The Decline & Fall of the Inland Empire Skinheads

In April of this year, eight boneheads, members of the “Inland Empire Skinheads”, got arrest on Unkle Adolf’s birthday (April 20). The Inland Empire Boneheads are named after an area of California: “Made up of an area stretching from western Riverside County to the southwest corner of San Bernardino County, the Inland Empire used to be a sparsely populated, rural area of ranches, vineyards and farms, where whites were the clear and dominant majority. All that has changed…” (California Conflict, David Holthouse, Intelligence Report, Fall 2005). As for their arrests:

Racist Skinheads: California Skinheads Busted on Hitler’s Birthday
Intelligence Report
No.135, Fall 2009

Seven members of the Inland Empire Skinheads were arrested in a daylong sweep in southern California April 20, including two female gang members who were arrested in hospitals where they had induced labor to ensure their babies would be born on Adolf Hitler’s 120th birthday.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops said the arrests were the result of a nine-month investigation that was launched following an attempted murder in Hesperia, Calif., last year. Hoops said the gang has between 30 and 50 members residing in the Inland Empire, a region of southeastern California, and is closely affiliated with the Western Hammerskins, a regional division of the widespread skinhead gang Hammerskin Nation.

Hoops said his department had been tracking the Inland Empire Skinheads since 2002. In those seven years, members of the gang have been involved in murders, attempted murders, murder conspiracies, home invasion robberies, hate crime assaults, and narcotics trafficking, according to the sheriff…

In June 2009, the first of the eight boneheads — Mark Goslyn, 33; Raymond Williams, 33, who is on the National Terrorist Watch List, Jeremy Brower, 32; Carrie Goodwin, 24; brothers Thomas Mason, 23, and Joseph Mason, 20; Joshua Butler, 27; and Ronald Proffitt, 27 — were convicted and sentenced. Gosyln pleaded guilty in Victorville Superior Court to conspiracy to commit robbery, and was immediately sentenced to 25 years to life in prison (under California’s Three Strikes law). Prior to this:

In May, Butler and Goodwin both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit residential robbery and gang activity. Butler was sentenced to nine years in prison; Goodwin has not yet been sentenced. Joseph Mason pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit assault and gang activity and was sentenced to 8 years and 8 months in prison… Williams, a tattoo artist from Perris, was arrested at a hospital where his wife was giving birth. According to the County Sheriff’s Office, Williams’ wife and Carrie Goodwin were inducing labor so their children could be born on April 20, the 120th birthday of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

~ California Racist Skinhead Given Lengthy Sentence, ADL, June 25, 2009

Which leaves Jeremy Brower, Thomas Mason, Ronald Proffitt and Raymond Williams. Well, actually… Raymond Williams — a tattooist — has apparently committed suicide. At the time of his death, Williams was still facing charges “of conspiracy to commit a crime and carrying a loaded firearm”.

Alleged Skinhead Found Hanging in Jail Cell
G.T. Houts
September 29, 2009

San Bernardino, CA – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials have identified the inmate found hanging in his jail cell as Raymond Michael Williams, 35.

Williams, described by authorities as the leader of the Inland Empire Skinheads, reportedly hung himself while incarcerated at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

The former tattoo artist from Perris, in Riverside County, was arrested in April along with six other members of the Inland Empire Skinheads, and faced charges of conspiracy to commit a crime and carrying a loaded firearm, according to court documents obtained by

A confidential source, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, explained that the Inland Empire Skinheads utilized Internet sites like MySpace to recruit members from area high schools, possibly including the mountain communities…

Following the arrest of Williams and the other alleged gang members in April, Sheriff Rod Hoops reported the gang was first noticed in 2002 by area law enforcement agencies.

Hoops, who declined at that time to release specifics about the arrests because the investigation was ongoing, noted that the reported hate gang had more than 30 identified members but fewer than 100.

The Sheriff explained members of the group were from throughout the Inland Empire. Those arrested were from both Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Hoops and lead investigator Deputy Eric Ogaz, told media representatives at a special press conference that the group had been tied to the Hammerskins, a national white supremacist organization.

The two officers reported members of the gang had been involved in a number of murders, attempted murders, murder conspiracies, assaults, witness intimidation, drug trafficking and home invasion robberies. They did not elaborate during the press briefing…

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  1. @ndy says:

    Stacia Glenn
    The Sun
    April 20, 2009

    A sweep of skinhead lairs throughout the Inland Empire on Monday twice took sheriff’s deputies to maternity wards where pregnant women were trying to bear babies on Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Seven members of the Inland Empire Skinheads, including the leader, were arrested during the two-county sweep that took a team of 20 deputies to Hesperia, Perris and Winchester.

    The white racist street gang has been responsible for murders in the High Desert, drug trafficking, home invasion robberies and countless assaults, officials said. They reportedly used MySpace to recruit children and forced prospective members to assault strangers outside nightclubs and bars in an effort to prove their worth and loyalty.

    First documented by Riverside police in 2002, the “IE Skins” ranks are now estimated to include 30 active members and up to 70 associates, including high school children. “The most disheartening and alarming thing is that their only purpose is racial violence,” said San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops.

    Arrested were brothers Thomas Mason, 24, and Joseph Mason, 20, both of Hesperia; Mark Goslyn, 33, of Hesperia; Carrie Goodwin, 24, of Hesperia; Raymond Williams, 33, of Perris; Jeremy Brower, 32, of Winchester; and Ronald Proffitt, 27, of El Monte. The gang’s emblems are two crossed battle axes and the number “95,” which stands for Inland Empire. Daily gear includes red suspenders and black boots with red laces.

    The local skinheads have national affiliates and one man – Williams – is on the National Terrorist Watch list. Deputy Eric Ogaz, who led the investigation, declined to give specifics on crimes committed by the IE Skins because it is an ongoing investigation. More arrests are expected to be made in coming weeks, including two more women suspected in robberies and assaults.

    But he did say the gang targeted its victims based on ethnic backgrounds. “They believe our country is going in the wrong direction and that the white people need to come together,” Ogaz said.Gang paraphernalia seized during the raid was spread across three tables at sheriff’s headquarters on Monday. On display were belt buckles, brass knuckles, T-shirts with skinhead logos, about $1,000 cash, two shotguns, banners with swastikas and a copy of Hitler’s book.

    Fliers advertising the gang’s annual barbecues insisted that “unity is strength” and a homemade photo album gave a peek into the skinheads’ lives. There were shots of men bloodied from fights, members guzzling alcohol from horns, tattoos being inked on their skin and even a small child holding two guns.

    One official said Monday’s arrests will likely “dismantle” the Inland Empire skinhead clan. Yet, both pregnant members brought their children into the world on Hitler’s birthday. The first mother, Goodwin, was taken into custody afterward. The second woman, who has not been identified, was being guarded at the hospital late Monday but was expected to be booked into Central Detention Center in San Bernardino along with her fellow gang members.

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