antifa notes (september 30, 2014)


Australian Defence League/Patriots Defence League Australia

I wrote a piece about the Australian Defence League (ADL) for New Matilda. You can read it here. The Patriots Defence League Australia, an ADL splinter group, was planning on holding a rally at Hyde Park in Sydney on Saturday (September 27), but folks on the ground report they were a no-show. In related news, Joumanah El Matrah writes (Muslim women don’t deserve this, Herald Sun, September 29, 2014):

AND so it begins. Around Australia, Muslim women have come under attack: one is beaten, another is sworn at, another has her hijab pulled off her head, injuring her neck.

Social media is rife with accounts of abuse as well as warnings to Muslim women to keep themselves and their children indoors until “it” is over — “it” presumably being the repetitiously declared and obsessively reported war against IS …

Australia First Party

The leader of the Australia First Party, Dr Jim Saleam, is spitting chips because he’s once again been denied a visa to visit New Zealand to hang with the neo-Nazis in Right Wing Resistance (New Zealand) and their chums in the National Front. This is the second time the doctor’s been refused, the last being in October 2013. See : Immigration bars ex Nazi, Michael Forbes (Fairfax), October 26, 2013.

Golden Dawn

Today’s Grauniad carries an article by Michael Safi on Golden Dawn’s (GD) fund-raising activities in Australia. See : Golden Dawn: Australian branch of far-right Greek party raises cash. While two GD Euro MPs, Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios, are set to tour Australia in October, it appears as though no visa has yet been issued to them, suggesting that the tour if it happens may be delayed until November.

Squadron 88

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) has published a report on the Sydney shenanigans of the boneheads belonging to Squadron 88. The boneheads have adopted Dr Jim’s mate Ross ‘The Skull’ May as their mascot, and promised to bring the world more exciting agitprop featuring The Skull in the near future.

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