Who are the United Patriots Front?

As noted previously, Shermon Burgess (‘The Great Aussie Patriot’) has abandoned ‘Reclaim Australia’ to establish a new organisation called the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF). In essence, the UPF is a coalition of neo-Nazis, fundamentalist Christians belonging to the Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP), and a handful of semi-pro Islamophobes.


The UPF’s first excursion into the public domain will be on May 31, when it and assorted other neo-Nazis, fascists, racists and Islamophobes will be protesting outside Richmond Town Hall (see : Former Reclaim Australia member to hold rally in Richmond on May 31, Toby Prime, Melbourne Leader, May 20, 2105) because a socialist (Stephen Jolly) is on Yarra Council and because socialists (‘the left’) are understood to be in league with Muslims to destroy Australia.

The UPF got off to a slightly rocky start: having appropriated an image produced by Australian Geographic to promote the Front, the magazine promptly informed the motley crew that this was a copyright violation (to which at this stage there has been no response).

[UPDATE : Australian Geographic successfully arranged for the UPF to remove their image from their Facebook page. See : Reclaim Australia Offshoot Tangles With Australian Geographic, Max Chalmers, New Matilda, May 21, 2015.]

The two principal neo-Nazis belonging to the leadership of the UPF are Neil Erikson (‘Nationalist Republican Guard’) and Blair Cottrell (‘National Democratic Party of Australia’). Erikson has a criminal conviction for harassing a rabbi and has otherwise been active with the (now defunct) ‘European Australian Civil Rights League’ and ‘Nationalist Alternative’, as well as having attended neo-Nazi gigs organised by Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, met with Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm during his tour here in late 2010 and attended various anti-Muslim protests in the company of other neo-Nazis.

Blair Cottrell is a relative newcomer, though he has been very active online in the last few years, expressing vile misogyny, a hatred of Jews and a love of Hitler, recommending that all Australian school children should be forced to read Mein Kampf at least once a year.


Like Burgess, Cottrell has made some effort to rewrite his history, deleting his commentary upon the Facebook page ‘Dispossessed’ (a repository of Nazi revisionist history and White supremacist ideology), on YouTube and elsewhere. In this context, it’s worth noting that none of Burgess’s followers have expressed any misgivings regarding the involvement of neo-Nazis in his political projects, a fact amusingly echoed by Pastor Danny Nalliah (who has happily joined Burgess in the UPF) when he made the transparently absurd claim that the several dozen neo-Nazis who attended the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne on April 4 — in his version, there was one — were planted by the Socialist Alliance(!):

The leader of the Rise Up Australia party has accused left wing groups of “planting” neo-Nazi protesters at Saturday’s controversial Reclaim Australia rally at Federation Square.

Danny Nalliah, one of the key speakers at the rally, told Tom Elliott he would not have been a part of the event had he known otherwise.

Photos of a man with a swastika tattooed to his head went viral following the event, leading many to brand the protest racist and fascist.

“The guy who came in was an implant, possibly by the Socialist Alliance,” Mr Nalliah said on 3AW Drive.

“Because the guys who organised the rally told every single person for three months that this was going to be a peaceful rally.

“I wouldn’t have been a part of it (if it wasn’t).”

Can neo-Nazism and fundamentalist Christianity get along? Time will tell.

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16 Responses to Who are the United Patriots Front?

  1. Noddy says:

    this group’s just plain – RETARDED

  2. ablokeimet says:

    Who are the United Patriots Front? Well, to start with, they have to be distinguished from the Patriots United Front and the Front of United Patriots, each of whom consider the other two “race traitors”.

  3. AnarchoCommieLiberalScum says:

    Well other than being completely fucking insane, there is one thing that both Fundie Xians and Nazi scum have in common – they are both pathological liars. The best way to hurt them is with the truth, as we can see from Andy’s blog it is the one thing they can’t stand.
    The sad truth is that people like Blair can’t be reformed and are as beyond reach as any suicide bomber. But no one is going to “de radicalize” these shit heads since they aren’t Muslims.
    The reason our Police can’t fix the problem is because racism is so rampant in the force. South African police couldn’t fix racism when it was Apartheid either. The white Oz policy may be history but it has left behind a legacy of racist cops and retarded inbred shitheads like Blair Cottrell. He was probably the offspring of a first cousin marriage. The White Oz Policy and Apartheid never really died because the attitudes of people haven’t changed much over the years. The only difference today is that racists just can’t be openly racist anymore.

  4. Tying the Noose says:

    Are you guys seeking justice for Alex Gollan? What about his victims/potential victims? Or are you just focused on the Church? Because a Pedo is a Pedo right? Oh wait, (a smart?) Pedo thinks about covering his tracks before he gets caught. “Nazis framed me”. The Communist/Marxist/Anarchist-Anti-facist-facist/Pro Islam-Sharia-Pedo/Homo/Transgender/anti White perverts are slowly being exposed. I look forward to this all unfolding. Hopefully the investigation goes deeper into all of your activities.

  5. @ndy says:

    Are The Communist/Marxist/Anarchist-Anti-Facist-Facist/Pro Islam-Sharia-Pedo/Homo/Transgender/Anti White Perverts related in any way to The Evil Anarcho-Pinko-Anarchist-Islamic Cabal of Dirt?

  6. Tying the Noose says:

    Prolly, your a confused lot!

  7. steamedham says:

    WTF is ‘prolly’

  8. Tying the Noose says:

    Ask slackbastard

  9. averysensible name says:

    Go the UPF – set these idiot bleeding-heart lefties back on their heels. Let them hit first (as they invariably do) and then smash them.

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  13. Johny.perth says:

    Why isn’t dictator Abbott condemning this neo-Nazi mob?
    But, that’s right as Abbott is that severe right, he’s probably silently supporting this mob!!!
    This neo-Nazi should be made illegal now!!!
    The left are seen as treason, I think this neo-Nazi mob should be tried for treason!!!

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