OMG!He’s such a bastard!LOL!

Bad guys really do get the most girls
Mason Inman news service
June 18, 2008

NICE guys knew it, now two studies have confirmed it: bad boys get the most girls. The finding may help explain why a nasty suite of antisocial personality traits known as the “dark triad” persists in the human population, despite their potentially grave cultural costs…

See also : R. Crumb, Steve Burgess,, May 2, 2000 | Paulhus, D.L., & Williams, K.M. (2002). The Dark Triad: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy, Journal of Research in Personality, 36, 556-563 (PDF).

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3 Responses to OMG!He’s such a bastard!LOL!

  1. vents says:

    now that science is on my side it’s time to start treating these hos like hos

  2. Lumpen says:

    The Ruler was onto this years ago.

  3. vents says:

    haha!! my favourite of all time –

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