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everybody deserves it, some reckon

Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis [The Saturday Paper, April 5, 2014]

This Saturday’s edition of The Saturday Paper has a feature article by Martin McKenzie-Murray titled ‘Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis’ (April 5, 2014) in which I get a black ‘n’ white guernsey. I’ll comment on the article a little later but in … Continue reading

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2014 Sydney Anarchist Bookfair +++

I enjoyed attending the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair last weekend. It wasn’t quite Crassmas, but I did pick up a few things: a book — Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism by Michael Schmidt (AK Press, 2013: reviewed by Gabriel Kuhn here) — … Continue reading

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Pay the Writers?

Well this post is really only a matter of recording some bookmarks … I didn’t realise this ’til now, but Crikey owner Private Media are launching a new arts site. Good for them. Problem is, current policy is not to … Continue reading

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wow. notes on the deeply racist bad feminist Lorde. like, wow.

blah blah blah — so a blogger in the us has argued, rather poorly, that lorde’s song ‘royals’ is “deeply racist”. i can find very few, if any, who agree with her, but whatever. she concludes her post on the … Continue reading

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Greg SPIRAL OBJECTIVE Loses Record Collection To Fire …

Very sad … I remember encountering Greg/Spiral Objective mail order sometime in the early ’90s thru an ad in the Green Left Weekly(!). Thru his distro (and label: 1991–2000) he helped introduce me and countless others to a world of … Continue reading

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Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) : Antifascist murdered by Golden Dawn in Athens

[Update : Account in English on Athens Indymedia here; The Greek Neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn – No Pasaran?, Interview with Dimitris Psarras, the author of the Greek “Black Book of Chrysi Avghi (Golden Dawn)”.] Last night 34 year-old Pavlos Fyssas … Continue reading

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The PNG Solution ~vs~ Operation Sovereign Borders

Well there’s not really a lot to add: ahead of the 2013 federal election, PM KRudd and Opposition Leader The Mad Monk are scrambling to outdo each other in their defence of The Nation, with KRudd first declaring (possibly unlawfully) … Continue reading

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RIP Dan & Spit

A brief note: 15 years ago today (July 4), two skinheads — Lin “Spit” Newborn, 24, and Dan Shersty, 20 — were murdered by boneheads in the rocky desert northwest of Las Vegas, USA. They were killed because they were … Continue reading

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Delta Goodrem has a great sense of humour

Updaterer : Mia Freedman (The boy who cried ‘racist’, mamamia, May 16) reckons: “Blackface IS racist, no question. But to me (admittedly, a white girl so I welcome comments from those with a different perspective, please leave them below), there … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 29, 2013) : Golden Dawns & Gold Coast nazis

Golden Showers Y’know, when it comes to the response by some local Greek community leaders to the emergence of Golden Dawn in Melbourne, I’m honestly somewhat surprised. According to a number of anti-fascists who attended Greek independence day celebrations this … Continue reading

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