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No-go nazi gymbros!

Last month, Brimbank council announced that the lease on Tim Lutze’s Legacy Boxing Gym in Sunshine West had expired and would not be renewed. Used for several years by the National Socialist Network (NSN) as a training centre and sometime headquarters, the group now seeks a new home.

Speaking of the NSN, after parading through Sydney in late January, the NSN lvl boss, Tom Sewell, was treated to a rather odd profile in The Daily Telegraph in early February. Hence: ‘As more is uncovered about the leader of Australia’s neo-Nazi movement, it can be revealed Thomas Sewell was once in business with Asian men.’ TLDR: in 2016, Sewell, James Buckle and two Asian men established a company known as Compass One Pty Ltd. The company formally ceased operations on March 15, 2019: a rather infamous date (especially for Kiwis like Sewell). Of the 2019 massacre (Christchurch terrorist posted publicly about plans before attack, Mark Daadler, newsroom, February 20, 2024): ‘A small team of researchers at the University of Auckland has found years of posts from the terrorist behind the March 15, 2019 attack on two Christchurch mosques, disproving the notion that he had not been active on extremist forums’.

The Daily Telegraph article also notes that in 2022 the Balwyn Gauleiter established a roofing and plumbing business. This news is sure to delight the plumbers’ union (PPTEU), whose successful campaign to overturn a proposed ban on duck hunting — one spearheaded by their comrades in the ETU — also generated support by Sewell’s erstwhile comrade Mr Buckle.

H e a v y metal

A few weeks ago (February 10), a heavy metal gig at the Leadbeater in Richmond was cancelled. Featuring Grave Upheaval, Cemetery Urn, Munitions, Petrol and Cult of the Night, the show also starred a band called Haste, formerly known as Gurn, one closely associated with NS/BM label and distro Australibus Tenebris. The cancellation triggered the usual response from upset consumers but — on a brighter, shinier, happier note — I understand that there’s Over 666 metal gigs happening in Naarm/Melbourne in any given year, so fingers crossed those frowns will, eventually, be turned upside-down.

Or not.

Coincidentally, triple j’s ‘Hack’ has published a piece on the Dark side of metal (April McLennan, February 28, 2024). It refers to a number of bands, including Ignis Gehenna, Spear of Longinus and (quasi-metal) Black Magick SS. Weirdly, while reference is made to a failed attempt by the NSN to disrupt an anti-fascist benefit gig in September last year, no positive connection is made between this incident and elsewhere in the article when reference is made to the same mob of Hitler Yoof marching through Sydney (and through Ballarat in December last year).

All The McFeels

In the United States, ‘Jazzhands McFeels’, host of the ‘Fash the Nation’ podcast on the ‘The Right Stuff’ (TRS) neo-Nazi propaganda network, was recently revealed as being a 41-year-old ex-Republican rich kid called Robert Warren Gasiewicz of Stuart, Florida. You may remember TRS from such luminaries as Mike Peinovich (‘Mike Enoch’) or its abortive political project, the ‘National Justice Party’ (NJP). The implosion of the NJP — a batshit outfit well-regarded by the bRanes trust at David Hiscox’s recently-revived neo-Nazi blog XYZ — is examined by the hosts of another podcast, ‘I Don’t Speak German’, who’ve returned to the virtual airwaves with an episode dedicated to the NJP’s collapse: ‘We’re back. It’s cool. What isn’t cool is the National Justice Party. Because it doesn’t exist any more. And it wasn’t cool when it did. It was shit. And that’s why … well, listen to the episode.’ See also : This Podcaster Dug Into the World of Neo-Nazis. Now They’ve Put a Target on Him., Nick R. Martin, The Daily Beast, October 20, 2019.

Mein Place

Tomorrow, local cooker Darren Bergwerf will discover whether or not his brave stance in favour of truth and freedom will see him finally assume his rightful place in the Victorian parliament … or be usurped by the dastardly Victorian Socialists.

See also : Dutton and Ley chastised for using immigration detainee’s mistaken arrest ahead of Dunkley by-election, Jake Evans, ABC, March 1, 2024.

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