”. The masked man then uses a knife to decapitate one of his prisoners in a grim sequence lasting 90 seconds. The second captive is later forced to kneel in front of a grave before he is shot in the back of his head. The clip, which has a caption claiming to have been filmed by “The National Socialist Party of Rus”, ends with a still image of a red and white flag emblazoned with a swastika.

Dumb wogs!

Melbourne Punx Forum : Hello and Goodbye (October 25, 2008) | OMGWTF Melbourne Punx Forum RIP? (March 4, 2009).

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  1. [Pseudonym] says:
      Racist Tricks

      Steven Stroud and Randy Blazak have worked with members of hate groups for over ten years and have learned many of the rhetorical tricks they use to convince young people of the rightness of their simplistic world-view. Blazak is a professor of sociology and criminology and Stroud actually spent time as a Nazi skinhead. Here they easily debunk some hate group myths…

    [@ndy writes: And so on: a text dating back to the early noughties, and featured on numerous sites such as VNN, Stormfront, and so on. It has nothing to do with the post to which it is meant to be a response, and no source is given. Blazak is currently in the Department of Sociology @ PSU. Stroud, on the other hand, is behind bars:

    Tolerance activist admits Clackamas County robberies
    Jessica Bruder
    The Oregonian
    June 12, 2007

    A onetime bonehead who became a nationally recognized activist for tolerance was sentenced today to 7-1/2 years in prison for robbing Clackamas County restaurants to support a heroin habit.

    Steven M. Stroud, 39, of Milwaukie was convicted on three counts of second-degree robbery and one count of second-degree theft in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

    Stroud robbed several chain restaurants – Shari’s, Denny’s, and Subway – in Clackamas County with his girlfriend, Heather N. Pruitt, 25, also of Milwaukie.

    “It’s disappointing to see that your addiction has landed you in this kind of trouble because you had been leading a productive life and probably making a difference in other people’s lives,” Judge Robert Herndon told him. Apart from entering his guilty plea, Stroud did not address the court.

    Pruitt pleaded guilty to similar charges this afternoon and was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. Owen said Stroud and Pruitt may still face charges in Marion and Multnomah Counties related to robberies in those jurisdictions.

    Before his arrest, Stroud was better known as a former bonehead who, along with Randy Blazak, a Portland State University professor, founded Oregon Spotlight, a Portland-based organization that tracks hate groups. Stroud appeared on “Oprah” and was often quoted in The Oregonian discussing hate groups and his own racist past.]

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