The Age Melbourne Writers’ Festival

I’d like to attend the following… but probably won’t as the Festival and ticket prices ($35 / $25 per session) are obviously aimed at attracting the chattering classes, members of which have a significantly higher level of ‘disposable income’ than I and other poor Melbournians do.

Don’t they realise that the poor can read? And write?

Probably not.

Ah well…

Sunday, August 27

Australia’s Israel Question with Antony Lowenstein and two legal luminaries Julian Burnside QC and Robert Richter QC at 10.00 am.

At the Merlyn Theatre, CUB Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank.

Sunday, September 3

Stolen Generations or hijacked history? – a debate

Over the last twenty years, the concept of the Stolen Generations, the abduction of thousands of Aboriginal children from their families by various state authorities up until the 1970s, has slowly gained acceptance. But did it happen at all? What is the evidence? Are we exaggerating a scant few cases into a long-term and widespread policy of destroying Aboriginal families?

This is a debate about history, truth and memory between Robert Manne and Andrew Bolt on the Stolen Generations. Professor of Politics at La Trobe University, Robert Manne has written extensively on the evidence for there being Stolen Generations and the attempt by others to down play it. A popular columnist with the Herald Sun, Andrew Bolt has consistently cast doubts on the idea, calling it a ‘myth’, a construction of certain ‘stolen generations activists’. The moderator will be historian John Hirst.

6pm at Storey Hall, RMIT.

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