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The term ‘September 11’ is now forever associated with the terrorist attacks upon New York and Washington in 2001; in 2000, however, ‘S11’ was the name given to ‘three days of protest + carnival’ against the Asia-Pacific Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum, held at Crown Casino in Melbourne. (For others, ‘September 11’ will be remembered for other reasons.) EngageMedia is gonna throw up video in the weeks and months ahead, but you can also watch S11: This is What Democracy Looks Like (Actively Radical TV) online and the remnants of the S11-AWOL (Autonomous Web of Liberation) site may be found here. s11.org is archived at the NLA here.

S11 done got written about quite a bit at the time (including by myself, in a fairly cringe-worthy manner), and I’ll probably throw up moar links in future, but in the meantime it’s worth noting that it was only seven years later that Slater & Gordon (& Co.) were able to secure a fat payout for themselves — and as long as law-talking guys are happy, who could ask for anything moar? Well, apart from a whitewash, of course.

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  1. Robdog says:

    Adam Bandt of the Greens didn’t happen to be one of the Slater & Gordon lawyers involved by any chance?

    Just curious; I expect you would know.

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