#Facebook + nazis ~versus~ slackbastard

I had to remove another photo from my Facebook page today:


The photo has been in very wide circulation since May 31 and you can find the original photo on Kenji Wardenclyffe’s Facebook page here.

This follows upon my original Facebook having been removed following a campaign of mass reportage:


A number of different groups and individuals have claimed responsibility for this, as well as celebrated its demise:


Before Facebook deleted it, I also had to remove a range of other materials. Below is a sample:

The above img was originally produced by AFA in Denmark/Sweden.

The above image is of veteran neo-Nazi Ross ‘The Skull’ May at a rally in Penrith in January 2015, organised by neo-Nazi grouplet ‘Squadron 88’ and aimed at protesting the construction of a local mosque.

The above photo shows a group of Golden Dawn party members posing with a Nazi flag. The photo is one of several such photos which came to light midway through last year. See : Photos show Golden Dawn leaders’ Nazi salutes, June 25, 2014.

The above image documents vandalism at a mosque in Perth in February 2015. It was sourced from ‘Islamophobia Register Australia’ where the original appears here.

Daily Stormer has also recently (March 2015) published an article by Sydney-based neo-Nazi and Australia First Party member ‘Nathan Sykes’ criticising my blog for being jolly rotten:


The above img is a screenshot of a comment on my blog left by a [pseudonymous nazi] which I thought was batshittingly entertaining … Facebook obviously thought otherwise.

TBH, I’ve got no idea re the above.

Obviously, I’ve attracted the ire of a number of nazis and other fascists over the course of the last few years. One is John Oliver, the President of the ‘Patriots Defence League of Australia’:


Oliver even established a campaign to help obtain my d0x:


Mike Holt (of ‘Restore Australia’) is also not. a. fan:


You can read moar about Holt’s antics in Anti-Islam lobby group funds mosque fight in Bendigo; Bendigo mosque a cause celebre for right-wing outsiders, Chris Johnston, The Age, June 28, 2014 | One Nation in sticky spot over anti-halal campaign, Kim Stephens, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 25, 2013.

‘Who is andy fleming’ is one of a number of Facebook pages dedicated to batshit crazy denunciation of my writings — none of which violate Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’, apparently.

*rolls eyes*

In any case, you can find my replacement page, ‘slackbastard2’, here.