antifa notes (november 28, 2011)

In Australia, Jeremy Jones has released his annual report into anti-Semitism Down Under. Among many other highlights, (Peter Campbell and Jim Perren of) Whitelaw Towers blog gets a guernsey, as does Brendon O’Connell, Darryl Potts/KinkyBoy, Creatards, the keyboard warriors on Stormfront, and various other Jew-hating bigots.

Oddly, Blood & Honour, Combat 18 and the Hammerskins don’t appear in Jones’ report. This is especially so given the exposure in March of a Melbourne Hammerskin (Kenneth Stewart) as a mercenary in Afghanistan and in January the alleged supply of information to Combat 18 by (former) WA policeman Robert David Critchley (currently on trial before his Honour Judge Stavrianou and a Jury in Perth).

In Germany, meanwhile, former KKKlown and convicted fraud David Duke picked the wrogn week–“a week that Germany was reeling over the news of a wave of immigrant shopkeeper killings by neo-Nazis”–to blather about the Master Race, and has allegedly been arrested for something-or-other.

Duke’s crime is understood to more likely concern his bad politics than his bad facelift.

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