The Still Crazy After All These Years World of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

Or, to be precise, the “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire-Nihilists Sect” — to be confused with the Australian group “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fred-Nihilists Sect”.

Athens anti-guerrilla case in ruins after new Nuclei of Fire attack
October 4, 2009

A new attack and communique by the Nuclei of Fire, targeting the Greek PM’s central rally in Athens, shatter any remaining credibility of the anti-guerrilla pre-election persecutions.

The already disputed credibility of the anti-guerrilla persecution of three 20 year old boys for their alleged involvement in the urban guerrilla group Nuceli of Fire Conspiracy (NFC), responsible for over 150 storm-attacks against state and capital targets as well as a recent bombing campaign (with no human injuries due to previous warning calls in all cases), has now all but collapsed after the NFC managed to surprise the Greek anti-terrorist office and the secret services by planting and igniting a bomb in the centre of the Prime Minister’s last and central pre-election rally, two days before national elections, in Athens. The bomb was pre-announced so the area was evacuated causing no human injuries but immense ridicule both for the security forces and the PM whose oration on the necessity to crush “youth violence” and restore order was punctuated by the explosion.

If that was not enough to dispute the arrests and the discovery of “the NFC safe-house”, the NFC promptly published an on-line communique that has received extended national coverage and brought shame on the outgoing government [“In a 10-page text that was posted on an internet site Saturday night, the “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire-Nihilists Sect” threatens more attacks on politicians, journalists, police and financial targets in the future.”]. In their communique the urban guerrillas denounce the arrests as nonsense and the arrested as “totally unrelated to [their] group”. According to the NFC any arrested of their guerrilla group is obliged to accept his or her participation in it. All 3 arrested have denied any involvement in the group, one even condemning the armed struggle as irrelevant to the revolution.

Moreover, in their long and politically thorny communique, the NFC underline that the only evidence at the hands of the authorities of any connection between their group and the arrested is the supposed existence of a “pressure cooker bomb” in the Chalandri house stormed by the police. The NFC argue that such bombs have been employed since the late 19th century by revolutionaries and cannot possibly be considered “the copyright or modus operandi” of their or any single organisation.

See also : Έβαλε ξανά “τη χύτρα στη φωτιά”!, Έλλη Ζώτου, H Ayth, October 5, 2009 | “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire” claim last night’s bomb attack; police-fabricated charges collapse, After the Greek Riots, October 3, 2009 | The Crazy World of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei (February 16, 2009).

    Oh yeah: ‘Who won’, they asked, ‘the election?’. I laughed, and said ‘PASOK’.

    “Results from 97.53% of votes counted showed Papandreou’s Panhellenic Socialist Movement, or PASOK, storming to victory with 43.95%, with Karamanlis’ New Democracy trailing with 33.58% – the party’s worst electoral showing ever. The result gives PASOK a solid majority of 160 seats in the 300-member parliament, bringing it back to power after five years of conservative governance. Papandreou’s victory, along with a recent election win by socialists in Portugal, bucks a European trend that has seen a conservative surge in the continent’s powerhouse economies, including most recently in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel won re-election last week” (Socialists celebrate Greek election, The Press Association, October 5, 2009). “The Communist party KKE occupied their customary third party position with over seven per cent of the vote. Far right Laos followed with over five per cent, leapfrogging over the Syriza coalition of the left which comes fifth at just over four per cent. The Greens garnered over two per cent of the vote which is unlikely to be enough to give them a seat in parliament” (Socialists win Greek election, RFI, October 5, 2009).

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  1. @ndy says:

    [For Cam:]

    Anti-anarchist pogrom launched by Socialists in Greece
    October 9, 2009

    One day after assuming power, the Socialists launched a massive invasion of Exarcheia, the Athens anarchist enclave, with mass detentions and brutal intimidation of locals.

    On the early hours of Friday 9 of October, four days after the landslide victory of the Socialists in the greek national elections, and only a day after assuming power, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok) proved its intentions towards the social antagonistic movement that has swept the country since the December Uprising: brutal repression.

    Almost one thousand cops of all corpses, riot police, motorised police, secret police and usual uniformed officers swept Exarcheia, the anarchist enclave of the greek capital, at 01.30 am. The mass invasion of the police-free area was orchestrated by the new Minister of Public Order (or as the Socialist newspeak has it Minister of Citizens’ Protection) Mr Chrisohoidis, infamous for his unorthodox methods in capturing and interrogating members of the November 17 urban guerrilla group in the summer of 2002 – i.e. torture. On his side the genius of repression has as of yesterday Mr Vougias, a well-known ex extreme-leftist eager to share his knowledge of things revolutionary with the State.

    During the invasion, which came only a day after the new PM, Mr Papandreou the 3rd, announced that his government is “antiauthoritarians in power”, hundreds of people were stopped and harassed by cops who broke into 26 bars, camped in the liberated park of Navarinou street and generally portrayed a most avenging and brutal attitude towards anyone who just happens to be within the invisible boundaries of the radical area.

    Reports claim that several young people were seriously beaten during the operations.

    According to the press more than 60 people were detained during the pogrom. Mr Vougias announced that “anomy will be abolished” and connected the invasion with an attack launched the previous morning by more than a dozen activists against banks and a fascist bookshop in the centre of the city as an act of solidarity to the 3 boys arrested under the anti-terrorist law.


    Anarchists run amok in center
    October 9, 2009

    A group of around 20 hooded youths went on the rampage in central Athens yesterday, using sledgehammers and rocks to smash four bank facades and a bookshop belonging to a member of the nationalist party Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) and causing widespread damage but no injuries.

    According to witnesses, the youths stormed down central Harilaou Trikoupi Street and started smashing up banks in the area. They also vandalized a bookstore belonging to LAOS deputy Adonis Georgiadis before fleeing to Exarchia Square, an anarchist stronghold. Leaflets scattered in the area proclaimed solidarity with the militant group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, which has claimed a string of bloodless bomb blasts in Athens, most recently an explosion in a garbage dumpster at Pedio tou Areos earlier this month, near an election rally, and an attack on the Kolonaki home of Louka Katseli, now economy minister.

  2. @ndy says:

    Police to put on friendlier face
    October 10, 2009

    A shake-up of Greece’s security forces will lead to the reorganization of the anti-terrorist squad and the introduction of neighborhood policemen, said new Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, just hours after more than 400 officers conducted an operation in the central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia.

    Chrysochoidis said he was “saddened” by the state of the police force that he inherited, adding that it was his aim to make it “democratic and friendlier to the citizen.”

    He said that he would favor community policing over the general sweeps conducted by the force in recent months.

    “As of January 2 next year, neighborhood policemen will be present and at the same time foot patrols will also start,” he said. “The police will have a constant presence in every neighborhood that is a refuge for lawlessness.”

    His comments came in contrast to the operation conducted in the bohemian neighborhood of Exarchia, a notorious hangout for anarchists. Eight people were arrested and 81 detained, mostly for minor drug offenses.

    Chrysochoidis used the opportunity to state clearly that he would not allow the police to target people based on their political beliefs. “I have friends that are anti-establishmentarians and anarchists,” said Chrysochoidis. “We will not stigmatize beliefs or particular groups but we will stand against vandalism and hooliganism.”

    The minister also warned policemen that they would have to watch their behavior when dealing with citizens. “Any policeman who touches a citizen illegally, any policeman that breaches the constitution will be thrown out of the force on my orders.”

    Chrysochoidis also said there would be an overhaul of the anti-terrorist squad and its strategy. He suggested that there would be changes in personnel. “We have to look for the best people for this sensitive service,” he said.

    The changes will not stop there, sources said. The recently appointed head of the National Intelligence Service, Dimitris Papangelopoulos, is set to be replaced and sweeping changes are likely in the fire service.


    Change in khaki: a very Socialist repression looms in Greece
    October 9, 2009

    Continuing waves of mass police operations in down town Athens set the pace for new era of repression in Greece.

    Everyone thought it was just a show of power – but it proved to be the Socialist government’s plan for “change” after 5 years of brutal right wing rule.

    The police invasion of Exarcheia, the Athens alternative-radical hub, on the early hours of Friday 9 October was evaluated by most journalists, activists and veteran politicians as a power-show of the new government, in response to a limited solidarity attack against banks in the area just out of Exarcheia earlier the same day. Minister of Public Order Mr Chrisochoidis, the notorious anti-terrorist mastermind of the last Pasok administration, appeared to many as just typically determined to show who is the new boss. But the continuing waves of police invasion (3 by Friday 19:00 pm) into an area which is commonly acknowledged as the most vibrant intellectual, student and political hub of the country, with hundreds of people stopped and checked, many manifold times in the same day, shops stormed, and locals humiliated by being made to kneel on the pavement and body-searched, has come to prove the new government’s self-professed “antiauthoritarianism” a bitter joke.

    Pasok, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, now in power has a long record of police brutality. In its first 8 years of rule, the “democratisation of the police” was revealed as a sham with the execution of 15 year old anarchist Michalis Kaltezas on November 17 1985 during the usual protest marches commemorating the 1973 Polytechnic uprising. The identification of Pasok with police rule at the time was reflected in a popular slogan about the chief of the Athens police: “Change cannot happen without Arkoudeas; he is not a man, he is an idea!”. In the second round of Pasok rule from 1993 to 2004, the Socialists gave away any remaining scruples by ordering the evacuation of the Polytechnic on November 17 1995, breaking for the first time the academic asylum time since the student massacre of 1973, with 500 people arrested. Also under the 1990s Pasok administration the Golden Dawn, the infamous neo-nazi organisation of thugs, was allowed to form a paramilitary unit and participate in the Serbian sacking of Srebrenica, and the consequent massacre of thousands of Muslims.

    The new Pasok administration under Papandreou the third (son of Andreas Papandreou, founder of Pasok, and grandson of George Papandreou, the PM who led the British tanks against the people of Athens in December 1944) has assumed an antiauthoritarian gloss of postmodern proportions. The PM has called his government “antiauthoritarians in power” whereas Mr Chrisochoidis has gone public today saying that he is good friends with many anarchists and agrees on many things with them – pointing out that he is against vandals not political groups. Mr Chrisochoidis also claimed that from now on no police violence will be tolerated and any cop who brutalises citizens or has connections with the Golden Dawn will be immediately sacked. These official announcements have received great media coverage but also the scorn of people whose memory is not too short to remember Mr Chrisochoidis’s 2002 chemical torture of Savas Xiros, the first arrested member of the urban guerrilla group November 17.

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