Higgins By-election Results!

It’s bloody tense in Higgins, and the outcome is far from being certain.

Leading the pack at the moment is Steve Raskovy (One Nation) with 199 votes; followed by Peter Brohier on 221; then Robert Isaacs (Liberal Democrats) on 310.

Updates to follow!

    In the meantime, an interview that Cam recorded with a secret Liberal Party source last Friday 27/11/09 for the SUWA show on 3CR 855 AM is available for your listening appreciation here.

CANDIDATE / Votes / Percentage / Percentage Change

1. RASKOVY, Steve One Nation 199 / 0.31 / +0.31
2. BROHIER, Peter Independent 221 / 0.35 / +0.35
3. ROBERTS, Isaac Liberal Democrats (LDP) 310 / 0.49 / +0.49
4. TOSCANO, Joseph Independent 510 / 0.80 / +0.80
5. MURPHY, Stephen Independent 1,085 / 1.70 / +1.70
6. COLLYER, David Australian Democrats 1,453 / 2.28 / +1.07
7. PATTEN, Fiona Australian Sex Party 2,078 / 3.26 / +3.26
8. MULHOLLAND, John D.L.P. – Democratic Labor Party 2,452 / 3.85 / +3.85
9. HAMILTON, Clive The Greens 20,751 / 32.54 / +21.79
10. O’DWYER, Kelly Liberal 34,707 / 54.43 / +0.82

What does it all mean? Obviously, that the voting public of Higgins are (like the Liberal party) half-Liberal, one-third Green, a little bit democratic, and not very sexy. Oh, and congratulations to RASKOVY, Steve on coming last first!

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2 Responses to Higgins By-election Results!

  1. Dr. Cam says:

    I can’t find it online, but there’s a brief article on page 2 of the Sunday Herald Sun today about posters exhorting the citizens of the Higgins electorate to shoot politicians on sight should they see any lurking about schoolyards this weekend.

  2. Pink n Black says:


    They took a picture of one of the posters and it was the only one used in the story about the by-election…hahahaha

    There were other posters I saw in the area, one said; Politician are Bastards – Don’t encourage them: Vote Informal

    But of course the Herald Scum went for the more extreme option.

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