Australian Citizenship Test

    By way of honouring a great Australian tradition, the following was stolen from someone and somewhere else, I’m not sorry, and I’m not going to apologise…


1) The Australian Citizenship Test is:

A) Played on Boxing Day
B) A cynical attempt by the Australian Government to show they can filter out international terrorists and not workers with low levels of proficiency in English
C) Free with every pot and parma
D) A good idea

2) Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton famously said:

A) “The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of the Englishman and the Chinaman”
B) “Why must they insist on calling me Toby Tosspot!”
C) “I just don’t know about letting Queensland join”
D) “You know what I think Australia needs? Big things. Heaps and heaps of big things. I mean I’m talking giant prawns and sheep and bananas and rocking horses…”

3) The past two hundred years of Australia’s history are:

A) A specialised narrative that if told right gets you on the ABC Board
B) An unfinished war
C) Super chillaxed, like one big BBQ
D) Not something we really need to think about

4) Immigration minister Kevin Andrews’ comments about cutting African refugee numbers was:

A) A sensitive, well-measured response to the death of a young man
B) Based on the UN refugee agency advice
C) An unusual example of the Liberals using race politics in the lead up to an election
D) Strange because we don’t let Africans into Australia do we?

5) Apartheid was first introduced in:

A) Australia with the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 (Qld)
B) South Africa in 1913 with the Land Act
C) 2005 Cronulla
D) 2007 Northern Territory

6) The 72 Tamil and 7 Burmese refugees currently incarcerated on Nauru show that:

A) We have come a long way since Edmund Barton
B) We are a compassionate and flexible county
C) It helps to be a white Zimbabwean farmer if you’re seeking asylum in Australia
D) Anybody want some zinc cream?

7) Who wrote the Australian national anthem?

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2 Responses to Australian Citizenship Test

  1. Isn’t [it] funny that ten years ago One Nation was calling for a citizenship test and calls on stronger position on immigration. In response both Labour and Liberal parties called One Nation racist and insulting.

    Ten years later, both major parties copyed One Nation’s policies on immigration and citizenship test. Why you ask? Because Liberal Party are oppo[r]tunistic bastards who want to stay in power and will say any shit to fool Australians into voting for them.

  2. Stella Andreena says:

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