Anti-fascists attacked in Belgrade

Anti-fascists attacked in Belgrade
B92 | Source: FoNet
June 10, 2009

BELGRADE — The Belgrade Anti-Fascist Initiative says that a group of some 15 Neo-Nazis attacked three anti-fascists on Tuesday night in Belgrade, near the Odeon cinema.

“This attack is just one of many Neo-Nazi actions that have been happening in recent days in Belgrade,” according to the anti-fascist non-governmental organization.

“All indicators would suggest that this is a team that is a product of a coordinated action between registered fascist organizations like Obraz and illegal neo-Nazi groups like Nacionalni Stroj (National Formations), or Krv i Čast (Blood and Honor),” the NGO stated.

The NGO adds that these organizations use the New Serb Program citizens association as their legal front.

This is happening in tandem with a public terror campaign where fascist groups are attacking all who look like they might be active anti-fascists.

“It is unacceptable that someone in Serbia today is looking at the Nazis from World War II as their role models, and we will not tolerate the actions of neo-Nazi groups in our city,” the NGO stressed in its statement.


On June 8, 2008, B&H Serbia (which aligned with C18) released the following statement on their site with regards a gathering of anarchists and faggots:

8th June 2008. Although there was a strong police presence, the gathering of anarchists and faggots on the 6th and 7th of June in the Cultural Centre of Petrovgrad was constantly sabotaged. National Revolutionaries attacked the scum before, during and after the gathering, and on the second day the gathering was stopped because of a anonymous tip off of a planted bomb. The gathering of these [sickos], masked as so called antifascists, was poorly visited as was confirmed by one of the organizers Milan Čergđžin: “This confirms the fact that 90% of the people here are people from abroad. The Zrenjanin people didn’t come because of the threats from the [neo-Nazis]… The people here have come from Georgia, from Canada and it wasn’t a problem for them to come, but for the Zrenjanin people it is”.

The Serbian youth showed that there is no mercy towards the enemies of Serbianhood – Anti-antifa Serbia ! SERBIA FOR SERBS !

See also : Far right parties elected into several town councils, Mark Hallam and Chuck Penfold, Deutsche Welle, June 10, 2009: “The far-right NPD party in Germany suffered slight losses in municipal elections at the weekend. But the result was far better than most had expected, and the group even secured some seats in western Germany…”

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