SPLC on violent boneheads

The latest issue of the Southern Poverty Law Centre‘s Intelligence Report (Summer, 2006) contains an interesting article on recent shenanigans in the US neo-Nazi milieu, specifically, violent assaults upon a handful of National Socialist Movement members by as many as 50 boneheads at ‘Nordic Fest’ on May 27.

Apparently, the assembled boneheads were incensed by one Steven Boswell’s claim that ‘the movement would never be helped “by belonging to a social club where all we do is drink and shoot the shit every Saturday night”. He went on to say that Aryans “are far more stingy than Jews” in supporting their own cause, and then added that “our women are deserting us wholesale… because we are weak”.’


This incident precedes by less than a month the revelations surrounding the NSM’s links to… Satan!

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