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Activism on Trial : #omel and #MaxBrenner19

There’s two important trials of political activists going on in Melbourne at the moment. The first, which commenced in March, involves members and supporters of Occupy Melbourne; trial begins again later this week (May 4). The second, which targets 19 … Continue reading

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Max Brenner, chocolate and blood

Yeah well anyway. Max Brenner eh? The demos on the weekend in Melbourne and Sydney attracted small crowds, but I s’pose one point of interest was the involvement of some right-wing loons in the rallies in support of the chain. … Continue reading

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Brenner, BDS, ADL, APDM, APP… A storm in a chocolate mug?

Last month in Melbourne, a protest rally outside of a local Max Brenner outlet resulted in 19 arrests (further arrests took place weeks later). The protest was preceded in June by another in Sydney at which two protesters were arrested. … Continue reading

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Max Brenner ~versus~ BDS

Last Friday (July 1) a group of 150 or so people staged a rally outside of a Melbourne branch of the Israeli-owned chocolate shop Max Brenner. The rally was organised by the ‘Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid’ in support of the … Continue reading

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