Chloe Black: The Socialite’s Nazi Publicist

Yeah, old (as in several weeks) but very very good. Below: Emilia Fanjul (left) and Chloe Black (right). Not wanting to simply take take take, Emilia has employed Chloe to spruik the virtues of a school for poor kids she’s sponsoring in Florida. “They can study out there; they can have their sandwiches,” she says, pointing to a patch of weeds and garbage where she’d like to see a patio and lunch tables. “It will be nice!”

Problem is, Chloe’s a fucking Nazi.

Ok guys, deep breaths. Do you know the Fanjuls? Pepe and his lovely wife Emilia? They’re maybe the wealthiest Cuban-American couple in the nation. Emilia, a socialite about Palm Beach, the Dominican Republic, and, yes, New York, is famous for her charitable work. Recently she’s made a couple headlines for her newest project—”helping to finance and build a sparkling new campus for Glades Academy, a charter school in the town of Pahokee, Fla.,” a town full of impoverished migrant workers and their families. So it’s odd, isn’t it, that her “executive assistant” and publicist is a white supremacist.

The Southern Poverty Law Center noticed, in a magazine piece about Emilia and her work with the school, this innocuous-looking line: “For more information about Glades Academy, call Chloe Black.” That name probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it’s very familiar to a group like the SPLC, which battles racist organizations.

Chloe Black used to be married to David Duke. Former national leader of the KKK David Duke. Straight-up neo-Nazi David Duke.

    While less visible in the white supremacist world than either of her husbands, Black has a strong movement history of her own. She met Duke at a college meeting of the White Youth Alliance in the 1970s, and, after marrying him, became vice president of his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. She long held the copyright to African Atto, a weird 1973 booklet that instructs blacks on how to kill whites — and which was written, as was revealed by enterprising reporters, by Duke, who then claimed he was using it to compile a list of “radical blacks.”

Yes but that was years ago, you say! People change! Sure. Her next husband was Don Black. Another former Klan leader! But far, far more famous these days for founding and operating the most notoriously hateful site on the internet: Stormfront. Look it up yourself if you don’t know the deal—it’s generally considered poor Internet form to mention it, let alone link. It’s basically a neo-Nazi message board. Fucked up shit goes on there.

Don Black claims to be unemployed, though he pays to operate Stormfront all on his own in a house owned entirely by his wife Chloe. And where does Chloe get her cash? From Emilia Fanjul, the Cuban-American sugar magnate socialite! Black is an executive assistant at Florida Crystals, the Fanjuls’ sugar conglomerate. They had no comment.

They maybe didn’t even know! Though a GOOGLE SEARCH would’ve revealed that in recent years Chloe Black has attended the conferences of hate groups and says lovely things about David Duke to the press.

So yes a neo-Nazi is flacking for a school designed to help poor minority children out of poverty, and using the money she makes to run a site dedicated to raising hatred and inciting violence against those little kids. And a wealthy socialite is involved!


Source : Gawker. See also : Sugar Baron Aide’s KKK Link, New York Post, July 19, 2008 | The Strange Loves and Stranger Life of Chloe Black, Fred Grimm, The Grimm Truth (Miami Herald), July 25, 2008 | Local organizer, other supremacists say Obama’s run boosts their cause, John Lantigua, Palm Beach Post, July 26, 2008 | Stormfront Founder’s Wife Sets Off Firestorm, SPLC HateWatch, July 28, 2008 | Lomin Saayman, Woman With Ties to White Supremacists Represents School for Blacks and Hispanics, FOXNews, July 30, 2008

Chloe Black’s husband Don is a right bastard.

Besides being the subject of the most cringeworthy forms of deference by local racists, Don Black is a Florida businessman, owner and chief administrator — Hauptverwalter — of the Stormfront website. He’s also an ex-KKK leader (1978–1987), having assumed the leadership of the groupuscule David Duke left to pursue his ongoing campaign to make himself more palatable to the tastes of a less crazed audience. Black himself is probably most notorious for his unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government of the island of Dominica in 1981. According to Matthew Lauder, ‘Operation Red Dog: Canadian neo-nazis were central to the planned invasion of Dominica in 1981′:

On April 27, 1981, two Canadians, Wolfgang Walter Droege and Larry Lloyd Jacklin, along with eight Americans, were arrested in New Orleans by ATF, FBI, and US Customs agents in an early morning raid. Later, four more Canadians would be arrested, including Marion McGuire, James McQuirter, Charles Yanover, and Harold Woods. All of the Canadians and Americans arrested were members of the far right with the exception of Yanover and Woods. Yanover was a well-known Mafia crime figure from Toronto while Woods was a psychiatric patient in love with McQuire. Woods was arrested in Dominica after trying to break McQuire out of prison.

On Dominica, Patrick John, the former Prime Minister, Major Fred Newton, the commander of the army, three additional army officers, and two civilians (including Dennis Joseph, the former manager of the Dominican broadcasting service) were arrested. In total, more than 20 people were tried and convicted of conspiracy charges in Canada, the US, and Dominica.

The invasion, named Operation Red Dog by the mercenaries, was simple. The group of neo-Nazis planned to travel from New Orleans to Dominica on a chartered boat, land at night in rubber boats, meet up with John and his guerrilla force of disgruntled army veterans and Rastafarian rebels, and then lay waste to Dominica’s police force and political leaders. Contrary to Stanley Barrett’s analysis (1987), the primary purpose of the invasion was not to establish a base of operations for white supremacists, but rather to set-up a series of lucrative businesses including cocaine manufacturing plants, casinos, hotels, brothels, and a gun running operation. Considering the size of Dominica, which is only 300 square miles, and its military and police force, the coup was achievable…

If not actually achieved: weird shit, nevertheless, and the beginnings of a great Hollywood film script. Incidentally, while Black survives and even thrives by milking credulous white racists of their money, Droege does not, having been shot dead by a fellow cocaine addict named Keith Deroux on April 13, 2005: on June 16, 2006, Deroux was sentenced to 10 years jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter (Don Black served three years for his part in Operation Red Dog).

The amount of mooing by the milk cows on SF regarding Chloe’s exposure is naturally extensive. Would-be dictator Don is also upset:

“An executive with an organization that tracks hate groups calls the employment of the woman, Chloe Black, an “untenable position” and “unbelievable.”

Who else would tell private individuals how to spend their money and who they are allowed to hire? Jewish supremacists like Mark Potok, Stephen Cohen, [Heidi] Beirich and the rest of the SPLC crowd have pushed too far for their own best interests, but their pathological hatred of White Western Culture has blinded them.

To use their word, chutzpah no longer works against an increasingly awakened American majority, who’ve already had enough of their schemes to destroy America as a Western nation reflecting traditional European values and turn it into a Third World cesspool, and who are now feeling the effects viscerally.

But Jewish supremacists are never satisfied with what they’ve got, even in a country which has given them more than any other host people, even subverting America’s government into complete subservience to their country, the Jewish racial nationalist state of Israel. But they still have a death wish and must destroy their host! They must keep pushing.

One can understand their roller coaster ride through history, having been kicked out of every major European country at least once. They just couldn’t stop pushing a sleeping giant.

Now they think getting Chloe fired would hurt Stormfront and me, and they’ll keep pushing. They’re blinded by hate. A lot of new people would be really mad, some of means. We’ll do fine.

The press, btw, has played this as if contact for that charter school is Chloe’s primary job. Actually, [it’s] one of the lesser of dozens of projects dropped on her, the rest of which are innocuous.

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  1. orfcourse says:


    The upside of having the “audacity” to create the first “white” website over the emerging Internet was to score a notable breakthrough. The downside was that the undertaking by Don Black sacked the anti-Communist cause with stereotypical images of alien-nations, lost-causes and criminal-conspirators, which has dogged pro-majority forces, who took up webcasting, only months later. Ironically, instead of finding doors opening up, newcomers faced doors slammed in their faces and, even, prosecutions for “hate.” Also, ironically, Black had acquired his computer-skills in federal-prison.

    By the time that activists with organization, lawyers, resources and administration had taken hold, Black had, already, imbued in the public-mind, through a willing, leftist-news-media, that rightist social-reformers were exclusively “Nazis” and “Klansmen.” After a lengthy tug-of-war, Nationalists seemingly gained the upper-hand, in that Black and others began to call themselves “Nationalists,” but Black maintained a unique dogma of his own, which called for shadowy, “underground” and lawless tactics, which, although attracting attention, drove many would-be rightists away.

    Black had started out by installing a telephone answering-machine at his residence, which would encourage callers to “join the Klan.” When he went on-line, he posted appeals for viewers to adopt a Confederate theme, migrating, eventually, to the “neo-Nazi” genre. He, then, commenced a bulletin-board format, in which viewers would post such questions as, “I live in Arizona. How can I stop the illegal-aliens?” to which Black would reply, “Join the Klan,” even though no such organization existed. For every ten posters, nine, in disillusionment, would drop off. Some became outwardly hostile.

    Despite being vociferously, repeatedly and falsely attacked by Black for being “lunatics,” “Jews” and “homosexuals,” Nationalists did not return fire. They opted for a more positive stance, wishing not to even dignify the slurs hurled in their direction. Black had expressed particular disdain against Nationalists for using the law and winning in court, a posture that eluded him, all through his life. However, on the occasion of Black’s retirement, due to a stroke, a listing was compiled of key Black-happenings, in the interest of education toward more productive, patriotic and effective courses-of-action.


    Don Black claimed to be the head of a “Nazi Party” in Alabama, although no such organization actually existed.

    Became associated with Danny Hawkins, a self-described “klan” “guerilla-fighter,” who later was jailed for gun-violations.

    Joined David Duke as a self-described “klan” personage.

    Unemployed, but lived off wages of his wife, Joyce, who claimed to be a “Nazi” sympathizer.

    Joined Hawkins and Duke in an aborted move to take over the Negro-island of Dominica, aimed to set up a “Nazi” empire, drawing a lengthy prison-term.

    Divorced from wife, Joyce, who married Mike Smith, an associate of William L. Pierce, who provided bombing-plans for Tim McVeigh.

    Married Chloe, former wife of David Duke, who had divorced Duke reportedly over adultery.

    Duke had two children, one of whom later had an illegitimate child, who were raised by Black.

    Black, Duke, Joyce and Chloe remained close.

    Maintained ties to Duke, even through scandals over Duke’s attempt to sell his “secret” mailing-list to the highest-bidder.

    Established liaison with James K. Warner, former-associate of George L. Rockwell, who had attempted to establish a “Nazi Party,” until Warner quit him.

    Both Black and Chloe attended Duke’s Louisiana “victory” party, in which Duke narrowly lost his bid for state-wide political-office.

    Duke and Black attended Nationalist events in Georgia, attempting to “take them over,” but failed. Duke and Black pleaded guilty to criminal charges, stemming from interfering with police.

    Tried to get Mark Watts, founder of The Nationalist Movement, to join his “klan.” When Watts refused, he orchestrated a smear-campaign against Watts.

    Goaded Frank Shirley into leaving and renouncing The Nationalist Movement, because it was not “the klan,” whereupon Shirley was sued and fined several million-dollars for “hate.”

    Duke and Black asked to be included in Nationalist ceremonies during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, but were refused.

    Black asked to take part in a Nationalist parade and was given permission, but when he tried to disrupt the event, he was told to leave and banned, for the future.

    Started a website, which promoted “white” ideology, but which was heavily festooned with “Nazi,” “Klan” and “pagan” images.

    Began using the term “white-nationalist,” but attacked Nationalists, in general, and members of The Nationalist Movement, in particular, for being “insane, Jewish homosexuals.”

    Bumped off the Internet for making death-threats against Nationalists, but reinstated, when death-threats removed.

    Established liaison with various bombers, murderers and criminals, claiming that they had been “framed.”

    Sued for trademark-infringement.

    Claimed support for Duke, when Duke pleaded guilty to tax-evasion and mail-fraud. Alleged that Duke had been “framed.”

    Established liaison with Mark Cotterill, a British-subject, which prompted Cotterill to be kicked out of the country as an undesirable-alien.

    Tightened ties with Pierce, praising lawlessness and claiming that lawlessness was excusable.

    Promoted an on-line store, which distributed “Nazi” memorabilia, run by a Mexican, who, later, pleaded guilty to drug-charges.

    Established ties to Kevin Strom, who pleaded guilty to child-pornography, claiming that Strom had been “framed.”

    Claimed to have “proof” that the editor of the Nationalist newspaper was secretly “Jewish,” but never produced such “evidence.”

    Claimed that Matt Hale, who conspired to kill a judge, had been “framed.”

    Published numerous slurs against Nationalists, including praise for David Lane, who had issued an appeal for Nationalists to be assassinated.

    Told Eddie Morrison in England not to have contacts with Nationalists, claiming that they were “bonkers.” Morrison apologized for publishing the slur.

    Heavily promoted former Pierce-associate Billy Roper, who folded after Roper’s associate was busted for drugs.

    Voiced praise for Hal Turner, who had appealed over the Internet for various individuals to be murdered.

    Donated to and was photographed with Ron Paul, but Paul repudiated the “endorsement” and said that he would use the money to counteract Black.

    Encouraged the holding of a public-demonstration, but provided no legal-protections, resulting in one of its participants being arrested for assaulting police.

    Featured in HBO-special entitled “,” extolling the use of “hateful” comments and lawless activity.

    Described by acquaintances as “introverted” and “anti-social.”

    Criticized the Crosstar website for being “idiotic” and insisted that it had “no actual members.”

    Launched a campaign to pay Edwin Marger, the Jewish-lawyer for Chester Doles, who pleaded guilty to gun-violations. Black, then claimed that Doles had been “framed.”

    Accused the moderator of the Skinhead Website of being “non-white,” “bad-news” and an “informant.”

    Claimed ties to Gordon Baum, who once had threatened to have Duke arrested, as well as to sue Crosstar.

    Published-reports identified Chloe as “representative” for a Negro-Hispanic day-care center. Chloe issued a statement claiming not to be “racially prejudiced” and to have nothing to do with Black’s website.

    Newspaper-accounts identifed Black’s house, from which Black ran his website, as “ramshackle.” Photos showed the building with boards or blackened panels over the windows.

    Had a “stroke” and Black-sources claimed that Black was “incapacitated” and had “retired.”

    News-reports circulated that the “internal-drama” had hobbled Black, whose Internet-traffic had dwindled some eighty-percent.

    http://www .

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