Andrew O’Keefe ~versus~ Dylan Lewis


Andrew O’Keefe shines in This Is Your Laugh:

Note to law-talking guys. SatanicAussie writes: “Andrew is one of the biggest fuckwits to appear on aussie tv. One of the most annoying tv hosts of all time.” mgo26: “Sorry, did Andrew O’Keefe do something offensive? I didn’t notice him next to the sheer affront to humanity that is Dylan Fucking Lewis. Knob!” HSDDTS: “Dylan Lewis is a fucking tool.”

All can and must be sued.


Rivals force Seven to air O’Keefe footage
David King
The Australian
December 22, 2008

DESPITE reportedly paying $25,000 to bury footage of one of its stars stumbling outside of a Melbourne nightclub, the Seven Network was last night forced to air the very clip it hoped would never surface in its nightly news bulletin. Game show host Andrew O’Keefe made the front page of News Limited Sunday tabloids for a drunken episode that saw him stumbling, swearing and lying in the gutter. Reports suggested the Seven Network had paid $25,000 to a bouncer for footage of O’Keefe that was allegedly filmed by teenagers outside the Revolver nightclub in November…

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4 Responses to Andrew O’Keefe ~versus~ Dylan Lewis

  1. Lanklan says:

    Possibly the most entertaining footage of Andrew O’Keefe behind a camera lens:

  2. @ndy says:

    What are *hic* YOU *hic* YOU lookin’ at *hic* Lank *hic* Lankshlan?

  3. Dr. Cam says:

    Thinking that ‘wack’ means good is a common white person mistake, but wack doesn’t mean anything besides ‘shit’ in ANY neighbourhood.

  4. Lanklan says:

    Apparently when stumbling across Chapel St. “whack” can mean whatever the fuck you want it too.

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