Collingwood & Jack : Outta Jail!

Pies snatch thrilling win over Port!
ABC Online

Collingwood kicked two goals to none in the final term to escape with a narrow two-point win over [The Pretenders to the Magpie Throne] Port Adelaide in the round 20 AFL match-up at Football Park [duh] on Friday evening. The 12.17 (89) to 12.15 (87) win has kept the Magpies’ hopes of a top four spot alive, the black and whites joining five sides on 12 wins for the season.

From Villain to Hero!

Magpies forward Alan Didak was the hero, slotting his first goal of the game with just 20 seconds left to turn a three-point deficit into a three-point lead and hand Collingwood the four competition points.


Didak kicks Pies to victory in thriller (The Age); Didak haunts Port as Magpie scrape home (Sports Australia); Magpies steal win (The Age); Last gasp goal ruins Port’s night (Advertiser); Malthouse praises effort (The Australian); Didak brings Magpies to life (The Australian)…

From Fears to Tears!

Plenty of tears in the Port Adelaide rooms after the match, so many that they probably spoilt RubberMan’s commemorations.

Has there ever been such a mob of poor sore losers as Port Adelaide and its stupid, ugly, mean-spirited fans?


In fact, such is the extent of Port Adelaide’s loserdom, their reaction to their deserved loss at the hands of Good Old Collingwood rivals the Federal Government’s reaction to Jack Thomas’ release from prison.

Hit the Road, Jack

Less than a month ago, Jack Thomas, the first [?] person to be convicted under Australia’s new terror laws, was facing the prospect of possibly having the mandatory serving of his sentence increased from forty to seventy-five per cent of the five years he received when originally sentenced. Now, however, he has been released on appeal.

‘Australian terror convictions quashed’
The Australian
August 18, 2006

AN appeal court has quashed the convictions of the first man jailed under Australia’s new anti-terror laws.

Joseph Terrence Thomas was arrested in Pakistan in January 2003 and convicted in Australia in February this year of receiving funds from al-Qaeda and holding a false passport.

He was sentenced to five years’ jail with a minimum term of two years.

But today, Victorian Court of Appeal Justices Chris Maxwell, Frank Vincent and Peter Buchanan quashed the convictions, saying the evidence used to find Mr Thomas guilty was inadmissable.

The SMH reports that the fact that Thomas was interviewed in Pakistan by AFP officials without being accompanied by a lawyer was the key to the Justices’ decision. Read commentary by Ian Munro (The Age, August 18).

In the meantime, ‘Rights groups fear tougher terror laws’ (The Australian, August 18, 2006) as a result of the success of Thomas’ appeal; Another Liberal Party attempts to score some cheap points by accusing (The Australian, August 18) the Government of bungling the prosecution; while Jack’s brother Les (The Australian, August 20) has objected to the demonisation of both his brother and the 13 men currently being held in Barwon jail on terrorist charges…

Jack’s father, Ian Thomas is reported to have said: “Hallelujah, that’s all I’ve got to say. Hallelujah.”

See also : Against Terror, Against the State | Australia: terrorism trial of Jack Thomas to rely on coerced evidence

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  1. Um… Andy, mate… you’ve made a mistake in your post here – his name is JIHAD JACK not Jack Thomas.

    Please try harder in future.

  2. @ndy says:

    Muhammad, jihad, Allah, dirka-dirka, burka-burka.

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