Argentine police arrest 36 boneheads belonging to Blood and Honour

Silly old boneheads!

36 of the short-haired losers got themselves arrest in Buenos Aires while celebrating the recent birthday of a dead, incestuous, coprophiliac, foreign dictator (see below).

In Perth (most likely a scout hall in some rural location) this Saturday April 25, the local, Australian franchise of Blood & Honour will be celebrating the deaths of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in WWII. Meanwhile, in their spiritual homeland of Germany, ‘Neo-Nazi crimes in Germany soared last year by 16 per cent, according to new government figures’ (Allan Hall, The Daily Telegraph, April 22, 2009). Finally, the struggle for justice for Nicole Hanley goes from strength-to-strength, as over two dozen nutzis — including Derrick McThomas, Alex Fogerty, Nathan Clarke (Australia First Party), Dr James Saleam (AF) and Jim Perren (AF) — sign their names to a rather poorly-worded petition appealing to French TNC Thales to reinstate her post-haste.


BUENOS AIRES (AFP) — Argentine police arrested 36 boneheads at an event celebrating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, officials told AFP on Wednesday.

The Sunday arrests came after a “prolonged and meticulous investigation,” said Daniel Perez, the second in command of the Federal Police unit in charge of investigating hate crimes.

Police broke into the Central Argentine Club, in the town of San Martin, in Buenos Aires province, while a recital [?!?] was being held by the local chapter of the neo-Nazi group “Blood and Honour,” Perez said.

Police found Nazi-related material, including flags with swastikas, films and CDs of music with racist and anti-semitic lyrics, Perez said.

“Blood and Honour,” which is based in Britain, has chapters across Europe and the Americas and is aimed at promoting Nazi ideology.

The arrests are “an important success in the struggle to eradicate these groups of Nazi ideology that are a threat to Argentine society,” the Delegation of Israeli Associations in Argentina said in a statement.

Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America.

Two deadly anti-Jewish attacks were carried out in Buenos Aires in the past years: the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy of Israeli that killed 22 and wounded 200, and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 and wounded 300.

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