Hammerskin goes to jail

The corrupt, Masonic and Marxist Portuguese court system has sentenced a number of boneheads, members of the local Hammerskins franchise, to jail. According to one report:

“For the first time in Portugal, a collective of judges has handed down prison sentences for racial discrimination and inciting racial hatred. On Friday, the court at Monsanto in Lisbon found 31 out of 36 defendants – all boneheads – guilty of racism and crimes of a racist nature. Of these, six were handed down prison sentences, five were absolved, while the others received suspended prison sentences, were awarded fines or given community service orders. The longest prison sentence was awarded to Paulo Maia, who was given six years, while Mário Machado and Vasco Leitão – both linked to the extreme right party Partido Nacional Renovador (PNR) – were given four years. Paulo Maia was found guilty of racial discrimination, kidnapping, aggravated incitement, actual bodily harm and holding illegal arms. It was Maia who, two years ago in Amadora, shot and injured two men for racial reasons. Judge João Felgar also handed down a five-year prison sentence to defendant Pedro Isaque…”

Another report summarises:

“Lisbon – Portugal’s main bonehead leader was Friday sentenced to 4 years and 10 months in prison, judicial sources said. Mario Machado, leader of the Portuguese section of the Hammerskin far-right group, was found guilty of racial discrimination, illegal possession of weapons, threats and violence. Six others were also handed prison terms, the length of which was not immediately given. Seventeen were given suspended prison sentences, seven were handed fines, and five were acquitted. Machado and 35 other suspects were detained in November 2007 on charges including attacks against Africans and dark-skinned Portuguese. Police seized firearms, munitions, knives, clubs, baseball bats and racist pamphlets.”

Earlier (April 20, 2007):

“Mario Machado, leader of the Portuguese far-right movement National Front (FN), was imprisoned Friday after 14 hours of questioning, a spokesman for the court said. A Lisbon judge decreed preventative prison for Machado. His lawyer did not give details, saying the charges against him were “public knowledge.” Nearly 30 far-right militants, including Machado, were detained Wednesday for possession of weapons and racist activities. Police searched some 60 addresses around the country. Three of the detainees were placed under house arrest pending trial. Six were ordered to report regularly to the authorities. The rest were released. Machado was sentenced to four years in prison in 1997 for participating in the killing of Alcino Monteiro, a Portuguese citizen of African origin, in Lisbon in 1995…”

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13 Responses to Hammerskin goes to jail

  1. freedom13 says:

    dope dealing hypocrite, i love how these uber aryans do everything they claim to hate

  2. @ndy says:

    “dope dealing”?

  3. Bruno says:

    I love how the Portuguese government fabricated half of the evidence… Freedom of speech? Mario was arrested for having extreme views. Nationalism isn’t a crime. The true crime in Portugal is allowing illegals in. For allowing the crime rate to hit record highs. Crimes mostly committed by illegal Africans, illegal Brazilians and former Russian countries. How convenient that the business owners aren’t being arrested for hiring these people. How convenient that the government hands out the equivalent of green cards like it’s nothing. Portugal as of late makes me sick. I’m ashamed of Socrates the most corrupt ahole ever.

  4. Paulo says:

    Release those guys. They are getting the job done, more so than the government. Portugal needs more guys like the hammerskins to get rid of these monkeys, brasilians, jews and gypsies that destroy not only portugal, but the rest of europe.

    Forca portugal!

  5. gnwp says:

    I love when nazis wear Fred Perry.
    Makes me smile every time… 😀

  6. Sara says:

    What is funny is who thinks anyone in that picture looks white?

  7. Celtic Warrior says:

    Its really hard to see [Portuguese] people in Portugal [because] it[‘]s full of black slaves that change their last names to [Portuguese] ones to fit it but they never will those m*nk*ys. I hope the [H]ammerskins fix Portugal up!!!


  8. Piltdown says:

    You boys need Moor culture.

  9. john smith says:

    pork chops are fake whites, they don’t need any white hate gangs cause they aren’t white anyway.

  10. Gaztelu says:

    John Smith, I guess spaniards aren’t white either then huh? I would like to see your norman bastard face so that I could bash it inside out.

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