Victory @ Kennon Auto!


Word on the street is that the workers @ Kennon Auto have won their weeks-long dispute with management. The new EBA maintains the terms and conditions of the old EBA, and includes a 4% wage increase.

How about that eh?

PS. In other good news, Lex Wotton has been released from prison. Sadly, while Lex and many others were sent to jail for the part they played in community resistance to police violence on Palm Island, the person (or persons) responsible for the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee go/es unpunished. Lex has also had a gag order placed on him, so it will presumably be a while before he can be said to be free — or free at least to speak his mind. Hopefully, Lex will also be free to enjoy some financial compensation for his many trials and tribulations.

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3 Responses to Victory @ Kennon Auto!

  1. Luduvico says:

    Good news on two counts. Though it is a crime that Lex was sent down at all, quite apart from the police murder that precipitated it.

    Always good to see a win for workers and watch the bosses squirm.

  2. Social Retard says:

    You should celebrate by getting yourself a job!

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