Dirty (Filthy) Lousy Rotten Stinking Commies : February 2010

    Update : A commentator (‘Jesse’, Fri 05 Feb 10 (03:48pm)) on Andrew Bolt’s blog complains about another commentator’s (‘sasha of sydney’, Fri 05 Feb 10 (02:11pm)) linking to a previous blog entry (Robert Manne’s open letter to Andrew Bolt, July 3, 2006): “A link to a blog so far left that marxists think they’re a bit extreme? THAT is your counter argument? Why is it that reds quote other reds to try and prove that reds are right?” Take that, Spartacist League of Australia!

1. Communist Party of Australia (CPA)
[guilty of] a particularly wretched example of … abject defence of the capitalist order

The January 27 edition of The Guardian notes that the Adelaide CPA is on the campaign trail, with State Secretary Bob Briton as the endorsed candidate for the western suburbs electorate of Lee. The poll is to take place on March 20. “[M]embers are confident their work will lift the profile of the CPA in the area considerably”.

2. Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) (CPA-ML)

The February edition of Vanguard contains Duncan B’s reflections on ‘Joseph Stalin on Party Organisation’ (PDF). According to B, among the six features Uncle Joseph identified as being key to those of a Party organised on Leninist lines is ‘The Party as the highest form of class organisation of the proletariat’… which I think means that the CPA-ML will be directing their preferences to HEMP in future.

3. Freedom Socialist Party (FSP)

Um… “For parties, receptions, banquets, weddings, meetings and seminars… Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick. A welcoming shop front meeting space that can comfortably accommodate organising meetings, planning days, training sessions, public meetings, movie nights or cultural events for up to 50 people, depending on your format.”

4. Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP)
triumphant purveyors of historical falsehood and political cowardice

The always-outrageous (and sometimes disgusting) Van Thanh Rudd has thrown down the gauntlet to other communists with well-known relatives in the Australian political establishment by donning a white sheet with holes in it and standing outside the Australian Open. In other words, “Kevin Rudd’s nephew proved [Andrew Bolt’s] point when he stood outside the Rod Laver Area on Australia Day in his badly sewn Ku Klux Klan outfit… And so Australians generally are now being monstered in the Indian press as racists of the KKK kind, while at home we still refuse to discuss street violence – and the rise of the ethnic gangs behind some of the worst of it.”

Or something.

In other news, if you’d like to know more about Uncle Hugo’s plans for a first second third fourth fifth International, a ‘Direct Action Forum’ on ‘The Venezuelan revolution & the call for a new Socialist International’ is taking place at 6:30pm on Thursday, February 25 @ the ‘Direct Action Centre’ (aka the Trades Hall Basement).

5. Democratic Socialist Perspective Socialist Alliance (SA)
postures as a fighting alternative to the no-struggle ACTU union tops but in reality acts to buttress the Laborite political obstacles to waging class battle

“Formerly the Democratic Socialist Party. Leninist, but not Stalinist and not Trotskyist, the DSP is enthusiastic about Cuba and Third World revolutions”; it is now also better known as the Socialist Alliance. “Public transport activist” Margarita Windisch has thrown her hat into the ring for the February 13 Altona by-election. Windisch is one of seven candidates expected to lose to Labor anointed Jill Hennessy. Unusually, Hennessy is a law-talking gal.

6. Socialist Alternative (SAlt)
cheerleaders for capitalist counterrevolution

When they’re not cheering on capitalist counterrevolution or looking over their shoulders for Kiwi anarchists and/or English football hooligans, SAlt are busy embiggening revolutionary socialism. Otherwise… um… someone or other has established a Facebook group for those who dislike SAlt; former SAlt member Alistair Hullett died last week; former SAlt member Jeff Sparrow is referenced in the article referenced below ‘No criticism of Labor as Australia rejects Tamil refugees’ by Mike Head (January 20, 2010).

7. Socialist Equality Party (SEP)
an organization of dubious political bandits

Mike Head reckons Inquest evidence shows Rudd government policies caused refugee deaths (February 2, 2010). In 2007, the SEP stood Will Marshall for Melbourne. He got 418 votes. Will Will stand again in 2010?

8. Socialist Party (SP)
another left Laborite obstacle to workers revolution

In a madcap attempt to undermine the stranglehold bourgeois art and culture maintains over the hearts and minds of angry proletarian yoof, the Socialist Party is calling on the Victorian State government to Scrap all anti-graffiti laws! (February 1, 2010). In an ominous sign of the repression to come, Comments are closed.

9. Solidarity
reformist opponents of revolutionary Marxism… crawling to the ALP

A member of the iSt, Solidarity are “for workers’ power and international socialism”. Beyond that, er…

10. Trotskyist Platform (TP)
a casualty of the retrogression of consciousness following the counterrevolutionary destruction of the Soviet Union

Sadly, there’s been no news from the Platform since July 2009. Instead, here’s a piece! of! spray! from! Australasian Spartacist, No. 192, Spring 2005: Editor Defects, “Trotskyist Platform”: Opportunism in Action! As an added! bonus! see! Sukant Chandan’s FRIENDS! OF! CHINA! blog.

See also : ManLiftingBanner.

Bonus Herbert A. Philbrick!

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22 Responses to Dirty (Filthy) Lousy Rotten Stinking Commies : February 2010

  1. redxanth says:

    Interesting perspectives. By denigrating socialist ideas of anti-capitalism, are you then promoting capitalism? Surely not…

    One of socialism’s viewpoints is the notion of criticism and self-criticism. It would show the readers of this blog that you have a balanced perspective of the various left groups, instead of just a purely biased one, if you posted a similar thread on the various anarchist groupings and sub groupings in this country, and what you consider their various strengths and weaknesses. Might be an interesting read…

  2. Jon Hoch says:


    I’m starting a new socialist blog called Rosa’s Ghost. I was hoping you might add it to your links page. It would be a great help. Thanks in advance.


  3. @ndy says:


    I assume you’re referring to the statements in italics which appear beneath each party’s name. For example: “[guilty of] a particularly wretched example of … abject defence of the capitalist order”; “fake-revolutionary”; “triumphant purveyors of historical falsehood and political cowardice”.

    To clarify: these are all quotes, taken from various issues of Australasian Spartacist. I use them, not because I agree with them, but because I find their histrionic tone amusing.

    For the record, “[guilty of] a particularly wretched example of … abject defence of the capitalist order” is extracted from Capitalist Rulers Fleece Working People, Financial Crisis: Bankruptcy of Capitalism, Those Who Labour Must Rule! (Australasian Spartacist, No. 203, Summer 2008/09); “fake-revolutionary” from Oppose Howard/Latham’s Reactionary “Family Values”!, Single Mothers Hit By Capitalist Austerity, Bigotry, Unleash Union Power! For Free, 24-Hour Childcare! Permanency, Full Entitlements for Casual Workers!, Australasian Spartacist, No. 188, Spring 2004; “triumphant purveyors of historical falsehood and political cowardice” from Labor Government Demands Sacrifice from Workers, Recession Australia: Unemployment, Racism, Militarism, For a Revolutionary, Internationalist Workers Party!, Workers Vanguard, No. 939, July 3, 2009.

  4. Grumpy Cat says:

    C’mon @ndy what the fuck is the point of this? Yes there still exists a handle full of socialist groups with relatively stable membership numbers (though often high turn-over) and a variety of political behaviours. So fucking what? This isn’t even a political critique of Leninism, just a list. Surely there is a real argument in the class about revolutionary organisation – my own preference being the communist position that rejects any kind of vanguard leadership in favour of bodies of struggle created in struggle – but this entry adds nothing to it.

    It is just fucking sad.

    I hope you still come to A Spectre is Haunting… Communism, Hope and the Future.

    rebel love

  5. @ndy says:

    “This isn’t even a political critique of Leninism, just a list.”

    Precisely. This is because it’s not intended to be a political critique of Leninism, but a list. A list with the — to me — ludicrous-sounding title ‘Dirty (Filthy) Lousy Rotten Stinking Commies : February 2010’, of ten existent ‘communist’ groups, each accompanied (with the exception of the ‘Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) (CPA-ML)’, for which I could find none) by a slanderous attack by the Spartacist League, and including not only not one not two but three examples of similarly hysterically-overwrought US anti-Communist agitprop film from the 1950s, but references to the CPA-ML’s desire to get high; the “disgusting” Van Thanh Rudd (a slur made in one of the pieces regarding his recent stunt to which I link); Andrew Fucking Bolt; the Socialist Party’s “madcap” proposal to stop The Kids from getting arrested for making Art without a license; and a clip from a Dutch communist straight edge band from the early 1990s a number of whose releases I actually own.

    Why is is that readers such as yourself are seemingly incapable of understanding that I’m taking the piss, not only out of Leninist pretensions, but anti-Communist thought? That such posts should not be taken seriously, as a political critique of Leninism, or as anything else?

    To put it another way.

    Here’s a clip from YouTube.

    One response would be to denounce it for its failure to appreciate the contribution Walter Benjamin made to understanding modern art and the function of film within it.

    On the other hand…

  6. Grumpy Cat says:

    Why is is that readers such as yourself are seemingly incapable of understanding that I’m taking the piss, not only out of Leninist pretensions, but anti-Communist thought?

    Either because I am an idiot or the joke wasn’t that funny…

  7. Lumpen says:

    I’m not aware of these lists and updates on the far Left in Australia anywhere on the web that is accessible, at least for me. The fact that they are not buried under impenetrable theoretical discussions adds to their accessibility and usefulness.

    I like this entry. It is useful for this information to exist and does actually take effort to compile. I also find the format it is delivered in (as well as the subject) highly amusing.

    This isn’t even a political critique of Leninism, just a list. Surely there is a real argument in the class about revolutionary organisation – my own preference being the communist position that rejects any kind of vanguard leadership in favour of bodies of struggle created in struggle – but this entry adds nothing to it.

    It is just fucking sad.

    Congratulations on obliterating the line between earnestness and self-parody.

  8. @ndy says:

    Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. ~ Goethe

  9. Grumpy Cat says:

    So Lumpen, is there not a debate to be had about organisation in the class or is it not sad that what is possibly the most prominent anarchist web presence in Australia presents a not very funny list of a few zombie-Marxist groups in lieu of presenting the actually very rich insights anarchism has about questions of organisation, struggle and class?

    commie kisses

  10. @ndy says:


    A few things.


    You’re objecting to one post. The post is categorised as belonging to ‘Trot Guide’. These posts are, generally, concerned with leftist trainspotting, a hobby indulged in by perhaps many hundreds or a few thousand others, and best exemplified by the Leftist Trainspotters site and list.

    It is semi-serious in intention, and not intended to provide a forum for polemics, for which there are countless other arenas.

    There are currently 129 posts under the ‘Trot Guide’ heading, from a total of 2,374. That’s a little over 5%.

    From December 2009 to this date, there have been 6 ‘Trot Guide’ posts (including the above). The remainder have concerned Robert Service’s new biography on Trotsky (and the response of the Trotskyist press to it), various developments on the far left in Australia (including the DSP’s dissolution into the SA), the UK (feuding within the SWP) and elsewhere, and a brief examination of the Victorian Labor College (among other things).

    Obviously, these posts, and others belonging to the ‘Trot Guide’, do not constitute a critique of Leninism or a serious attempt to address the question of working class organisation.


    Notwithstanding the above, and irrespective of the fact that it is not my intention to do so, it’s not correct to state that my blog does not contain a critique — or rather, a series of references to other’s critiques — of Leninism, and of Marxism more generally.

    For example, over the same period (December 2009–), I’ve re-posted two substantial essays on very similar subjects: ‘Which Anarchism? Which Autonomism? Between Anarchism and Autonomist Marxism’ by Heather Gautney (WorkingUSA, Vol.12, No.3, September 2009) and ‘Through a Glass Darkly: Alain Badiou’s critique of anarchism’ by Benjamin Noys (Anarchist Studies, Vol.16, No.2, 2008).

    These are not critiques of Leninism per se, but they certainly address, in part, the question of class, class consciousness, and (political) organisation.


    With regards the question of producing a critique of Leninism in particular — as opposed to, say, a list of “zombie-Marxist groups” — the closest I’ve come to doing so — which is to say, the closest I’ve come to doing so on my blog — is probably ‘Anarchy: Against Capital, Against the State’ (June 23, 2007). The central problem with that text is that it is directed specifically at and intended to be a reply to ‘Is there anything radical about anarchism?’ (Socialist Alternative, No.117, June 2007) by Mick Armstrong. Given that it appears on my blog, it also suffers from including within it (what you might consider) some poor quality jokes.

    Of course, the other reason I’ve not produced a critique of Leninism is because it’s been done before, many times over. Of these efforts, I’ve referred to several on my blog, and almost all — with the possible exception of Ron Tabor’s ‘A Look At Leninism’ (1988) — may easily be found online, and consist of texts to which I’ve linked repeatedly. Secondly, I’m not aware of there having been any extensive renovations to Leninism of late. To the extent that there has — and here I’m referring to Zizek’s reinvocation — I’ve taken note of them. Otherwise, my interest in a critique of Leninism overlaps, necessarily, with an interest in modern, 20th century history, and that of the left and Western workers’ movements in particular, and so references to Marx, Lenin and various other Great Men of History may be found throughout my blog.

    Some relevant examples:


    Finally, yes, ‘slackbastard’ is possibly the most prominent anarchist web presence in Australia — although that’s not saying much, and is in some ways despite my best efforts. It’s also almost entirely the work of one person, and is ignored by the vast majority of my comrades. Nevertheless, if someone, anarchist or not, wants to discuss questions of organisation, struggle and class on my blog, they’re welcome to do so, and I usually respond in some detail, if I think the matter warrants it. (See, for example, ‘Anarchism and Aboriginal sovereignty’.)

    Otherwise, I recommend Richard Gombin’s work on ‘modern leftism’, and Ken Knabb’s ‘The Joy of Revolution’. (Poumista is also extremely valuable in terms of documenting anarchist and leftist history, as is The Daily Bleed, Wilson’s Almanac, and Robert Graham’s blog.)


    Go easy: I’m just a suburban boy.

  11. Paul Justo says:

    I’m with Lumpen –

    “I like this entry. It is useful for this information to exist and does actually take effort to compile. I also find the format it is delivered in (as well as the subject) highly amusing.”

    Of course anarchist half baked critiques of Marxism-Leninism add to the amusement no end.

    As to point 10. in the original post, don’t rely on the net, put your $10 in an envelope.

  12. Paul Justo says:

    Trotskyist Platform, No. 12, August 2009–January 2010 has just been delivered by the postie.

    Another great looking issue with full colour cover and weighing in at 108 pages, yeah you anarchist scenesters you read right – 108 pages.

  13. redxanth says:

    I’m still asking the question, my non-leninist comrade… where’s the anarchist group analysis? anyone can nitpick… still curious… I agree with a lot of the libertarian philosophy, yet disbelieve in the possibility of its mainstream success whilst organised monopoly capitalism controls the world. Love to read a libertarian analysis of its own movement for a change… especially in my own city/country.

  14. @ndy says:

    Anarchist group analysis?

    Yeah: probably not a bad idea actually.

    Otherwise, I have actually made a list — and checked it twice — of anarchist group activity in Australia (and titled it ‘Attack of the Anarchoids from Neptune!’).

    I might update it at some point (if I could be arsed).

    Otherwise, anarchy.org.au had a guide to anarchist groups in Oceania, although it’s down for the time being. A year ago I cast a weary eye over the absolutely tiny anarchist press.

    I provided some footnotes to the history of anarchism in Australia that Bob James wrote for the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest in May of last year (Anarchism, Australia, Bob James) and have otherwise noted the passing of a number of anarchists of late, including Andrew Giles-Peters and Peter McGregor (with honourable mentions to Pip Starr and Jeff Riley).

    Note that “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorised by WMG. The audio has been disabled” — which kinda encapsulates everything that’s wrong with the world I think.

    Beyond this, to be most productive/useful, any further disco on the state of contemporary anarchism in Australia requires the participation of other anarchists, and as I’ve already noted, my blog is ignored by the vast majority of my comrades. Well, at least in the sense that there is very little disco on it… which is not necessarily a bad thing, but still.

    Otherwise, a new zine is being published in Melbourne called Melbourne Black, the Fantin Reading Group is meeting fortnightly, Barricade is re-opening on February 13, and no doubt there are other things going on of which I’m unaware (or will discuss in upcoming posts).

    See also : Moar anarchy in the ‘hood (August 28, 2009).

  15. @ndy says:

    Some good news…

    And the winner is… anarchy!

    Last year we were presented with a crisis and an opportunity, and we asked for your help. The bank that holds the mortgage for our property called in the loan. They asked us to pay $5,000 immediately and the rest – another $15,000 – as soon as possible.

    We are proud to announce that with your help we have raised over $18,000 as of December 2009!

    This is living proof of the amazing capacity and commitment of the community that surrounds Jura Books. We all believe that Sydney needs radical change, and Jura is a key part of making that change.

    The Save Jura raffle is over and we’re happy to say it was a great success – thanks to you! It was a massive effort over six months, with:
    –> 3,000 tickets sold.
    –> 900 existing supporters contacted (including 750 via email, 200 via facebook, 200 via sms, 80 by phone call).
    –> 200 houses door-knocked in our local area.
    –> 5,500 letters hand delivered to people in our local area (these letters talked about what anarchism is, as well as Jura and the raffle).
    –> 100s of posters put up across Sydney.
    –> Stalls held in Newcastle, Glebe, Redfern, Newtown, Helensburgh and more.

    All of this was done by a few dozen volunteers – congratulations to all of you who sold tickets, provided prizes and spread the word. And thank you to everyone who donated (hundreds of you) – every contribution helped. We also received a handful of very generous donations from comrades around Australia, Aotearoa, the US, Europe and other parts of the world. Thank you all! It has been very inspiring to experience this living anarchist solidarity.

    Through this effort we raised over $13,000! We’ve also built a stronger community and communicated with literally thousands of people to engage with them about anarchist ideas – many for the first time. When we started the raffle there was $15,000 left on the mortgage and now there is only $2,500! (We had to spend some of what was raised on bills, insurance and interest along the way.) Interest payments are down from almost $200 per month to $91 per month and will soon be even lower. Through collective action, the crisis we faced has been turned into a opportunity and a success for anarchism in Sydney…

  16. @ndy says:

    For a bloody foreigner’s perspective on local rad.pol activism, see:

    Australia – November/December 2009

    Living and traveling in the South Pacific from 1997 to 2000, I visited Australia on several occasions. I returned again in 2003. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit for the first time in six years. It was encouraging to see an ongoing radical presence in the country; next to catching up with old friends and comrades, I got to meet a whole new generation of activists…

    I seem to remember Chekov Feeney writing a similar account some years back, but buggered if I can find it now. In the meantime:

    Ireland on Sunday
    February 8, 2004


    ON THE face of it, it looks like just another of the thousands of pompous but otherwise’ harmless messages that circulate among left-wing agitators and other disaffected groups on the world wide web every day of the year. But, looking closely at this e-mail, you find that what appears to be a call for peaceful protests in Dublin on May Day is, in fact, an alarming advertisement that has been placed on Internet links around the world.

    The e-mail calling for a ‘European day of action in Dublin on Saturday, May 1st’ has been translated into at least 13 languages and has appeared on anarchist websites and internet links connected to terrorists in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America and Britain.

    The plan is as simple as it is frightening… to hijack the highpoint of Ireland’s six-month EU presidency, when hundreds of dignataries and thousands of visitors will be in Dublin to mark the accession of 10 new countries to the EU.

    On May 1, people from all over Ireland and Europe are expected to pour into the capital for a day of festivities that has been dubbed the ‘Day of Welcomes’ and will be launched with an elaborate fireworks extravaganza. It is this very carnival-type atmosphere that campaigners from across Europe, some with links to extremist groups, are intent on hijacking to bring the capital to its knees to highlight their objections to EU policies – knowing that the eyes of the world will be focused on Dublin.

    The anarchists have even drawn up contingency plans, to use violence if the Gardai adopt heavy-handed tactics similar to those used to curtail angry protesters at the G8 summit in the Italian city of Genoa in July 2001.

    And Ireland on Sunday can reveal there has been no shortage of willing volunteers prepared to jump on this particular bandwagon in their pursuit of adrenaline-fuelled violence.

    The word is out that Ireland is the place to be on May 1 and a series of meetings have already been held in Dublin and more are scheduled to take place in London at the end of the month.

    IoS has penetrated the inner sanctums of some of these groups and our investigations have discovered that anarchists in Ireland have been in contact with a notorious London-based group called the Wombles who have a history of violence that has been used at a series of major summits.

    Their innocent sounding name, which conjures up images of the fictional characters who lived in Wimbledon Common, is a million miles away from the radical ideology of the Wombles, a vicious British anarchist group with links to listed terror organisations.

    History of violence at major summits

    The Wombles is headed by London-based Alessio Lunghi, a 25 year old university dropout, who is just one of thousands of people who responded to the internet invite for a ‘mobilisation to Dublin for May 1st against the EU bosses’ posted in the Urban 75 electronic bulletin board and forum.

    Lunghi (well known to London’s Metropolitan Police) and his group are holding a meeting on February 28 in Kentish Town, London, to discuss their game plan.

    The Wombles have a chilling track record of violence and vandalism. They are dedicated hard-core anarchists who earned their stripes dodging tear gas and plastic bullets in Seattle at the World Trade Organisation summit in 1999. The resulting chaos saw a state of emergency imposed on the city.

    In 2000, the Wombles were said to be responsible for the chaos which paralysed London. About 95 people were arrested and nine police officers were injured. The Cenotaph, a World War I memorial and a statue of Winston Churchill were defaced with graffiti and a fast-food restaurant was ransacked.

    But the IMF and World Bank meeting in Prague in 2000 was the turning point for the radical group.

    It’s here that Lunghi, who has fluent Italian thanks to his wine-importing father, hooked up with Ya Basta, a group of Italian anarchists with links to South American rebel groups and the PKK, Turkish, Kurd communists who have been placed on the EU’s list of International terror organisations.

    Amid the water cannons and police marksmen, Lunghi formed the alliance. It was a meeting of minds and tactics: violent disorder, targeted action, anarchy. Lunghi took what he learned to London. In 2001, rioters went on the rampage as the protest escalated into violence. As darkness fell, a group of hard-core demonstrators turned their attention to the busy and unguarded Tottenham Court Road area. Militant anarchists intent on violence broke away from peaceful demonstrators and left a trail of destruction.

    More than 20 shopfront windows were smashed with rocks including those of several banks, Coffee Republic and Habitat. The rioters also attempted to set fire to a Tesco store.

    And the man coordinating the Irish operation – Chekov Feeney – has confirmed he has been in contact with the Wombles.

    His group, the Workers Solidarity Movement, may be trying to muster support to protest against ‘all that is wrong with the EU as it currently stands: militarism, neo-liberalism, fortress Europe and the EU police state’. But the Wombles will have an altogether more sinister strategy.

    Chekov told IoS: “There will be a significant number of international activists. And I can confirm that we have been in contact with the Wombles. We don’t support violence but there are a small number of people already in Dublin who would be that way inclined.”

    The 27-year-old has put the ball in the Gardai’s court and warns that the mood of the day will be dictated by their reaction.

    “How the day turns out will depend on the Gardai. It’s becoming more and more clear that the police often instigate the violence in the first place,” he said.

    A South American activist and a colleague of Chekov Feeney who attended the strategy meeting in a Dublin city centre bar on Thursday night, which IoS penetrated, said: “If the cops hit you, of course you have a right to hit back. If they attack, you just can’t stand there.”

    The meeting, sometimes heated, which was attended by up to 30 activists, was called to discuss the use of ‘black bloc tactics’, adopted for protests in Genoa, Geneva and Seattle, where campaigners wear a mask to conceal their identity and form blockades.

    Gardai have conceded that thousands of demonstrators will descend on Dublin and although publically they claim they are ready for any eventuality, secretly there are concerns that with their already overstretched resources, they will struggle to cope. One source said: “Not only do we have all the normal duties to deal with but we have to provide the security for 25 heads of state, cope with the tens of thousands of people who will be in Dublin for the celebrations plus the additional headache of protestors, some who will be hell-bent on causing trouble.

    “If violence erupts as it tends to do at these events, things could get hairy. We do not have the experience of other forces, such as the PSNI, in dealing with riots and, although we have received thorough training, there is a big difference between theory and practice.”

    A source in the PSNI, a force with years of riot experience garnered from the sectarian conflict in the North, also doubts the Garda’s ability to cope with the situation.


    “I know the PSNI have offered assistance and advice but there is no comparison between an actual riot and a simulated one. You have to think on your feet and be able to hold your nerve – that comes with experience, which the Gardai do not have.”

    The handling of the “Reclaim the Streets” May Day protest four years ago was the subject of formal complaints (still unresolved) after videotape showed several members of the public being assaulted by police.

    Gardai are liasing with police forces around the world to ensure that known trouble-makers are kept out of Ireland. And the Defence Forces, whose role is to support the Gardai, have confirmed 11,500 soldiers have been placed on standby.

  17. Lumpen says:

    So Lumpen, is there not a debate to be had about organisation in the class or is it not sad that what is possibly the most prominent anarchist web presence in Australia presents a not very funny list of a few zombie-Marxist groups in lieu of presenting the actually very rich insights anarchism has about questions of organisation, struggle and class?

    Pretty much what Andy said.

    Your argument seems to be either/or. Yes, there is a debate to be had about organisation in the class. I don’t find anything sad about this post in particular or this series. It’s possible that it appeals directly to my prejudices and sense of humour. The Sparts calling the SEP “an organization of dubious political bandits” is really funny to me, especially the way it was constructed.

    The leap you make is when you say “in lieu of”. I can’t see why he shouldn’t indulge his interests in a forum that he has constructed even if you assume that the anarchist insights have not been presented elsewhere. In other words, I think it’s possible to don the red anorak to do some trainspotting, as well as debate about “organisation in the class.” Now, I’m not really certain what you mean by that exactly, but it seems possible that both could be done.

    There have been attempts at constructing online forums for these debates, btw. They didn’t really work out. (I’m thinking of AABB.) Maybe I’ll share my thoughts on this later.

  18. @ndy says:

    a lot of photo about monuments of Vladimir Lenin in the world
    the music is : ” Lenin is always with you ”

    Lenin is always alive,
    Lenin is always with you!
    In sorrow, hope and joy,
    Lenin is with you in your spring!
    In every happy day,
    Lenin is within you and within me!

  19. @ndy says:

    It was twenty years ago today…
    Paul Norton
    Larvatus Prodeo
    December 2, 2009

    …that the 29th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia decided that the CPA should cease functioning as a political party. This event occurred in the midst of the regime changes which were sweeping Eastern Europe at the time, ranging from the orderly reforming of communism out of existence in Hungary and Slovenia to the forcible overthrow of the ultra-Stalinist Ceaucescu dictatorship in Romania. Writing in Australian Left Review about the CPA’s historic decision, Mike Ticher noted that…

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  21. Paul Justo says:

    The British Tories are much more sensible that the socialist rabble –


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