Free Pussy Riot! Melbourne rally, Friday, April 20

PuSsY RiOt is a kick-arse group of anarchist/feminist/punk malcontents from Russia. Formed in October last year, their creative acts of resistance to the plutocracy in that country has made them, like so many others, targets of state repression.

Currently, three alleged members of the group–Maria Alekhina, Ekaterina Samucevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova–have been arrested, charged with “hooliganism”, remanded in jail, and face up to a further 7 years imprisonment if found guilty.

Their crime?

To allegedly take part in the following prank (February 21):

It was The Devil’s work, apparently.

On April 19 the trio are in court in Moscow; April 19 is also a global day of protest. In Melbourne, supporters are being asked to rally on Friday, April 20 from 4pm outside Parliament House. Feel free to bring musical instruments and brightly coloured balaclavas, or make your own at the event, courtesy of Craft Cartel. MC Izzy will be blasting out hip-hop beats during the balaclava making; speakers include Karen Pickering (Cherchez La Femme/Slutwalk Melbourne), Marisa (Anarchist Black Cross Melbourne), Dale (3CR Girls Radio Offensive) and a glittering array of others, with MC Sean Bedlam.

Free Pussy Riot!

Bonus Moscow Death Brigade!

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