December 8 Penrith Council meeting : “evil anarcho-pinko-anarchist-islamic cabal of dirt” FTW


Penrith Council met last night (December 8) to discuss a rescission motion put by councillor Marcus Cornish regarding the construction of a Muslim community centre at Kemps Creek. (See : Against the far right; against Islamophobia: Rally in Penrith, December 8, December 2, 2014.) On December 7, Cornish posted the following message on Facebook, asking his supporters to bring “presents” to the meeting:


For batshit invective, however, I’ve not read anything quite as superb as the ADL’s declaration of war upon “the evil anarcho-pinko-anarchist-islamic cabal of dirt”:


Unfortunately for the Islamophobes, the motion was voted down 9 to 4, with councillors Bernard Bratusa (Independent), Prue Car (Labor), Greg Davies (Labor), Ben Goldfinch (Independent), Jackie Greenow (Independent), Tricia Hitchen (Independent, ex-Liberal), Karen McKeon (Labor), John Thain (Labor) and Michelle Tormey (Greens) voting ‘no’ and councillors Marcus Cornish (Independent), Kevin Crameri (Independent), Mark Davies (Independent, ex-Liberal) and Maurice Girotto (Independent, ex-Australia First Party) voting ‘yes’.

The meeting was also the subject of two rallies, ‘for’ or ‘against’ the proposed development, with the participation of the Australia First Party (AFP — below), Australian Defence League (ADL), Party for Freedom and Squadron 88 on one side and, consequently, various anarchists, antifascists, anti-racists et al on the other. Penrith locals found themselves on both sides of the equation.


Blogger Preston Towers provides a detailed account of the meeting and protests in Sharia Bushfire and Flood – Penrith Council Meeting No.2 about the Community Centre as well as another of the previous, November 24 meeting in Sewerage and Traffic – Veiled Racism Continuing against Muslims in Penrith. See also : Tensions rise as council approves Islamic community centre, Josh Dye, The Sydney Morning Herald, December 9, 2014 | Protesters clash as Sydney Islamic prayer hall approved, SBS, December 9, 2014 | Islamic prayer hall in Sydney’s west approved as rival groups protest, Allan Clarke and Mohamed Taha, ABC, December 9, 2014 | Penrith Council gives green light to Kemps Creek Islamic community centre, Penrith Press/The Australian, December 8, 2014.

The Black Flag – Western Sydney Peoples Collective, one of the groups involved in organising to oppose the far right presence at Penrith, issued the following statement after the evening’s events:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the black out for the past hour, we had a lot of stuff to carry on the way out. After a number of ANTIFA were threatened with arrest by the cops if we stayed, we left in a large block. The fascists behind us shouted they had won the day, yet our comrades who stayed behind at the #Penrith council meeting have informed us that the vote to build the community centre has been upheld!

For all of their posturing about Jihadists, Sharia Law and other such nonsense levied against a peaceful migrant community they have failed. They might say that they have won today but for the third time they have rallied to stop Muslims from associating freely, and for the third time they have failed. So long as good people are willing to stand up to evil ideologies, they will always fail.

So long as good people are willing to stand up to evil ideologies, they will always fail. #ANTIFA

In terms of the far right presence, it seems as if Ross ‘The Skull’ May did not attend, despite having attended on November 24 and promising violence at the December 8 meeting (in a now-deleted video published by Squadron 88 on YouTube). About 6 or so members of Squadron 88 attended and a handful of these are featured in some of the state/corporate media reportage (though are not mentioned by name):



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19 Responses to December 8 Penrith Council meeting : “evil anarcho-pinko-anarchist-islamic cabal of dirt” FTW

  1. Benjamin Rosenzweig says:

    The addition of the phrase “of dirt” does elevate enormously what is otherwise a nonsensical but uninteresting polemic. The temptation to start adding the phrase to the end of statements, possibly at random, is quite real.

  2. Scott says:

    So, according to the ‘anti’s’, if white Australian’s do not appease the Islamic community, we are declared racist?

    Some do not want Halal certification on every food product; some do not want a mosque in every township; some are happy without multiculturalism shoved in their faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    What is so hard to accept?

  3. Rashid.M says:


    “So, according to the ‘anti’s’, if white Australian’s do not appease the Islamic community, we are declared racist?”

    White Australian Muslims are puzzled at your question.

    Affording Muslim Australians the same rights as other Australians is not appeasement. It’s the law. Discriminating against Muslim Australians simply because they are Muslims is bigotry. Inferring that Muslim = non white, and discriminating on that basis is racism.

    “Some do not want Halal certification on every food product;”

    Firstly, Halal certification is not on every food product. Secondly, Australian companies make their own business decisions regarding any type of certification, and whether or not it makes economic sense for them to do so.

    “some do not want a mosque in every township;”

    Some do. Some don’t care. And most accept religious freedom. That freedom is constitutionally guaranteed in Australia.

    “some are happy without multiculturalism shoved in their faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

    “What is so hard to accept?”

    Apparently what’s hard for some to accept is that it’s the official policy of successive Australian governments since 1972. In other words, it’s endorsed democratically. To change that equation, they need to offer up some convincing arguments for its abandonment. To date none have been forthcoming.

  4. Arf says:

    Scott, you cannot reason with these globalist reds. There is a mission to “diversify” any country that Whites have built. Those who do not genuflect at the altar of multiculturalism, or who do not demonstrate the acceptable levels of White Guilt, are “the enemy”. I was amused, having attended that protest at the spectacle of an African girl haranguing us with her “no Islamophobia” (sic) placard in hand. This pesky Negro, ironically residing in my country because her own race seems incapable of living with harmony and making her a (ohmygod) refugee, was here to lecture us on what it means to be Australian. As did some Indian, and an Asian, and seriously, we have this Dulux colour-chart of blow-in races all telling us what it means to be Australian. Meanwhile, NONE of them are in THEIR countries because, well, their countries are fucked. Never understood the logic of importing the kind of races that create failed states and then expecting your own state won’t fail sooner or later.

    They crow about this idea of “diversity” yet let’s take a look at what happens when diversity strikes. We have in Sydney suburbs that are entirely in the image of the imported culture that has dramatically gravitated there. For instance, Hurstville and Chatswood are just two places in Sydney that might as well be declared the property of China. They’re shamelessly mono-cultural in that regard. Auburn and Arncliffe spring to mind as two morbidly Middle Eastern enclaves. I’ll stop there, but as you run down the alphabet of nationalities you’ll find similar examples. Now, how dare we have ONE remaining Anglo suburb in Sydney?! THAT is a crime apparently. We simply MUST be forced to diversify and accept alien cultures, not the other way round. Any expression of Australian identity is greeted with mocking choruses from the multicultis. Yet, they angrily yell through bullhorns to champion the rights of invading muck to express their abominable cultures and identity with a boastful pride.

    But it’s even funnier when diversity comes and bites the lefties on their lard arses. Case in point, The Palace Theatre in Melbourne, which the lefties wanted listed under a cultural heritage order. But it was bought up by – drum roll – Chinese developers. Now, these Chinese retaliated at the attempts of these left wing Cabbage Patch dolls to stall them by sending in goons to smash all the heritage fixtures. The lefties then held a small demo that their Chinese friends dispatched thugs to in order to run them off. Well, enjoy your diversity, because the assumption that White culture is bad and all these shit skins are GOOD is resoundingly debunked when you find yourself dealing with diversity in the naked light of reality. That’s how Chinese do business: enjoy it, you fag-ends, ‘cos you’re the ones who want it.

    So, in Penrith it will start… The prayer hall will draw an influx of that ghastly Indian Shia community. Then these slaves of Allah will need catering to, and in comes the Halal KFC… the book shops… the clothing outlets… and in the Penrith shopping centre the rest rooms will need to be modesty-coded for this xenophobic people with private baby changing stations so that none of their newborn will have to be exposed to those of the infidel. They’ll need prayer areas and probably soon enough they will stage modesty patrols. Ha ha ha. Ah, then again, maybe I exaggerate just a smidge. But the devils on the left exaggerate MASSIVELY to get their way. Still, the oddest memory of that Monday evening was finding an Indian chap in our ranks, spurring us on. I got talking to him and he told me that these same Muslim Indians had caused his flight from India. He told of how they persecute non-Muslims back in curryland. Fancy that.

    So, Scott, don’t try to reason with the refuse here. You can’t. You must resign yourself to the fact they must be stomped on like cockroaches. Wherever you can get away with doing so, out of the prying orb of CCTV cameras and witnesses, if you can beat up an anarchist, do so. They need exterminating. There is no possibility or use in a dialogue, and that much is evident when you attend the rallies. Our position must be to destroy them at all costs. After all, they are all skinny children under the age of 25 for the most part and they run like spooked chooks when you square up to them. Watching that mob was like observing the Smurfs outside of Smurf Palace. It was hilarious to read about that chap in the white shirt who our Newcastle boys chased down like a starving sewer rat. I pray that they seriously injured him. Because that’s all that’s left Scott is to replace words with fists and weapons and render their side null and void. Lights out… Kaput. Dead red… Silly anarchist – no more oxygen for you… Ciao.

  5. Scott says:


    Explain why the Islamic Council NSW would push to have an Islamic School built in Camden, when the residents of Camden unanimously voted against a proposal for the establishment of a Mosque only 4 years earlier?

  6. Rashid.M says:

    Arf counsels Scott not to bother reasoning with those opposed to his views, and then proceeds to subject us to 5 lengthy paragraphs of what can only be described as laughable, spurious reasoning himself. And that was just the start of his confused, contradictory rant. But there was a glaring omission from his underlying lament at not having being born a century and a half ago, when white colonialism was busily pillaging and contributing to today’s global dysfunction and conflict – especially in places like Africa. And that omission was an exposition of what he seeks today. What exactly is the political agenda being advocated for? Surely it’s not just playing dress up, waving flags and engaging in some ‘Clockwork Orange’ subculture of fruitless intimidation?

    And missing too from the tired bemoanings about the perils of non-white immigration, was the Indigenous elephant in the room. What of their fate in this call to arms for racial purity in Australia? Perhaps some South African style ‘bantustans’, segregating ‘darkies’ from the centres of the ruling white elite? To boost the inevitable drop in population caused by the removal of ‘Abos’, ‘Mussies’, ‘Chinky Poos’, and even expendable sympathetic Indians from ‘curryland’, those from inter-marriages could be separated from the ‘darkies’ and reintegrated in a throwback to the 1886 Half-Caste Acts of Victoria and Western Australia. After all, who’s going to water the gardens, drive the white masters around and serve them their non Halal KFC?

    At the end of his hysterical diatribe, we wonder what the planned way forward is for these proud white revolutionaries. Is it a grassroots campaign to rouse the downtrodden and dispossessed white majority? To inspire them through articulate oration to reclaim their birthright of superiority? Well, apparently no. It seems instead the plan is random group acts of terrorising and violence to compensate for their impotent showings at the ballot box. And given their aversion to CCTV, this is one ‘revolution’ they ‘hope’ will not be televised. Oh dear, how sad.

    Ciao? How ironically non Anglo. Whilst Southern Italy was at one time conquered by the Normans, it was also held for an extended period by the Saracens (Arab Muslims). I guess that makes it an appropriately multicultural parting phrase. Ciao!

  7. Rashid.M says:


    I can’t speak for the Islamic Council of NSW, and I’m not sure I understand your question. The developers of the school were perfectly entitled to put forward their application to the council. The residents of Camden were perfectly entitled to put forward their concerns as well. In the end, the commissioner found against the school on one very specific and limited ground, which was that the school was urban in character and therefore not in keeping with the existing rural character of the area. That was the only basis cited for rejection.

    The other racist and xenophobic reasons promoted by the Camden/Macarthur Residents Group were not mentioned in the ruling, and it’s impossible to prove whether their impact swayed the decision or not. What’s not in question is that there was a strong presence of non locals in the anti school crowd, including one ‘usual suspect’, the Reverend Fred Nile and others from his Christian Democratic Party.

    What’s also not in question is that the group’s president, Emil Sremchevich, was quite ok with the racists from Australia First joining in support of his crusade, himself declaring to Channel Nine’s Today program that the issue was mostly planning, whilst to others that it was actually religion.

    Some months later Mr. Sremchevich explained why he supports (unseen) the planning application of a new Catholic school in the same area, which apparently “ticks all the boxes”. And in a spectacular performance of tortuous reasoning, proved (not) exactly why his stance was not racist or bigoted.

    Sremchevich: “Why is that racist? Why is it discriminatory? It’s very simple: people like some things but don’t like other things. Some of us like blondes, some of us like brunettes. Some of us like Fords, some of us like Holdens. Why is it xenophobic just because I want to make a choice? If I want to like some people and not like other people, that’s the nature of the beast.”–a-hrefhttpblogssmhcomaunewsblogarchivesyour-say020001htmlbyour-sayba/2008/09/08/1220857456711.html

    But to return to your question, of itself, whatever the number of residents who oppose, approve or are neutral towards the general proposition to build a mosque, Islamic school etc., they do not trump other Australians’ constitutional right to freedom of religious belief and practice. Not even in Camden.

  8. @ndy says:

    Thank you for some sensible commentary Rashid.M.

  9. Arf says:

    Rashid, notably not presently in the country where he belongs – with his Australian education under belt — calls “confused and contradictory” that which he, as an alien, has a duty to deride. Rashid — and I’ll make a little assumption here, right or wrong, just for the sake of argument — is from curry land, or somewhere pungent with the fragrance of simmering spices and coconut oil. If it weren’t for this hated ‘Colonialism’ Rashid would be defecating in an Indian gutter right about now. And it’s joyous to entertain the pseudo-intellectual styling of Rashid on the subject of ‘ruling classes’ when he comes from a land rife with social stratification. But that’s a silly anarchist for you. We of course come to his cartoon imagery about ‘half-caste’ serfdom, probably a chip on his shoulder from when he was flipping burgers at his local Micky Ds. That’s a HALAL Micky Ds.

    Yeah, so it’s that awful Colonialism which gave his sweaty people, apart from a system of law codified with fairness (that they still can’t get right) the wonderful game of cricket, which they’re going to get whopped at this season, the chance to be in the Commonwealth and turn his back on his nation quick as boiled rice.

    Rashid makes ‘cosplay’ allusions to Australian Nationalism when the whole basis of the anarchist movement seems to be emboldened by imagery and symbols. Moreover, Rashid – who readers may now be aware, has, by engaging me, got his ambitions confused with his abilities – in his reference to “Clockwork Orange” deliberately skirts over the myriad threats of violence [since we’re referencing films, a la The Baader Meinhof Complex (Constantin Film, 2008)] employed by his lot who hide their cretin faces with bandannas and utilize logos emblazoned with imagery of slingshots, assault rifles, razors and hammers. This kind of invalidates you, but I’ll work my way down through your brief but shit-eating screed.

    Hysterical diatribe…? I’m glad you find it funny. I’m not here to entertain you, though, num num. You suggest we should “inspire through articulate oration to reclaim the birthright of superiority”… Ha! It’s lamentable, but you will ALWAYS assume that we are ‘supremacists’ because you believe using that tag gives you a moral edge when you ask more and more Australians of Anglo background to accept that which their ancestors built, that which IS their birthright, should be pulled like a rug from under them by leftist-globalist ideologues (and feelthy globalist-capitalist traitors) and handed to a bunch of alien blow-ins who seem at once conspicuously devoid of similar patriotism for their own homeland, yet who under the sophistic structure of multiculturalism insist on recreating that homeland here in the microcosm of their ‘communities’. No num num. Silly num num. As to using ‘Ciao’, I’ll sign off with a multilingual cheerio in reply to that piss-weak balderdash you wrote and further confuse your sub-continental brain by saying a hearty, Auf Widersehen bendecho!

    Arf laughs.

    And Scott, NEVER listen to a lefty non-Australian lecture you about ‘racism’. As I said, there is no dialogue desirable or possible. Our position is, and shall always be, unmovable. Their ‘reasoning’ is dependent upon their intent to dilute, divide and replace us. They just want it to sound reasonable when they do.

  10. Rashid.M says:

    Andy, you’re welcome. Thanks for all your efforts.

  11. Rashid.M says:

    “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”

    – George Orwell, Essay: ‘Politics and the English Language’, 1946.

    *Sigh*…Predictably the hysterical screeching (of the irrational rather than humorous variety) just got shriller. Arf aptly demonstrates the fine arts of communicating (of sorts) without actually telling us anything, and obfuscating and ignoring rather than addressing.

    Chastened, blinded and punch-drunk through repeatedly colliding with the realities of modern multicultural Australia, Arf stumbles aimlessly, jabbing and hooking his mendacious ‘assumptions’, gloved in asinine racial slurs, in a self-delusional pugilistic orgy of self-righteousness.

    Conjecture he’s Indian? Swing, miss. Must be an anarchist? Swing, miss. Eventual plans for Indigenous Australians? Duck and weave to the left. Fate of half or partial caste ethnicities? Feint and roll to the right. And all the while, pummeling self-created ideological straw-men, so as to appear to be winning an argument. Never mind that they weren’t the arguments proffered, all Arf wants is to show us he’s simultaneously persecuted and fighting back.

    And what of his overall political strategy and its anticipated outcome going forward? No doubt, like Reverend King, Arf has a dream. But instead of sharing it with us, he prefers to paranoically lecture others about the futility of dialogue, whilst duplicitously engaging in it himself and hoping no-one will notice. Wow.

    Much love to you my white brother. 🙂

  12. Arf says:

    Rashid quotes Orwell with tedious obviousness. Rashid is so tedious when he’s obvious, but then Rashid can never be anything BUT obvious… Arf groans. Orwell was referring to communism when he wrote the brilliant 1984. And Commies are Rashid’s goofy, queer mob. Mentioning queers strikes a note of recognition with Arf as he connects the Bindi dots like the one on Rashid’s glistening Indian forehead to the inexorable probability. Yes, now that Arf thinks about it, Rashid does sound like he might be a twinkle toes, all-be-it in a sequined, lavish Bollywood kind… yes, Arf smirks, as Rashid seems by the lack of masculinity in his posts a tad ‘artistic’ in his leanings. Anyways…

    Arf quotes Jared Taylor, “Discrimination against non-whites will not be tolerated. Discrimination against whites is fine as long as the discrimination is done in the name of non-discrimination.”

    Mind you, Arf hates twonks that use quotes of more learned men to enhance their posts because only lame posts need enhancing. But Rashid is the walking definition of lame (and ditzy for that matter). Therefore Arf chooses to counter Rashid’s riposte with a merry hi-ho. Aside from the masturbatory tone of the post, it is pure Rashid, complete with his trademark denial of his patent elephant-loving, cow-worshipping Indian heritage.

    Arf admits to treating Rashid with contempt and will only address one point in his rattling verbiage (the inaccuracy of which is likely indicative of any effort Rashid will invest in any venture, so future tutors or employers take note). Rashid can gloat in his advocacy of this country’s diabolical “multiculturalism”, but his posturing as a Social Justice Warrior indicates there ARE problems with cohesion within it. However, if he wasn’t such a mud, he’d be honest about admitting those problems are certainly not isolated to Whites, who are the only race being harangued into its acceptance. Furthermore, Whites are not the cause of its inherent shortfalls – indeed, the problem IS multiculturalism: without it all the ancillary problems disappear. This chaos that creates the dialectic of inverse-racism when liberal Whites hold the sway is evident throughout Europe and the United States, the national models of which are advanced of this country’s, but also prophetic of what will ensue. Rashid glibly posts of Arf “colliding” with the realities of multiculturalism, but that’s very true, and about the only thing that this curry-in-denial has got right. For if Arf had not had such negative “collisions” he would never have experienced his awakening. And this is where Arf addresses the only thing worthy of comment in Rashid’s mucky post and that is his references to “political strategy”. Arf isn’t a politician and Arf isn’t willing to negotiate or compromise with the likes of Rashid because Rashid is an alien and therefore his opinion is invalid on all fronts. But Rashid talks about Arf measuring his political dialogue with his own people. This is strange because they’re Arf’s people. Rashid should be more interested in HIS dialogue with Arf’s side of the fence, but Rashid – if he has two brain-cells to rub together – will know that is impossible given this is NOT a dialogue and what must be won cannot be done so through the rigged conventions of politics. Moreover, Rashid never spoke once of HIM engaging Arf’s side, just commented on Arf’s militant directives.

    Rashid can go sit on a donkey’s schlong. Arf is about twice his age and remembers an Australia that wasn’t this fucked up. Arf wasn’t indoctrinated.

  13. Rashid.M says:

    As if his tedious, openly racist, conspiratorial stereotyping wasn’t strange enough, Arf turns up the reading on the ‘weirdometer’, casually introducing bizarre third person references to himself. No longer directly heard from, Arf’s thoughts and responses are now relayed by a go between, who may in fact be Arf himself. Who knows.

    Amongst this schizophrenic composition, where ineffective racial slurs now segue seamlessly into the hopeful provocation of homophobic innuendo, two things ‘have’ become clearer in Arf’s continuing game of dodgeball with the simplest of questions posed.

    Firstly, Arf’s evidence of the purported inherent superiority of ‘his’ monoculture over any embodiment of multiculture, appears to consist wholly of the fact that any potential problems of multiculturalism are not found in monoculturalism. Which is a bit like saying male only organisations don’t suffer from gender conflict. True, but in an absurd, myopic way.

    Secondly, Arf and his fellow revolutionaries clearly detest democracy, a process he describes as “the rigged conventions of politics”. The proof of this ‘rigging’ is, apparently, the fact that their engagement in it does/will deliver them only rejection. Yes that’s right, according to Arf logic, that Australians are able to (and do) overwhelmingly disagree with him, self evidently demonstrates the failure of giving them choice.

    And so in the end, unable to sufficiently inspire the hearts and minds of his racial brethren, his ideas and philosophy unable to effectively compete for respect or acceptance, Arf resorts to advocation for the one method preferred by political terrorists the world over. Violence. How predictably sad.

  14. Scott says:

    Rashid, explain the armed hold up in Sydney?

  15. Rashid.M says:


    ? Why would I know any more than you. According to media and police reports, a man with a black flag is holding a number of people hostage in the Lindt Café, central Sydney. I doubt it’s a ‘hold up’ as such, more likely a political act of terrorism, or possibly someone who forgot to take their psych meds this morning. Understandably, the police is not going to give a whole lot of information before the siege is resolved.

  16. Ex-LNP says:

    Scott why don’t you explain the armed hold up in Sydney, since you and your fellow racists and bigots seems to know a lot about it?

    And Arf thanks to your own long winded rants based on emotions not facts proves you have paranoia that your family is paying treatments for, you are now known as Barf.

  17. Des says:

    It must be very hard to carry so much hatred. It will eventually have such a negative affect on your health, Muslims have lived in Australia since the 1800s and the hatred and division has risen in the last 2 decades. Had the Indigenous Australians treated people of other races and religions in this manner, we would not even be here.

  18. Kat says:

    Rashid, well done. You completely pwned Arf. That was a beautiful read thank you!

    Racist: 0 Rashid: 1

  19. Theresa says:

    Pfft – beautiful read! Wake up people! You won’t have the democratic right – actually you won’t have any rights at all when Islam takes over.

    Pfft – Islam phobic, what a manipulative label to put on people whom don’t conform, or mindlessly go along. I feel sorry for those Australians that think they will be allowed to be indifferent to Islam in the future.

    Muslims are required to join Jihaid by their faith – they have to drag themselves over ice, lava or glass – even by their hands if they have to, to join Jihaid (fighting) against anybody that is not for Islam or face the consequences of a painful death and the guarantee of hell (according to their belief). Just look at how many came from Auburn etc to the Penrith meeting (just a little taste).

    Yet, here we are calling them Muslim Australians! They are first and foremost Muslim not Australian. Any that are Muslim Australians are pawns in a political game of Islam’s to gain control world wide.

    If born into a Muslim family then you have NO choice – you are Muslim. Depending where you live in the world, if you wish to leave Islam then it means death for doing so, or if in a western country (this is changing slowly and quietly also) it means being cut off from family, from everyone you ever grew up with ( like good old aunt Fatima etc). Cut off from any security you came to believe or trust in. They have no choice (if they say they do – then they are lying).

    If mum is not a Muslim, but Dad is a Muslim then that child becomes Muslim (even if their Mother is a Christian or anything else). So if Obama were being HONEST he would say I’m a Muslim (not a Christian). He is deceiving millions, in true form to Islam.

    Just check out the help they gave Hitler! If you don’t know who Adolph Hitler is (as sadly many don’t these days) go look him up.

    Hitler learnt a lot from Islam, he was best friends with the top bloke of Islam at the time.
    They (Islam) are trying the same thing again all over again – and succeeding too – worldwide, as far as I can tell.

    They are allowed to lie to gain control, or to gain the advantage. Mohammed certainly did. He even lied to them. They even have a special name for lying that certifies it!

    So, it won’t take too much longer before ISIS are knocking on your doors – and they will be Muslim Australians!

    Call me what you want – I don’t care, I’m not scared of names.


    Islam is the problem worldwide – it is actually what made their country so bad (supposedly) that they had to come here. Really, they just wanted to get their hooks into Australia.

    Don’t bother me by falsely appearing on the reasonable side of Islam and don’t bother threatening me either – I decided long ago if I died telling people the truth about Islam and Mohammed then that would be a good death!!

    Islam = Death (cult)

    Jesus = life (not the roman catholic, they are evil too and deny Jesus. They are the ones responsible for the so called Holy Wars. They slaughtered real Christians that raised no hand against them until their blood made the rivers run red).

    Roman Catholics created Islam, Mohammed’s first wife (before he took any other) was a nun. Why do you think Muslim women are dressed like Nuns? There are a lot of similarities if you study it.

    Also, in the Bible times a prostitute dressed like a Nun and had a face covering. This was the way they knew they were prostitutes.

    Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven – their is no other way. Jesus knew where he was going (heaven) and he promised to prepare a place for us there – if we followed him and him only.

    No other leader of any cults were unafraid of death, nor knew where they were going after dying.
    Only Jesus did.

    I follow Jesus Christ – not Islam, Roman Catholic or any other.

    I fear (love) Jesus Christ – not any other for they are a deception.

    I will not hurt others, but I will tell them the truth in love. Because those whom hear and heed the call are of Gods (whom IS JESUS and is also the Holy Spirit) are HIS.

    This world is fleeting – Heaven is Jesus and he is eternal.

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