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Several days ago, Nicole Hanley, a Canberra woman employed by the local branch of the French TNC ‘The Thales Group’, was suspended from her position as a ‘logistics manager’ at the company. This followed the public disclosure of her role as the moderator of an Internet forum maintained by Blood & Honour, an international network of neo-Nazis. Hanley’s suspension was followed by further reportage on B&H’s attempts to spread neo-Nazi ideology by organising a gig in Perth on ANZAC Day (April 25).

In response, the Perth organiser of B&H WA, veteran bonehead Murray Holmes, has thrown a sop (jdn. beschwichtigen) to the local RSL by announcing that the two bands scheduled to jackboot on stage — Murray’s band Quick & the Dead and Melbourne band Ravenous — would delay their prancing for four hours — from 8pm to midnight.

Diggers demand neo-Nazi backdown
Chris Thomson
WA Today
April 8, 2009

According to the above, Murray contacted his comrade in Victoria to discuss the possibility of delaying the gig. Murray’s comrade is presumably Jesse, who warbles tunes for Melbourne band Ravenous. Jesse is a Hammerskin (another foreign import, the Hammerskins ((see below)) work in close collaboration with B&H in Australia) who also dabbles in business. You can help Murray and Jesse promote neo-Nazi ideology by purchasing items from Jesse’s online nutzi emporium Some of my favourite album titles are:

    ‘Der ewige Jude’ (The Eternal Jew) by Volkszorn;
    ‘Fetch the Rope’ by The Klansmen;
    ‘Freezer Full of Nigger Heads’ by Grinded Nig and;
    ‘Alcoholocaust’ by Jew Slaughter.

Jesse also flogs swastika flags and other nutzi kitsch.

Neo-Nazis back down on Anzac Day concert
Chris Thomson
WA Today
April 8, 2009

In the latest exciting installment, Murray “said there would be no bouncers, but that anyone wishing to disrupt the event would have to deal with the consequences. “It would be a suicide mission to do that,” he warned. “Everybody’ll be arriving at once. Don’t incite mob violence when the mob isn’t on your side.”

Perth is on the side of neo-Nazism, apparently.

In the US, the Southern Poverty Law Centre provides the following summary of the madcap antics of neo-Nazi skinheads in the year 2008:


The total number of racist skinhead crews, driven by the addition of a couple of new organizations, rose from 90 in 2007 to 98 last year.

Relatively inactive in 2007, Hammerskin Nation, long a force to be reckoned with in the racist skinhead subculture, came back in a big way in 2008. The diminished tally of Hammerskins chapters (which dropped from 15 to 12) is misleading, as it represents the merging of smaller chapters and Hammerskin leaders weeding out weaker outfits, rather than a real drop in the organization’s strength and membership. On the contrary, the Hammerskins last year stepped up recruiting while forging new bonds with other bonehead groups and hosting dozens of hate rock concerts, white power cookouts, Mixed Martial Arts prizefight viewing parties and other widely promoted events.

The Confederate Hammerskins (CHS), the organization’s southeastern regional division, kept particularly busy, beginning last March with a St. Patty’s Day concert in Central Florida that was heavily attended by bones from across the country. Represented crews included Volksfront, Blood & Honour American Division, Atlantic City Skins, Troops of Tomorrow, and The Hated. Members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, a notorious biker gang, also attended.

A close Hammerskins ally, the Portland, Ore.-based Volksfront, held its first annual “Althing” gathering last Aug. 29-Sept. 1 on private land purchased by Volksfront in rural Missouri, about an hour’s drive north of St. Louis. Part three-day hate rock blowout, part bonehead summit, the Althing was held in the “Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall,” named after white supremacist Randy Weaver’s son, who was killed by federal agents during the infamous Ruby Ridge standoff in 1992 (Weaver’s wife and a U.S. marshal were also killed). Among the white supremacist leaders who attended was veteran bonehead organizer David Lynch, leader of the resurgent Sacramento, Calif.-based crew American Front.

Last December, more than 100 boneheads from at least five states gathered in Florida for a “Martyr’s Day” party, co-sponsored by CHS, Volksfront and American Front, that featured a keynote address phoned in from prison by Richard Kemp, a member of the white supremacist terrorist group The Order. Martyr’s Day commemorates the 1984 death of Order founder Bob Mathews, who died in a shootout with the FBI…

Oddly enough, the leader of The Order, David Lane, is in Perth at the moment. Well, parts of him anyway. See : The Battle for the Ashes (March 14, 2009).

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9 Responses to Murray Holmes : The Midnight Rambler

  1. And the point being: Is it really important if Hanley is involved in a Skinhead [sic] group? Isn’t Anarchism about the ability to express our freedom – or does that only apply if you lean towards the left?

  2. @ndy says:

    “And the point being: Is it really important if Hanley is involved in a Skinhead [sic] group?”

    The point is indicated by the title.

    Like MURRAY HOLMES, Nicole Hanley is a neo-Nazi. An active neo-Nazi. Among other things, she worships Hitler and the Third Reich, denies the Holocaust, argues that Australian soldiers should have fought for and not against Nazism, and wants to re-vitalise the bonehead scene in Australia. In that capacity, Nicole became a moderator on B&H’s international forum, travelled to Europe to meet with neo-Nazis belonging to B&H, attended neo-Nazi concerts and meetings, placed flowers on the graves of Hitler’s parents, bought various Nazi knick-knacks, has hosted foreign boneheads at her house in Canberra, and so on and so forth. Someone, presumably Nicole, has removed her Europe Tour Diary, but it has been preserved elsewhere, and makes for interesting reading.

    Are these facts “important”?

    According to her employer, Thales, the answer is a qualified ‘Yes’. The company has yet to issue a public statement on the matter, but I imagine that their concern may have to do with the potential conflict of interest Hanley has in being, on the one hand, committed to advancing neo-Nazism in Australia and, on the other, being employed as a logistics manager by a company that has secured multi-million dollar contracts to provide the Australian armed forces with military equipment (Bushmaster, Steyr) and various other goods and services, including in the arenas of ‘security’ and ‘intelligence’.

    Thales signs military vehicle communications contract
    April 8, 2009

    Australian troops on the move will soon be able to communicate more effectively thanks to innovative Thales technology.

    The company has signed a contract with the Defence Materiel Organisation to provide the SOTAS IP vehicle communications system to the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

    About Thales

    Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing Aerospace and Space, Defence and Security markets worldwide. The Group’s civil and military businesses develop in parallel and share a common base of technologies to serve a single objective: the security of people, property and nations. Thales’s leading-edge technology is supported by 22,500 R&D engineers who offer a capability unmatched in Europe to develop and deploy field-proven mission-critical information systems. The Group builds its growth on its unique multidomestic strategy based on trusted partnerships with national customers and market players, while leveraging its global expertise to support local technology and industrial development. Thales employs 68,000 people in 50 countries with 2008 revenues of €12.7 billion (equivalent of AUD22.1 billion).

    Thales Australia is a trusted partner of the Australian Defence Force and is also present in commercial sectors ranging from air traffic management to security systems and services. Employing around 3,500 people in over 35 sites across the country, Thales Australia recorded revenues of more than AUD1 billion in 2008.

    “Isn’t Anarchism about the ability to express our freedom – or does that only apply if you lean towards the left?”

    Anarchism is ‘about’ lots of things, including human freedom, and the freedom to express one’s opinions.

    You are an absolute master of the non sequitur, and I hope you enjoy your holiday.

  3. Jamie R says:

    Good Friday!

    Bad Thursday…for Collingwood!

    Oi if your mum supports the Maggies like my mum supports the Crows I’d understand if you refuse this comment and curse me to the worst depths of something involving like fire.

  4. Lumpen says:

    Pow! Another logical punch from a neonazi proving that as anarchists we are obliged to support the freedom to be fascist. What a conundrum! Dunno about you people, but I think it’s time to call our allies in Hollywood, realign the ZOG satellites and shut this guy down. He knows too much.

  5. don says:

    Anyone who thinks Perth is on the side of the fash hasn’t been paying attention.

    The left will always be antifascist. Call it tribal, call it sensible, it’s just the way it is.

    But the talkback radio shows, dens of the conservative right, are ALSO howling blue murder about this. The RSL, a fairly conservative mob, are howling about this too.

    Even the civil libertarian types have remained mute about this. Trust me, they never agreed with the message, they just think the dipshits have a right to articulate it, as unpleasant as it is. But no, even they think letting 80 or so dipshits rip up Perth on a drunken hate rampage is a bad idea.

    There literally isn’t ANYONE outside of nazis themselves who want this to happen.

    But you can see how delusional these nuts are by the fact that SOMEHOW they didn’t foresee that the RSL would throw the shits about them trying to vampire ANZAC Day and it would blow up in their faces.

    And the nerve of saying it was a coincidence. If it’s a coincidence, what the fuck is up with the ANZAC imagery B&H keep using? Using the imagery of Australian forces from WWII to celebrate Hitler? Shameful.

  6. Tony Whitemore says:

    To Lumpen,

    Your referral to me as a Nazi is baseless as the term itself. Provide any link that even merely suggests that I am a Nazi, or even a racist… which is very highly unlikely for that matter. I have never, on my time in Slack Bastard, made prejudicial remarks towards anybody. I simply state things that I see fit – and in my [sic] front of my very eyes.

    Addressing the basis of Anarchism:

    [I.5.7 What if I don’t want to join a commune?]

    As would be expected, no one would be forced to join a commune nor take part in its assemblies. To suggest otherwise would be contrary to anarchist principles. We have already indicated (in the last two sections) why the communes would not be likely to restrict individuals with new “laws.” Thus a commune would be a free society, in which individual liberty would be respected and encouraged.

    However, what about individuals who live within the boundaries of a commune but decide not to join? For example, a local neighbourhood may include households that desire to associate and a few that do not (this is actually happened during the Spanish Revolution). What happens to the minority of dissenters?

    Obviously individuals can leave to find communities more in line with their own concepts of right and wrong if they cannot convince their neighbours of the validity of their ideas. And, equally obviously, not everyone will want to leave an area they like. So we must discuss those who decide to not to find a more suitable community. Are the communal decisions binding on non-members? Obviously not. If an individual or family desire not to join a commune (for whatever reason), their freedoms must be respected. However, this also means that they cannot benefit from communal activity and resources (such a free housing, hospitals, and so forth) and, possibly, have to pay for their use. As long as they do not exploit or oppress others, an anarchist community would respect their decision. After all, as Malatesta argued, “free and voluntary communism is ironical if one has not the right and the possibility to live in a different regime, collectivist, mutualist, individualist — as one wishes, always on condition that there is no oppression or exploitation of others.” [Life and Ideas, p. 103]

    So, by upholding these values, Anarchists – such as Andy – do not present any viable case to suppress the voices of the White movement. In fact, Andy should be respecting of our decisions to engage in Pro-White activism; if Pro-White activism is going to make society safer for White Europeans, then why oppose it?

  7. Lumpen says:


    The case has been put in both theory and practice by anarchists. It has been described many times and a cursory investigation would correct your weirdo assumption, but here it goes:

    Minimal conditions of liberty must be met for voluntary contracts to be entered into freely and effectively. If you delude yourself into thinking that anarchists must support racism, or the existence of racist groups, as part of the establishment of true liberty, I’d suggest it’s a result of your own limitations and not that of anarchist values. This comes down to your inability to see racism in opposition to liberty (i.e. agreements are freely entered into “…always on condition that there is no oppression or exploitation of others” as Malatesta put it).

    I’m yet to see evidence of a ‘pro-white activism’ that limits itself to trading tartan patterns and promoting the benefits of Morris dancing. “Safety” being both a relative and subjective term, I think the burden is on you to prove that white Europeans are less “safe” than non-whites in Australia. If you are referring to incidences of violence against whites because they are white, then sure, that’s a tragedy and ought to be opposed in the strongest terms possible.

    What escapes you, it seems, is that the obvious solution is to get rid of racism and chauvinism wherever it exists, not to entrench it. The viability of the case to suppress racists to enhance liberty has historical precedent with enlightening results. An obvious example was the Makhnovites’ suppression (i.e. summary execution) of antisemites because of the immediate threat they posed to peasant Jews in the Ukraine (in and outside of the movement) and the gains made by the revolution there. History is full of similar examples where working class gains were made at the expense of bigotry.

    Your question, ‘…If Pro-White activism is going to make society safer for White Europeans, then why oppose it?’ can be answered thus:

    “Pro-white activism” has never been a benign phenomenon and invariably describes ham-fisted attempts to present an acceptable face for racism, often to comedic effect. Anarchists therefore should a) oppose anyone claiming to be “pro-white” in support of the pursuit of liberty limited to white Europeans, b) unmask the stupidity of these racists through reason where possible and action when necessary, and c) carry on with the goal of making the world more livable for everyone, regardless of their race.

    LOL. Are you, like, the ‘pro-white’ theorist or something?

  8. Tony Whitemore says:

    [Stop trolling. Publish a blog if you must.]

  9. Tony Whitemore says:

    [Stop trolling. Publish a blog if you must.]

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