Hard-working, legitimate businessmen under persecution by The Age

I am shocked. Shocked and stunned. Hard-working, legitimate businessmen are being excoriated in the pages of The Age — simply for going about their entirely lawful and extremely profitable business. As Steven Shirreffs, SC, stated in the course of defending one of these men in 2006: “Not only does he help in providing housing for people in need … he assists them in getting their life back together”.

These men deserve a medal.

THE men who provide accommodation to many of Melbourne’s most vulnerable people have a history of criminality. In 2006, John Pisani, Joe Tomarchio and Arthur Oshan pleaded guilty to a series of offences connected to illegal brothels. Melbourne’s County Court heard how the men allegedly lured women, including an under-age girl, to work as prostitutes and sexually assaulted prospective brothel employees. One 17-year-old victim was taken to an apartment where up to seven men, including Oshan, had sex with her over a number of hours. She was given $160. After advertising for “topless work” in local papers, they would take the women to a strange location, pressure them into working as prostitutes and tell them to perform “trial massages” on two of them. The prosecution alleged the brothels turned over $5 million in two years.

Typical: women are always complaining about their job conditions.

And yes, unemployment may be rising, the cost of rental accommodation soaring, and the waiting time for State Government-run public housing may be stretching into years, but — and here I agree wholeheartedly with liberal progressives such as the University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis — that is simply no excuse for being a fuckwit, bum or lowlife — and squatting.

Slumlord millionaires cash in on hard times
Tom Reilly
The Age
June 14, 2009

SLUMLORD John Pisani has two simple rules when it comes to business: be discreet and never let anything get in the way of making a profit — rules that have made him a very rich man.

Pisani and his three partners — all convicted criminals, three of them for sexual offences — are pocketing about $100,000 profit a week by controlling Melbourne’s private rooming house market, a shadowy world where some of society’s most vulnerable members are forced to pay exorbitant prices, often in cash, for squalid accommodation or face life on the streets.

The four — Pisani, George Maatouk, Arthur “Arty” Oshan and Joe Tomarchio — control at least 220 homes across the city from Frankston to St Albans via a long list of companies, most of which are not registered in their names.

Many of the properties are little more than slums, with toilets that don’t work, cockroach infestations and bathrooms and kitchens shared by up to 12 people. It is believed that many premises operated by the men may be in breach of government residential, health and building regulations, especially in regard to fire safety…

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4 Responses to Hard-working, legitimate businessmen under persecution by The Age

  1. Michael says:

    You’re a fuckwit the has no understanding of what it’s like to see some one suffer and then to have animals like these come along and exploit it and pretend as though they are only there to help it is the lowest form of savagery much like a vulture prays on the wounded or helpless. Whoever wrote this complete and utter garbage is nothing more than an uneducated fool.

  2. @ndy says:


    It’s called irony.

    “The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning / An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.”

  3. homeless says:

    It was 6 mths ago and I can’t remember what my website is called.

    The judge didn’t look at my pix, my lawyer apologized for having to show them as he did: posted in a scrapbook so the judge had to at least view ten of them at a time. One page of this was shown-the mildest.

    Still, because I had gotten signed statements from codes inspectors, etc and could prove I had no heat ’til dec 5, I got some satisfaction of a judgement for one of nine allegations, all of which i could prove.

    I should have known when the lawyer stepped in to help me after I filed, when he initially was not interested, that I was not well represented.

    He told me to bring the pix showing how nice I made the place look now. Please. Do I look retarded? Or like a fuckwit? Haha-good one.

    Anyway, less than six months later i get evicted. I have my ducks in a row. Totally. I think without the lawyer messing me up, I’m good.

    The judge won’t look at my stuff, disdains my copious notes (I had three copies of proof of retaliation and no notice and the landlord’s ok that I use rent in lieu of him paying me the judgement.) I even anticipated the fact that the landlord would say I did the same offensive action twice within six months: I was absolved of that due to no essential services.

    The judge let the landlord go find proof he gave me written notice via my attorney, who dropped me the day after the initial court hearing 3 months earlier.

    The landlord shoved a paper in the judge’s face and was allowed to go. I got ten days to get out, no notice. I’ve got a seven year old daughter who lost her father last August. There was nothing just going on in this courtroom at all.

    My landlord has 400 properties and doesn’t need this one, except before he couldn’t rent it and now, a year of scrubbing makes it worth a couple hundred more a month.

    I paid my rent certified every month, on time, and violated nothing on a lease my landlord entirely breached.

    His name is Joe V. Williams of Louisville Land Company and also of Century 21 Williams and Williams, and also he has Gilbert manage some of his shacks, and Paarvin. Stay away from C21 Williams and Williams and Louisville Land and Parvin. Investigate who Gilbert’s managing before taking one of their places.

    This guy is a con artist and a cheat. He has no heart or conscience and when a state rep called to intervene the courthouse told him myob and gave my daughter and I two less days.

    We have a lot of stuff, it’s an eight room house, packed full (lots of books and toys, which we are giving almost all away). None of this is legal, yet they are doing it. It’s so against every rule, code and ethical consideration.

    The whole year while I cleaned, learned the laws, and didn’t give my daughter the attention she should’ve got I told her it’ll be worth it. The judge will make him stop-you can’t act this way in America. That’s why we’re lucky to be American. As long as you can read you can protect yourself.

    Apparently I was wrong. You can be dumb as a box of fuckwits. All you need to protect yourself is a bunch of cash and land, brains are completely optional.

  4. JOHN ALBERT says:

    Arthur Oshan’s real name is ARTHUR OSHAN. It is not a FAKE name!
    He is TURKISH not Samoan. I knew Arthur Oshan through family and I’m glad he’s behind bars now.
    Not sure why you would confuse the two?
    Please get your facts straight before randomly slandering others.
    Only haters would do simpleton acts like this.

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