A life cut tragically short…

Alfredo Stroessner, Paraguay’s former dictator, died August 16, aged 93, but you’ll have to travel to Brazil to join me in pissing on his grave: Stroessner left Paraguay for that country in 1989, after his 35-year-old dictatorship was finally ended, in stereo-typical South American fashion, with a military coup. Besides amassing a huge personal fortune, Stroessner also oversaw the murder, torture and imprisonment of thousands of his regime’s opponents, as well as the provision of a safe haven for Nazi war criminals such as Josef Mengele and even poor old Anastasio Somoza, the Nicaraguan dictator ousted in 1979 by the Sandinistas. (Anastasio was given his just desserts when he was shot to death behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz in Asuncion, just one year after fleeing the scene of his many, untold crimes.)

‘CONDOR archives unearthed in Paraguay expose U.S. allies’ abuses’
Diana Jean Schemo
New York Times
August 11, 1999

ASUNCION, Paraguay—When Martin Almada asked a judge for records of his arrest under the dictatorship of Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, he hoped merely to learn more about his own private tragedy: nearly four years of captivity, during which the police telephoned his wife so she would hear his screams under torture.

Instead, the one-time schoolteacher unearthed a mountain of records detailing repression among United States-backed military regimes throughout South America during the cold war. From floor to ceiling, five tons of reports and photos detailed the arrest, interrogation and disappearance of thousands of political prisoners during General Stroessner’s 35-year dictatorship.

The documents trace the creation and work of Operation Condor, a secret plan among security forces in six countries to crush left-wing political dissent [ = hunting down, torturing and often killing leftists and other opponents in the 1970s and 1980s] …

Two of the thousands of cases contained in the archives are those of Gladys Sannemann and Agustin Goiburu, physicians in Asuncion who refused to falsify an autopsy to show that a man beaten to death under police custody in 1958 had died of natural causes. Instead, Dr. Sannemann took the cadaver to her medical school in Asuncion and performed a proper autopsy before her students.

Practically from that moment it began, said Dr. Sannemann, an immunologist who is now 69 and practicing here in Asuncion. The challenge marked her out for the Stroessner regime.

Seeking safety, Dr. Sannemann and her husband, Rodolfo Jorge, fled to Brazil in 1963, a year before the military seized power there, and then moved to Argentina. But in March 1976, the military took power in Argentina as well.

Hours after the coup, the Argentine police abducted Dr. Sannemann and tortured her at the Escuela Mecanica in Buenos Aires. Dr. Sannemann said she was bound and plunged into a bathtub of vomit and excrement.

They accused me of killing a patient in my office, Dr. Sannemann said, calling the charge a total lie. Then the police falsely accused her of selling drugs, she said. A week later, Dr. Sannemann’s husband was abducted and tortured as well.

Stoessner was one of half-a-dozen rulers who — along with dictators from Argentina (Videla), Bolivia (Banzer), Brazil, Chile (Pinochet) and Uruguay — implemented the Condor Plan on behalf of the US state, helping the US to destroy progressive social movements throughout the Americas. This policy was partly based on the construction of ‘National Security States’, a policy developed in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today they might call it ‘Homeland Security’.

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4 Responses to A life cut tragically short…

  1. Wee Jin Suk says:


    There is a connection between Stroessner, your family and support for fascism.

    That link is full support for Nietzsche, the well known fascist philosopher.

    Stroessner backed the Nietzsche family’s Nueva Germania (ie a new Germany without Jews, commies or capitalism except for Forster/Nietzsche enterprises) project in Paraguay long before the world war.

    Less than one degree of separation here … I am taking the @ off your name until you sort out the traitor within your family’s ranks with direct action!!!

    Also faggot, fag and facsist have the same etymology, a bundle of dried up old sticks. No wonder you have such an involved relationship with your so called jailbird enemies.

    Anti fash means anti fag and also anti gay without the etymology. Hitler and all his mates were gay boys, there is a big book about this by a German author in case you need convincing beyond the black leather and uniform kinkiness.

  2. @ndy says:

    Wee Jin Suk,

    Um… ‘A’ for effort, ‘F’ for validity:

    — Full support?

    — Nueva Germania was est in 1886 and dis-est in 1893; Stroessner was born in 1912.

    — Friedrich made a radical break with his sister Elizabeth in 1884 (two yrs prior to the premature Utopia was est) in part because of her anti-Semitism — an aspect of her overall stupidity.

    Well, that’s what Fred claimed anyway:

    Nice, January/February 1884: Draft of letter to Franz Overbeck

    “By the bye, my sister is a dog in the manger: six times in the past two years she has flung a letter into the midst of my supreme and most felicitous feelings—feelings that have always been rare on this earth—a letter that has the most insidious stench of the all-too-human about it.”

    Venice, beginning of May 1884: Letter to Malwilda von Meysenbug

    “I am angry with myself for the inhuman letter I sent you last summer; that unspeakably nasty turmoil made me downright ill. Meanwhile the situation has changed: I have broken with my sister completely. For heaven’s sake do not dream of trying to intercede; between a vengeful anti-Semitic goose and me there can be no reconciliation. Anyway, I’m being as tolerant as I can, since I know what can be said in defense of my sister and what lies behind her so abusive and shameful behavior toward me:—love. It is absolutely necessary that she set sail for Paraguay as soon as possible. Later, much later, she will come to realize all by herself how much harm she did me during the most decisive period of my life with these incessant dirty-minded insinuations about my character (the business has been going on for two years!). I am also left with the very awkward task of trying to make some amends to Dr. Rée and Frl. Salomé for what my sister has done. [….] She is devoid of all psychological insight.”

    As for faggots, fags and fascists… the big book by the German author sounds fab… and yeah, ‘all the gays are macho / can’t you see the leather shine’… but I think I might need a little more convincing still!

    Stay sharp.

  3. wee jin suk says:

    There are remnants of Nueva Germania in the same region today. Possibly just surnames and blue eyes. Some did not want to go back to Germany.

    Yes to get a position at Bern and because he found it ludicrous at times Nietzsche stopped being anti Jewish in public. Pretty soon after he went mad. I am not saying there is any link here mind you.

    Uncle Chop Chop has called for the dismemberment of your Nietzsche supporting family member as he was Adolph’s fave mainstream philosopher.

    Yes it must have been the heat up here in Cairns muddled my dates.

    The book in question about the gay life of young Adolph and other batty anecdotes.


  4. @ndy says:

    Remnants, yes.

    Dunno about Basel… my reading is that Nietzsche was ‘forced’ to ‘go public’ ‘cos of his sister’s quite public endorsement of anti-Semitism. In any case, his tenure at Basel was from 1869 — 1879, seven years before the establishment of Nueva Germania, and the letters from which I’ve quoted he wrote in 1884.

    Still, the r/ship b/w Nietzsche, anti-Semitism and Nazism is a messy one…

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