Klub Naziya in Chippendale


Word on the street is that approximately 100 people attended a demonstration outside Humanist House in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale yesterday evening, to protest the NSW Humanist Society’s decision to hire out its meeting rooms to members of ‘Klub Naziya’, a loosely-organised monthly fellowship of angry Aryans. The Society is ostensibly committed to what it terms ‘humanist’ values; values which, in practice, embrace providing a forum for neo-Nazis.

Unlike last month, the members of KN apparently failed to appear yesterday, which suggests one of two things. Either the Society has withdrawn its invitation to this particular group of fascists to make use of Humanist property, or other arrangements have been made to ensure that the Master Race is able to meet in peace and quiet, well away from the filthy Jews intent on disturbing their contribution to the promotion of humanism in Sydney. Note that no official communication has been forthcoming from the NSW Humanist Society vis-a-vis its provision of facilities to neo-Nazis, so it’s impossible to state with any certainty the future of Klub Naziya at Humanist House. What does seem certain is that the NSW Humanist Society is happy to allow its reputation to be dragged through the mud by a handful of people too ‘extreme’ even for Dr James Saleam.

British-Israel Case To End In Final Defeat Of The Palmer Clique: What Will The Usual Suspects Do Now? Klub Naziya? Klub Nation?
May 18, 2005

…What now for [Daevid] Palmer? The game goes on. In January this year, the neo-nazis organised a piss-up club under alternate names: Klub Naziya or Klub Nation. It had been meeting on a fortnightly basis and now about monthly. The first meeting on January 7 saw a major split. The people best known as ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ walked out. They have since denounced the heavy alcohol consumption at the meetings and foreshadowed the idea that this might lead to criminal offences. They were undoubtedly right. Given that Palmer has been talking of killing and terror for years, it seems certain someone is to be revved up to do a crime. We are still witnessing the usual pattern of neo-nazi provocation in action.

It is the opinion of the nationalists that neo-nazism must be harried out of existence. It provides the potential for provocative-violence, the entrapment of some sincere youth, a conduit to collect intelligence on the wider patriotic movement, a pool for the harassment of nationalists and other patriots and a yardstick for media anti-patriotic propaganda.

Palmer’s clique is wounded and bleeding badly but it is still in play and has reformed around a new front-man, Mr. J. Rafty. Meetings are taking place between private dwellings in Ultimo and Glebe, but membership (sic) is now a handful. Yet, there is also the strange case of the fake ‘British Israel World Federation Australia Limited’ (BIWFAL), a body set up thanks to the neo-nazis’ lawyer, Mr. John Boyle, such that a claim for monies from the Nicholls Estate could be made[.] Mr. Boyle has in recent times actually claimed to have ‘converted’ to the British Israel faith; however, his loyalty is focused on the fake entity and not the legitimate body. The connection between Mr. Boyle and the so-called ‘conservative’ faction of the New South Wales Liberal Party is well known. Will the Liberals st[i]ll have use for the neo-nazi shadow operation?

Nothing about the neo-nazis is ever certain. Vigilance must be sustained as the ultimate round is soon to begin.


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8 Responses to Klub Naziya in Chippendale

  1. Dr. Cam says:

    FUN 2006 FACT:

    Just over a year after Saleam – sorry, I mean Salem – wrote that, members of the Australia First Party partied hard with members of the openly neo-Nazi White Pride Coalition of Australia at Humanist House. Many alcohol-fuelled crimes against fashion, music, and good taste were committed that night by both groups (although there was a decent amount of membership crossover – funny that) so I don’t know why Jim is playing at Mr. Innocent.

  2. @ndy says:

    It may be that it’s because Saa-leem (Sail-’em?) simply finds it too difficult not to join a Nazi party. And when it comes to partying, Jim likes to party hard. ‘Cos Jim will never listen to your rules (no), he will never do what others do (no), he knows what he wants and he gets it from you, he does what he likes and he likes what he does.

  3. Sam da Communist says:

    The Nazis still continue to dwell in the house of Humanism, and the Humanists allow them. Fascists also gathered outside the Humanist house after the protest, and I witnessed fascists having a look at the Anti-Nazi protest.

    A Humanist member stated that they will allow the free speech of all (particularly nationalists) to happen, he was an openly gay guy by the way. The gay dude then started talking about hate-crimes and how he hates them but he respects Nazis and Homophobes’ free speech. The gay guy and some Humanist Lady with a Baby said “If we keep them underground it is worse” or something like that. The lady with the baby also said “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. These guys make a good point — perhaps, perhaps not.

    By the way, I spoke to an Elderly Christian, Homophobic WHITE SUPREMACIST after the crowd of protesters went away. Me and my mate were passing by to go home and I stopped outside Humanist House to have a quick peek at their notice board for events they may be having in the future. Whilst I read I was interrupted by and greeted by a 60-70 something year old lady. This lady asked me if I was interested in going to a “Democracy in Australia” forum that was posted up on the notice board (the name of the event I am not quite sure about, but I think it was going to take place on the 11th of November). As we chatted away the lady mentioned the protest just hours ago, I told her I participated and so did my friend. The lady then started raving on about if I was a HETEROSEXUAL BASHER!!! She even brought up if there were any gays at the protest! The Carzy Lady then asked me if I WANTED CHILDREN IN PLAYGROUNDS TO BE RAPED BY GAYS! We then argued about Communism (she mentioned Stalin, and I did my best to justify his actions, the Red Army, and the attack of her fellow race supremacists in World War II), Religion (especially Islam — I found out she was Christian), and Nationalism.

    I then ended the conversation in “YOU BELIEVE IN THE POISON OF RELIGION AND NATIONALISM!”. The lady then went on and said the most pathetic homophobic and xenophobic of statements: “So you bash white kids with blonde hair in playgrounds!” and “You bash heterosexual kids!”. I had enough and walked away with my friend.

    Just as we left, I turned around, and there she was with a young chap. The young chap was a fascist bastard who tried to enter the Humanist House about an hour and a half into the protest (toward the end of the protest).

    Anti-Nazi action time once again comrades, and this time we should demand the total removal of the fascists from Humanist House. Fascism or at least Nationalism isn’t Humanist. Humanists are Internationalist and Anti-Racist! I am so angry at the NSW Humanist House.

  4. @ndy says:

    It sounds like the NSW Humanist Society attracts quite a range of gutter cranks. This might explain why Darrin Hodges, the NSW spokesperson for the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’, has been accepted as a member.

    And why the APP holds meetings at Humanist House.

  5. cottonw says:

    It’s pretty frightening that they were hanging around. I can’t understand why the Humanists are letting them use their premises. The Nazis should all be outpatients at a local psychiatric unit. It seems like more of a mental problem than a philosophical orientation.

  6. @ndy says:


    I think I can understand why neo-Nazis are allowed to meet at Humanist House. First, there is a long precedent of them doing so. Secondly, the neo-Nazis pay money to the NSW Humanist Society for the privilege, and the Society wishes to maximise its income. Thirdly, there is a difference of opinion within the Society with regards the suitability of Humanist House as a platform for the propagation of neo-Nazism, including as to whether or not the meetings arranged by ‘Klub Naziya’ may even be termed ‘neo-Nazi’.

  7. cottonw says:

    I s’pose these extremist groups stay beneath the radar most of the time. It’s incredible that they’ve picked the inner west as their hang-out! I can’t think of anywhere less sympathetic, apart from maybe the eastern suburbs.

  8. @ndy says:

    Generally speaking, ‘extremist’ groups — which in this context means ‘fascist’ — tend not to attract much attention from the general public or mass media. This is because they are largely marginal to the life of the society… but the history of the Australian far right is a long story, and there are many complexities. A general overview of some of this history is available in a special edition of Labour History (No.89, November 2005). Also useful is Everyone Wants To Be Fuhrer by David Harcourt (1972), which takes a more detailed look at some of the oddballs who’ve populated the Australian far right in the post-war years. More recently (1994), David Greason authored I was a teenage fascist, which examines his involvement in ‘National Action’ (the precursor to the ‘Australia First Party’).

    As for ‘Klub Naziya’, my understanding is that, since around 2003, it has acted, sometimes sporadically, as a kind of social club for an array of denizens of the far right in Sydney, and is intended to be a general meeting place for its advocates. The NSW Humanist Society also has its own share of cranks, from unreconstructed anti-Semites to various kinds of White nationalist (and others). I’m not familiar enough with Sydney to offer any insight into the ways in which its urban geography determines its political composition (beyond some very general assumptions).

    Finally, FYI, your name and photo have been published on the blog ‘Whitelaw Towers’, along with some rather strident criticism of your blogging on the subject of the protest. The author — Jim Perren, an Australia First Party member and former member of the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ — resides outside of Toowoomba in Queensland. Along with a pathological hatred of Jews et. al., he also has a rather odd sense of humour. Thus: “Get ready Cotton. Pop that bright red rubber ball gag in yer mouth, put on yer shiniest black gimp suit ’cause Master Victor’s not happy with you. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! [H]a!”

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