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Alexandros Grigoropoulos, two years on…

December 6 is the second anniversary of the police murder of Athens teenager Alexandros (aka Andreas/Alexis) Grigoropoulos. His death triggered widespread rioting in Athens and elsewhere in Greece; these uprisings in turn helped to lay the groundwork for further revolts … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the font of democracy?

For a second day, the Gold Medal-winning Greek Riot Olympics team is competing on the streets of Athens. And Thessaloniki. And Patras. And Giannena. And Heraklion (Crete). And… Fresh violence in Greece over teen’s killing, ABC Anarchy in the font … Continue reading

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From the Department of The Young Need Discipline! and in scenes drawn from Mick Armstrong’s upcoming blockbuster 40 Kiwi Anarchists Must Be Stopped! comes… Update : Athens Indymedia is down, but radio98fm is up — which is neat (if you … Continue reading

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antifa notes (december 4, 2009)

In Germany, swastika-lickers face a new legal hurdle, as the ‘Constitutional Court has determined that when it comes to glorifying Hitler’s regime, the right to assembly does not apply. According to the court, “Given the injustice and terror the Nazi … Continue reading

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