Dear Old Uncle Fred

Unkle Friedrich Töben is in an Adelaide court room this morning, where he will learn just how much time he will be forced to spend time behind bars for his contempt. Of court. His website poses the following questions:

    Yatala Gulag – will this be Dr Töben’s home for the next three months???
    Is this the FINAL SOLUTION for Dr Töben?
    Will he be fit for work – or will he be gassed immediately upon arrival?

Side-splitting stuff.

I’m not of the opinion that someone who talks shit about the Holocaust — memorably described by Uncle Noam Chomsky as “the most fantastic outburst of collective insanity in human history” — should be subjected to anything other than ridicule, but the possibility of Mr T being sent down appears to have more to do with his failure to follow court orders than it does the crime of ‘denial’. Of course, the original, civil case brought against Fred in 2002 (1996) by Jeremy Jones (then the head of the ECAJ; see Jones v Toben) depended upon the court’s interpretation of what constitutes material what vilifies Jews.


The [Federal Court of Australia] found the respondent guilty of contempt of court for breach of orders and an undertaking given by the respondent. The orders and undertaking restrained the respondent from publishing material denying the Holocaust in breach of the (CTH) Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Act). The court considered the Act’s 18D academic purpose exemption, (CTH) Australian Citizenship Act 2007 and certainty of the orders in reaching its conclusion.

One of the more significant aspects of the case — and others like it — is the questions it raises regarding the links between historical denial/revisionism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Thus Mr. T quotes, with apparent approval, the following on his s(h)ite: “If the Holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all weapons in Israel’s propaganda armoury collapses.” ~ Professor W D Rubenstein (Quadrant, September 1979). Also of note in this context is ‘The Pope vs Holocaust deniers’ by Nigel Mitchell (Eureka Street, May 25, 2009): “Holocaust denial needs to be seen from a global and historical perspective. It is not merely the advancement of a harmless, eccentric set of ideas. It is the deliberate denial of verifiable historical evidence.”

And of course, it will be interesting to see what happens to the nutty Perth anti-Semite Brendon O’Connell in the trials to come. Further, what impact, if any, his trial will have on the fun and games engaged in by other amateur anti-Semites. One of the most vicious of these, in my opinion, is Martin Fletcher, a member of the Australian Protectionist Party and web-maintainerer of the Down Under Newslinks site. I ain’t no lawyer, but I reckon that his re-publication of shit like The Myth of the Six Million, The International Jew, Did Six Million Really Die? and The Protocols of Zion — as well as reproducing ‘Anti-Jew posters’ produced by Serbian fascists during WWII and other crazy shit — could be interpreted as ‘vilification’…

One thing that Martin has in his favour is the full support of the Australian Protectionist Party.



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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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14 Responses to Dear Old Uncle Fred

  1. Whitelaw says:

    So I guess they will ignore the fact that you have also done a bit of “reproducing ‘Anti-Jew posters’ produced by Serbian fascists during WWII and other crazy shit — could be interpreted as ‘vilification’…” You sure as hell are one crazy and zany Jew @ndy.

    Jewish anarchist with a fetish for the Spanish Civil War. I wonder who you are?

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day Jim,

    Does anything escape your eagle eye Mister Perren?

    I have indeed reproduced one poster from Martin’s gallery — which consists of many more. I’ve also re-published one image from Martin’s collection of ‘White Aryan Resistance’ propaganda. Unlike Martin, I do so for illustrative purposes (as well as to embarrass his kameraden in the APP, including your mate Darrin Hodges). Of course, also unlike Martin, I’m more than happy to remove such filth — but hopefully, not before Mister Fletcher finds himself in a position to do likewise.


    @ndy the Jewish anarchist with a fetish for the Spanish Civil War and slack bastard who according to Doug Smith of the bands Bulldog Spirit and Marching Orders works at a t-shirt shop in Brunswick.

    PS. You’re not alone in noting my crazy Jew ways. In fact, another punk rocker reckons:

    “As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” ~ Dion, December, 2007.

    It’s a tough job Jim, but as you and I both know, someone’s gotta do it.

  3. Whitelaw says:

    Doug Smith? Sorry @ndy I get my info from you. But if that’s what others are saying I guess there must be something to it? How[‘]s this name for ya[:] Arron’s [Aaron’s?] family? Mean anything to ya? Come on give us some help.

  4. @ndy says:

    G’day Jim,

    I think you’d like Doug, and Bulldog Spirit. You may remember their drummer, Joel, from such bands as Bail Up!, Deaths Head, and Ravenous. Sadly, BS’s songs are all about being manly, about how they’re men (and manly), manliness, and men — not racial hatred. Anyway, here’s a sample:

    As for “Arron’s family” / “Aaron’s family”… can I phone a friend?

  5. whitelaw says:

    So @ndy will you be a witness in court? If we get rounded up by your Jewish mates we would have to call on you as an expert witness for us. Or maybe just answer a few questions on behalf of FDB. Now that’s fun. Bring it on. Many of us just can’t wait to drag the lot of you in with us. In fact we are counting on it. It’s called Mutual Destruction. You see @ndy you can take a few of us down but we have plenty to replenish the ranks. But once we know who you lot are you will all fade away and crawl back under your rock someplace in Israel.

    I know how to spell the Aaron’s family name I was just checking if you did. Thanks.

  6. @ndy says:


    You are madder than a cut snake.

  7. [Peter Watson] says:

    He is right you know, Andrew. We’ll all be in the same jail cell. Who’ll get the the top bunk. The Stalinist League members will have the top bunk, our Whitelaw/Australia First/National Socialist comrades can have the middle and the anarchist scum will have what is left. Either way, we are all going to end up in jail thanks to the evil regime. Andrew, grow some balls while you are at it.

  8. @ndy says:

    My balls are just fine Peter — thanks for asking. I hope, for your own sake, that your brain functioning improves as your body matures.

  9. The only gay (nazi) in the village says:

    Oh my, more trouble in nazi-land.

  10. Lumpen says:

    I thought Peter had left the Stalinist League behind for whiter pastures.

  11. Martin says:

    One of the most vicious of these, in my opinion, is Martin Fletcher

    I LOL’ed…

  12. Dean X says:

    G’day Andy…interesting to read that the Nazi/nationalist scum that replied above actually reckon that my comrades will be sharing their cell…top bunk at that! I think not…should we end up in a cell, it will be for eradicating the useless oxygen thieves, thus no middle bunkmates to poke fun at! Back to my point for writing…don’t you think that banning holocaust denier scum from speaking filth actually gives the bastards press time and media attention? It reeks of double standards if some ordinary folks get support for their right to free speech/expression…(pisschrist art, etc) and other shit-eaters like the fascists can’t! I say let the fash filth go about their business, then use your mob’s ‘direct action’, and my mob’s ‘organised resistance’, then we both could claim credit as community minded activist groups, cleaning out the mould from our collective community fridges. Of course, if a few bonehead skulls got cracked in the process…i’m sure we could make some dough from A Current Affair for our stories!

  13. @ndy says:


    You LOLed ‘cos you’re a knob.

    Dean X,

    Peter Watson is still a kid — a deluded one, obviously, but still a kid. For what it’s worth — and barring his being put to use by others to engage in some form of low-level and racist-inspired criminality / anti-social behaviour — I suspect the only ‘cell’ he’ll enjoy will be padded.

    I do think it questionable, at the very least, to criminalise shit-talking. Given that the case under consideration dates back to 1996, however, it’s a little complicated, and in addition raises issues to do with, not so much ‘denial’ (as such), but the means by which courts enforce their rulings (which Unkle Fred has ignored).

    From my perspective, there are other means of containing fascist ideology and organising in opposition to ‘racism’, of which the lunar right, in some ways, constitutes only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, my concern is a broader-ranging one, and that is to secure a political space within which ‘progressive alternatives’ may be articulated and enacted. To this extent, keeping nutzis (and others of their ilk) at bay is of some greater political utility.

    That said, given that a number of these creeps walk around with a sign reading ‘Kick me’ attached to their backs, it would of course be impolite not to eh? They certainly do a lot of squeaking as a result — which, at the very least, has some entertainment value.

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