What did you do for your race this week? Australia First launches its election campaign!


Following close on the heels of arch-rivals the Australian Protectionist Party (APP), the Australia First Party (AF) has officially declared its losing candidates for the upcoming NSW council elections. In Sutherland — where Darrin Hodges is pitting himself against the Mayor — AF has wisely decided to steer clear of a two-way fight with the APP, and is instead fielding three candidates in Ward A: John Newton (ex-Australians Against Further Immigration candidate for the state seat of Mount Druitt in 2007 — he came last), Karl Glas (ex-National Action and AAFI) and Marleen Rapp.

To vote 1 White Australia in Blacktown (Fifth Ward), your candidates are Tony Pettitt (ex-One Nation Party), Terry Cooksley (ex-NA, ex-AAFI, ex-ONP), and George Atkinson. Tony previously contested the seat of Greenway for ONP in 2004, gaining 1,040 votes or 1.37% and coming sixth out of a field of 14 candidates. He also stood for the seat of Mitchell in 1996 for AAFI, where he obtained 2,688 votes, easily overpowering both ‘Reclaim Australia’ and ‘Natural Law’. Previously, Terry stood for a seat in Chifley in 2004 — he didn’t win. He also asked the voters of Lindsay to elect him, and AAFI, in 1996, and had the satisfaction of being more popular than both Call to Australia and the Independent candidate, Stephen Davidson… But not quite as popular as HoWARd’s mate Jackie Kelly, who won the seat for the Tories in 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004; and who lost it for them in 2007.

Further afield, in Coffs Harbour, you can put Australia First — and the deracinators of the New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalist conspiracy last — by voting for class clown Darrell Wallbridge (ex-NA and Confederate Action Party), Alex Parker, Greg Bailey, Richard Hedditch (ex-NA, ex-CAP) and Kevin Baldwin. In Newcastle (Second Ward), word on the street is that AF’s campaign is being spearheaded by the Jew-hating real estate agent Nathan Clarke. (Actually, AF claims Les is taking his place, but the NSW Electoral Commission begs to differ.) Joining Les (or possibly nafe) will be Ian McBryde and the geriatric Jim Smith. Somewhat bizarrely, Tony Pettitt is also trying it on in Hawkesbury

Voters, sharpen your pencils!

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  1. THE SURPEME RAT says:

    [Fly Away Peter.]

  2. name required says:

    An AFP candidate’s CIS:

    “My observations of the way humanity is gives me the willies. I’m bored, I want to fail dismally. Electorally, I have no chance whatsoever. I’ll be lucky to pull a single vote, but I’m nominating to run so that my ticket will have the minimum 5 candidates. The ticket I’m associated with has very many good and profoundly brilliant policies. So much so, that if Australia First got a candidate elected I’m sure that I’d push for a 30 percent rates reduction for this electee.”

  3. @ndy says:

    Vote 1 Willie.

  4. name required says:

    “Free Willie” – a moving documentary about John Drew’s reluctance to move out of the closet and the torture of hearing athletic young men pulling each other off in the room next door.

  5. Australia First Party says:

    There is nothing wrong with comrade Drew. He is not gay.

  6. John Smith says:


  7. @ndy says:


    You’ve previously commented on my blog as “Jasmine Reading” and “Dave Brown”. Stick to a handle and use it, or your comments will be binned in future.

    As “Jasmine Reading”, August 6, 2009:


    During World War II the Saxon Germans tried to kill Hitler 25 times but the Nazi Catholics killed the Saxon Germans.
    I have just read a book about the plot to kill Hitler.
    It is called “MY FATHERS COUNTRY”.
    Of course Hitler, never had any German Saxon blood.
    He was a product of when a Father marries his own daughter.
    Hitler was from a incest family which is why he was so mad!! He was a dirty deviant man!!
    In Germany they have a wreath laying ceremony to all the Saxon Germans that was murdered by the Nazi Catholics.
    Every year it takes place.
    It is time the Nazi Catholics paid compensation to the Saxon Germans!!!


    Hitler was not German but Austrian.
    He was a Socialist and teamed up with Stalin.
    Hitler was never Far Right but was Far Left in his policies.
    He was also a Catholic and was very involved with the Catholic Church, who are “Left Footers”.
    They have always been “Far Left”.
    Even the new Pope was part of the Catholic Nazis.
    The word Nazi’s is not a Saxon word but comes from the Ashenkenazi Jews.
    The plot by the “Far Left” was to kill off a particular Jewish sect.
    Hitler let the Jews leave for Palestine and to take their money with them but the other sect that stayed in
    Europe left with nothing.
    Why was the American Nazi’s Movement full of Jews?
    The other plot was to take-out the Protestants known as the Lutherans.
    Hitler murdered 7 million German Lutherans, and got off on killing them. Hitler was out to destroy Germany and double-crossed Stalin by taking out as many White Russians as possible.
    Hitler was a White-Hater and would never have been considered part of the Saxon Tribe.
    Hitler was a Puppet for the “Far Left”.
    There were lot’s of Saxon Germans that loathed him.

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