The Communist Gay Communist N*gg*r Loving Party

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The Liberal National Party are going to win the 2012 Queensland state election. (Centrebet is currently paying $8.50 and Sportsbet $7.00 for a Labor win.) The only real questions, then, are By how many seats will the LNP win? and Will Katter’s Australian Party win more than two? Otherwise, there’s a relative absence of fringe participation in the election, with neither the Australia First nor the Australian Protectionist parties fielding any candidates and One Nation standing just six. (The forces of right-wing populism are obviously best represented by The Mad Hatter.) On the other side of the fence, the Socialist Alliance is contesting half that number. And where oh where are The Communists?

In other news, Premier Anna Bligh has condemned a racist and homophobic graffiti attack on the office of one of her ministers [Curtis Pitt] as ‘‘unAustralian’’ and ‘‘absolutely disgusting’’.


But if you look at Australian history, I think you may find some evidence of racism and homophobia. In fact, some argue that racism and homophobia still animate the body politic. As for Communism, I think Labor may have even supported its banning Once Upon A Time, along with a range of other measures intended to keep Moscow from dominating the Antipodes.

Labor really should learn how to use Google.

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  1. I reckon that graffiti must be the work of the GNAA.

  2. Bluffitamy says:

    I would not bet on it. Too many QLDers are fed up with both major parties. My bet Katter Party will get at least four seats. GNAA would not be the first to draw attention to itself by painting on a glass door rude comments.

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