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    A group of 40 Kiwi anarchists — 20 of which are known by name — have been spotted in Milwaukee. In their ongoing Quest To Destroy Western Civilization And All That Is Good And Decent, they have unleashed a wave of terror on the city, the violence a product of years of schooling in The Noble Art of Self-Defence.

Vandals Strike Milwaukee’s East Side
Stephanie Graham
May 2, 2009

MILWAUKEE – Broken glass littered the sidewalks in the North Avenue area near Prospect and Farwell, as group of suspected anarchists left their mark in that section of Milwaukee’s east side.

The vandals are accused of breaking windows late Friday night at a U.S. Bank Building, Whole Foods Market, Bruegger’s Bagels, and Qdoba.

Witnesses told police that a group of about 20-30 vandals dressed in black and wearing masks committed the vandalism.

Police are looking into whether the damage was related to a protest earlier in the evening by a group of self-titled “anarchists” in the Riverwest area.

UW-Milwaukee Staffer Arrested After Businesses Damaged
Police Find Anarchist Literature In Suspect’s Residence
May 7, 2009

MILWAUKEE — A UW-Milwaukee teaching assistant and suspected anarchist was arrested as part of a group dressed like ninjas that carried out a vandalism spree on Milwaukee’ s East Side.

Witnesses saw 20 to 30 people dressed in black, breaking windows…

[A] witness followed the group as they vandalized businesses, eventually watching them get into a car. Police tracked the vehicle’s plates to a UWM teaching assistant.

During a search of the suspect’s Riverwest apartment, police uncovered black clothing including hooded sweatshirts and gloves. Investigators also found anarchist literature and information about sling shots.

UWM lists the 23-year-old as a member of the journalism department…

The suspect’s attorney released this statement: “No guns, no drugs, no explosive making materials were found. A sling shot and a book seem to be a long stretch to making the assumption of anarchist activities”.

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Police Interview Don Jacobs Vandalism Suspects
Heather Shannon and Jay Olstad
Today’s TMJ4
April 20, 2009

MILWAUKEE–Surveillance video shows several suspects destroying dozens of brand new cars parked on the Don Jacobs car lot at night. The damage is severe… broken windows, ripped interiors, dents, and smashed windshields.

“We can’t believe how much damage they did,” Don Jacobs General Manager Andy Haros said.

Jacobs says the dealership received a lot of tip calls after the story first aired Monday, including one tip that may lead right to the vandals’ front door.

“They gave us names, they gave us addresses, and I turned that over to police right away. They’re interviewing them today,” he said. “The oldest child was 14 years old, the youngest was eight.”

Haros said the vandals destroyed at least 26 brand new cars. With repairs and deductibles on each car starting at $2,500, the damage adds up to nearly $100,000. That leaves Haros wondering how the company will pay for it. And to top it off, nothing was stolen. The damage was strictly destructive.

“A lot of money will be wasted for someone to get their kicks and have some fun. It’s sad,” Haros said.

Surveillance video shows the vandals coming into the gated lot after bending the fence. They used pieces of old asphalt and large rocks to do the damage. Haros suspects that area teens are to blame for the damage, but he said, in this economy even kids need to realize how much the damage hurts.

“People are going to end up getting pay cuts or something because we have to pay for this stuff,” Haros said…

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