random notes (january 23, 2012)

it’s too. damn. hot.

here’s some stuff.

#mtrsues is the song that never ends, but it pretty much jumped the shark when north shore gel miranda devine joined in the chorus adding a few lines about why being christian gets you crucified. on a slightly less silly note, mtr complains about e.hate here; julia baird goes in to bat for ‘pro-life’ feminists here; and anne summers expresses her vehement disagreement here. finally, Metamagician and the Hellfire Club has More on Jennifer Wilson’s substantive views here and so is skepticlawyer.

in the uk, undercover police have given new meaning to the phrase ‘your body belongs to the state’:

Two undercover police officers secretly fathered children with political campaigners they had been sent to spy on and later disappeared completely from the lives of their offspring, the Guardian can reveal.

In both cases, the children have grown up not knowing that their biological fathers – whom they have not seen in decades – were police officers who had adopted fake identities to infiltrate activist groups. Both men have concealed their true identities from the children’s mothers for many years.

One of the spies was Bob Lambert, who has already admitted that he tricked a second woman into having a long-term relationship with him, as part of an intricate attempt to bolster his credibility as a committed campaigner.

or: top blokes doing a very difficult job keeping society safe from harm.

speaking of spooks, the federal minister for mining interests martin ferguson secretly reckons spying on activists is tops… and everybody in the public sphere is expected to act surprised or something.


straya day’s comin’ up. there will be sharing of spirits and celebrating of survival in the treasury gardens @ 1pm and @ 7pm there’ll be a short opera @ the melbourne anarchist club:

During the 1938 ‘sesquicentenary’ Australia Day celebrations, Aboriginal activists, Italian Anarchists and a Chinese Youth Theatre Group were protesting against fascism and racism at home and abroad. The opera will take place in an alternative history where these three protest groups unite to subvert a reenactment of Governor Phillip’s landing, expose the brutality behind the White Australia Policy and kidnap Robert Menzies, all while singing and dancing of course! Come along to this showing to get an Australia day taste of an opera in the making.

Critical Acclaim: ‘That was worse than dying’- Falls Festival Audience Member

in canberra the tent embassy celebrates turning 40 by buying a red sports car, picking up a cute, much younger shelter and heading north.

or maybe not.

two weeks later there’s a:

Melbourne Benefit Screening of Operation 8 with Gary Foley
When Thursday, 9 February 2012
Time 19:00 until 21:00
Description Operation 8: Deep in the forest. February 9. 7pm. Nova cinema 4. Tickets and payment on the door. $15 all profits go towards support for the Urewera 4 still on trial. Please reserve tickets via [email protected] Please do not reserve more tickets than you need. See you there!

Taame, Rangi, Emily and Urs, are the last to still face charges from the state terror raids of 15th October 2007 and their trial will start on 13th February 2012 in the Auckland High Court. This date has been confirmed which means we all have less than ONE MONTH to get ready and do what we can to support.

that is all.

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