(My Favourite) #AnarchistTVShows

I Demonstrated With Jeannie
Meet the AK Press
The Guts Of The Last Vicar Of Dibley
How I Met Your Mother Jones
Boardwalk Collective
The AnarchoSyndicalist Electric Company
When Capitalists Attack
Shit My Arresting Officer Says

Hanging With Mr. Chomsky
Fuck the Police Academy
Demonstration on Jersey Shore
Law and Order: Transformative Justice Unit
Shit My Capitalist Paymaster Says
Strangers with Solidarity
Little Safe House on the Prairie
Liberated Ex-housewives
The Democratically Managed Office
My Three Comrades

Doogie Howser, Street Medic
“The Partridge Society Imposed Familial Unit”
The BlackBloc Hillbillies
People’s Tribunal
Anons of Anarchy
Growing A Guerilla Garden Pains
Kath & Kropotkin
Caroline in the City Lock-Up
Beat the Press
Anarchist Dad

The Twilight Temporary Autonomous Zone
Welcome Back Squatter
Kill The Bill
Jersey Organized Longshoremen
Next of KropotKin
The Price is Wrong: Anticapitalist Edition
The Price is Unnecessary
To Catch A Fascist
Dog, The Overzealous Police Informant
My Mother, The Disapproving Revolutionary Communist

Non Gender Normative as Folk
Murder the State, She Wrote
The Struggling Public Interest Law Practice
This Squat House
Molotov and Mindy
Everybody Loves Raymond Aron But I Think He’s A Right-Wing Prick
The Wobbly Years
Whose Land is it Anyway?

“Socially Constructed Love Boat”
Wheel of Mutual Aid
A Game of Syndicates
I Dream of Jacobins
No Gods, No Masterchef
Are You Being Detained?
Collectively Fabulous
“General Assembly Hospital”
No Minister
Lifestyles of The Eat the Rich and Famous

No Prime Minister
The Deposed Prince of Bel-Air
Two and a Half Hour Consensus Meeting Monopolized By Men
The Incredibly-Well-Informed-and-Quite-Polite Hulk (runs around the city educating people on important shit)
Goldman Girls
Beating Up the Kardashians
If I Can’t Dance With the Stars, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution
Touched by an Anarchist
My So-called Accountability Process
I Love Emma

SpongeBob Anarcho-SyndicalistPants
Everybody Loves Graeber
A six hour reality show where white dudes talk over women to repeat radical platitudes and accomplish nothing
People Chosen Randomly By Lot Squares
Sunny & Share
Everybody Loves Riots
Dora, the Radical Feminist Vigilante
#AnarchistTVShows is great: the perfect hashtag to rage about the Western-settler-colonial-mansplaining white anarchisms that shut us out
How I Met My Codefendant

Who wants to bludgeon a millionaire?
Take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week of the Syndicalist Hill
Circle-A Team
Dr. Whose Streets?
30 Rocks in a Cop’s Face
Whose Streets is it Anyway?
Fuck Law and Order
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Precinct Cop?
60 Meetings
Negotiated Consent in the City

The Adventures of Loukanikos
Little Anarcho-Communist Collective on the Prairie
So You Think You Can Protest?
Enslaved By The Bell
Upstairs Dead, Downstairs Feasts
All Cats Are Beautiful
America’s Funniest Police Videos
Comrade 54, Where Are You?
Leave it to Black Bloc
Who wants to be an expropriated millionaire?

Charles Isn’t In Charge
Makhno In The Middle
Fresh Prince Kropotkin of Bel-Air
Collectivize Your Enthusiasm
America’s Next Top Anarchist
Zapata Knows Best
American Idle
The Daily Riot Show
I Love Lucy Parsons
Non-hierarchical Family Ties

Saved By The bell hooks
SpongeNoam ChomskyPants
Just Don’t Shoot Me!
Married… Sin Papeles
Hells Collectively-Owned Kitchen
Family Guy Fawkes
Keeping Up With The Kropotkins
How I Met Your Comrade
Two Guys, A Girl, and a Frank Conversation about Consent and Boundaries
Amerikkka’s Next Top Molotov

“Anti-American Dad”
Trashing The Streets of San Francisco
COPS Six Feet Under
Malcolm in the Kettle
No Gods No Masterpiece Theatre
De-Arrested Development
Queer Eye for the Statist Guy
Where in the World is Sacco and Vanzetti?
Which Precinct Are They Holding Carmen Sandiego?
Kicking out The Kardashians

It’s Always Oppressive in Philadelphia
Mad Men, Women & Cisgendered
Breaking (Bad) Hierarchy
The Price is Never Right
Shame of Thrones
Dr. Quinn, Street Medic
(There Are No) Heroes (Only Collective Struggle)
Meet The Oppressed
Welcome Back Zucotti
Boston Illegal

American Indian Movement Dad

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