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  1. craig says:

    I don’t care what your reasons are or the persons involved,like I said people gathering intell on the public regardless of there political agenda and making it available permanently is apart of big brother.

  2. craig says:

    The antibogan involved government spy agencies they targeted both right wing and left wing.What was meant to be a laugh for there members made draconian laws for all.They the antibogans intended just the right wing to be targeted it didn’t end there.

  3. @ndy says:


    A few things:

    1) I’m not an ‘intelligence agency’, I’m a blogger. I don’t gather intelligence on The Public: I monitor the activities of the far right. Most of this activity is public. For example, an electoral campaign by the Australia First Party; a political rally organised by the Australian Defence League; a gig organised by Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins. My principal focus is Melbourne because that’s where I live. Occasionally, someone will contact me offering to provide me with additional information on some group or other. Typically, these are disgruntled former members/associates, ex-partners of members, or members of the public disgusted, say, by the swastika tattooed on to their workmate’s forehead. Such information may be useful or it may not. Mostly, it helps me to develop a better picture of the scene as a whole and some of its micro-politics.

    2) I asked you to identify the material on my blog you find particularly objectionable. You’ve not done so.

    3) I don’t know what you mean by ‘permanent record’ but I think you’re confused about Big Brother. To put it mildly: if ASIO or some other state agency (SIG for example) wish to obtain information on the far right, they *really* don’t have to rely on my blog to do so. Consider also the fact that the resources available to me are miniscule compared to the state, but if it wants to it can find out what you had for breakfast and what colour underpants you’re wearing.

    4) What government agencies did the antibogan blog involve? How? Why do you think it targeted left and right? What Draconian laws do you mean and what did the antibogan blog do to help make them? To the best of my knowledge, most of the material on the antibogan blog was sourced from material published on Facebook; one of the things the blog did or attempted to do was to ‘name and shame’ those responsible for publishing material it considered bigoted (racist, sexist, homophobic etc); commenters on the blog occasionally demanded that Facebook or government authorities or somebody else ‘do something’ about the bigoted views being expressed.

    5) Try understanding where I’m coming from …

  4. craig says:

    Techniques used by antibogan that caused the backlash.
    1.Informing government agencies to cause harm to the persons life on there political beliefs asio,federal police.
    2.Notifying government agencies where a person works to get the person fired from there employment.
    3.Contacting child services to get persons family removed for political beliefs.
    4.Notifying persons employers to get them fired to cause financial harm for said political beliefs.
    5.Posting pictures of persons children then posting vulgar remarks.
    6.Posting persons picture name and address.
    7.Posting lies of child abuse of persons.
    8.Draconian laws designed for terrorists seizure of assets and banking and employment were enabled through the act on threats of violence due to politically based ideology.For example if someone’s child’s photo was posted and they posted threats for the file to be removed these comments were passed onto asio.Because of the political nature this enabled the draconian laws to be imposed.

  5. @ndy says:


    On 1 — 7: and of course you have evidence of this?

    The blog is closed now but I recall a number of people who posted things on Facebook being named. Some also had their places of work listed where such information was included on their profile. For example, if John Smith posted something like ‘I think Muslims are scum and they should all be shot’ a screenshot would be taken of the remark and republished along with John’s profile, which might include reference to his job at Some Company. Or to use an actual example, in late 2010 a man named Joel Buckley wrote that asylum seekers were “DIRTY, CAMEL FUCKING, RAG HEADED PIECES OF SHIT”. I suppose you could dignify this statement with the term ‘political beliefs’ if you wanted to, but to me it reads more like racist abuse. In any case, Joel’s profile revealed he was a member of the RAN. Given that it was possible that it was part of his job to help police the waters to the north of the country, concern was expressed as to whether or not someone with his views should be doing so. I understand that the RAN was then actually contacted, either by the blog and/or others, complaining about the fact that he might be in such a position and that this was inappropriate/he should be disciplined/etc.

    I don’t know what, if anything, happened to Joel as a result of these presumed complaints. From memory, I know of one person who may have lost their job as a result of someone complaining about their posting allegedly racist material on their public profile on Facebook. That person was Terrie-Anne Verney. July 2009:

    A presenter for a NSW community radio station that specialises in multicultural programming has been reprimanded after she was revealed to be an administrator of several racist, anti-immigration groups on Facebook.

    Terrie-Anne Verney, a presenter and sales representative for Griffith FM radio station 2MIA, was the administrator of the group “F— Off, We’re Full” and had also joined several Facebook groups including “Stop the Islamisation of Australia while we still can”, “Australian Conservative United Party”, the “Australian Protectionist Party” and “Australians against Multiculturalism”.

    Apart from her political views, the problem for Terry was that she wrote things like: –

    Of bashed Indian students, she said they were “playing the victim card” and “the shit around their head must do something to their brain”.

    “Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!!,” she wrote.

    – and these views clashed with the station’s commitment to ‘multicultural’ programming and content.

    See : Multicultural radio presenter linked to anti-immigration Facebook groups, Asher Moses, SMH, July 2, 2009.

    8. You’re simply wrong about this. theantibogan blog has had 1/4 of 2/5 of fuck-all to do with ‘anti-terrorist’ laws — laws which you’re unable to even name. In reality, these laws were rushed through Federal Parliament in the aftermath of 9/11 — dozens of pieces of legislation have been introduced or amended in the intervening 12 years — and were justified specifically in reference to the threat of terrorism from Islamists, not because theantibogan blog complained about someone being a dickhead on Facebook!!!111!!!


    a) concern over the laws has less to do with the fact that ‘terrorists’ might lose their jobs or houses and more to do with the fact that the laws strip citizens of their rights, lower the standard of proof, and massively increase the penalties for engaging in ‘conspiracy’ to commit crime;
    b) the overwhelming majority of ‘terrorism’ cases have involved alleged ‘jihadists’ — not one has involved a White nationalist, neo-Nazi or far right militant.

    “For example if someone’s child’s photo was posted and they posted threats for the file to be removed these comments were passed onto asio.”

    ^ I have no idea what this means.

  6. Craig says:

    Your misinformed thousands lost there job I was personally investigated with at least two hundred more that I have a connection.This is the last time I will communicate now you know the reason why we shut the down and retaliated.

  7. BigKahuna63 says:

    Hai Craigy Waigy.
    Do you bullshit for a living or is it something that just comes naturally?
    Please let me know.

  8. inglourious_basterd says:

    Hi Kahuna,

    Craig and the other bruised far right walking egos have to have justification to themselves for stalking, bullying and generally being arseholes when their racism, bigotry and other general nastiness is exposed to public scrutiny.

    The solutions have always been there for Craig and friends and this next bit is addressed to them in as simple a language as can be mustered:

    1. If you have undesirable antisocial urges like racism and bigotry, keep it to yourselves. Just as society finds public defecation undesirable and offensive, it is likewise with racism and bigotry. In fact many people are in prison for letting themselves succumb to undesirable and offensive urges to murder, rape, assault and abuse. Think about it.

    And don’t post evidence-free defamation and vilification of minorities on public forums. Andrew Bolt learnt that the hard way.

    2. Blogs don’t sack people. Employers do. Employers want harmonious workplaces delivering quality customer service. Racists, bigots and homophobes tend not to have those skills. And customers don’t want to come to businesses that are prejudiced.

    Do you get it now?

    3. There are no giant conspiracies involving bloggers, children and the security services unless you think the Family Court is into conspiracy fairytales, or you are a “father’s rights” nutjob.

    If you want to read about a landmark case involving child custody and unsavoury beliefs then go to this one.

    Nothing to do with any blogs by the way.

  9. craig says:

    Ok sorry for the trouble james

  10. @ndy says:

    Whatever you reckon … Bob.

  11. John cully says:

    FYI. Andy being critical of islam is not being racist. There are Arab, African, Asian and Caucasian muslims. Anything that one can choose to join is not a race. Islam is a religion that many people people find threatening, they should be allowed to express there concerns without being branded racist.
    John cully

  12. aViet says:

    andy my brother. your the man! wish i was living in melb. ill protect you till the end! we hope to contact you 1day and put some plans in place. i know a lot of people whos down to pound! fuckin skinheads! bitches only good when they outnumber you. there fuck all in adel. get wrecked all the time. pussy out when the numbers are even. lots of them are buried in the woods. asians. africans. middle eastern. everybody who has a brain. get together and fuckin unite!!! somebody make a website. expose them. information. pictures. address. work place. hang outs. car detail, dont worry about there phone numbers because we wont be calling. we just gonna rain on them etc. make a forum. have different sections for each state, make it so we can access it with phones. keep it simple so people can scan there face real fast, to avoid hitting up innocent people by accident, have a option to register or not, set that up and we will be on the front line chopping there fucking heads in!

  13. RedRabbit says:

    [cheers anon ... v interestink!]

  14. @ndy says:

    PS. Please feel free to email me.

  15. Malachi Martin says:

    I encourage my brothers and sisters on the Right not to use foul language because people switch off straight away. The Left is most susceptible to humour, because their beliefs are just so damn ridiculous you can always find something ridicule. They always end up shooting themselves in the foot. I mean, look at Gillard the worst PM ever. I used to be embarrassed for all Australians when she went overseas. Flaming red hair, knocked kneed, absolutely huge backside, long pointy nose and that rare gift of ALWAYS seeming to talk down to people (though I know she never meant to).

  16. Ivan Erchak says:

    Hello out there. My name is Ivan Erchak. I remember a couple years after Foetus squat burned down and I had been kicked out of Pest squat I decided to take over a pristine and finished building filled with sheetrock. I got the bolt cutters and moved in, supported by Lisa who was at Serenity squat. I received mail there and invoked squatters’ rights. Later a dude named Sonja from Venezuela and a few others sat on the sixth floor and thought about a name for the building as we were preparing to move people in… I came up with name Dos Blockos which seemed funny and ridiculous at the time. It was a bastardization of Spanish and a reference to the fact that we never left those two blocks. It seemed like a shitty name but it stuck. So funny… I think I first camped in there for a month single handed around 1991… bless. It became the Last Chance Hotel. I was delighted to see how long it held up after I left for the trains. So happy to be a part of the legend and the movement. Bless.

  17. sparky says:

    Keep an eye on this channel for maximum lawls, Andy

  18. @ndy says:

    Yeah I seen it — top stuff from Sydney’s finest Aryan and Dr James Saleam’s #BFF.

  19. sparky says:

    [Thanks for infos -- I'll try check it out.]

  20. bluey says:

    we in south aust. leave the kikes in blood. RAHOWA.

  21. @ndy says:

    Your a dick.

  22. mark says:

    @ndy hope your not to us. a dick. beware kike.

  23. homerhussein says:

    You tried to “jump the queue”!!!

    INSTEAD OF WAITING IN A REFUFGEE CAMP like genuine refugees do.

    But you preferred to waste money by paying ILLEGAL PEOPLE SMUGGLERS.

    Serves you BLOODY WELL RIGHT you are where you are now.

    You have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ! ! ! ! !

    Use your last few shekels and buy your way back to where you came from!

  24. @ndy says:



  25. Em Duff says:

    i love your cause, mate you are a bloody legend!

  26. Adam says:

    Happened upon yr blog, not sure how, got up too early, but it is surprising that such idiocy is seemingly rampant in our very midst. Loving the satirical undertone, the best way to underline the evolutionary shortcomings of those who subscribe to all this white Oz nonsense. A shallow point I’ll concede, but don’t some of these fools appear decidedly underdeveloped? Some muddy gene pools at play there. As a devout substance monist it pains me to think that we all flow from the same font. Maybe Devo were on to something. Keep up the good work.

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