Halal Expo shenanigans : Antifa 1 /// Party For Freedom 0


Gee whiz.

A month or two ago the Sydney-based fascist grouplet ‘Party For Freedom’ (PFF) — the organisers of the Cronulla Riot Re-enactment failboat last year (and the ‘anti white genocide’ Palm Sunday counter-rally a few weeks ago) — decided that it would be A Good Idea to hold an anti-Muslim rally outside the Halal Expo in Ascot Vale. According to reports, around 20 or so folk travelled down from Sydney to join the rally, and were joined by a smaller number of locals. In any event, their rally was briefly the site of a scuffle, after a small group of anti-fascists decided to say ‘G’day’ and welcome them to marvelous, multicultural Melbourne. There appear to have been no arrests, but the PFF lost a number of flags and placards, and one of their supporters — wearing a PFF t-shirt bearing the slogan ‘Rapefugees Not Welcome Stay Away!’ — appeared on the TV with a cut and some blood on his face.


See : Halal festival brawl latest incident in Melbourne’s multicultural battle, Timna Jacks and Steve Lillebuen, The Age | Anti-Muslim and anti-racism protesters ‘intensely’ clash outside Melbourne’s Halal Expo, ABC | Anti-Islam and anti-fascist protesters clash in violent brawl at Halal expo in Melbourne, news.com.au …

The PFF will be staging another anti-Muslim protest outside the Halal Expo in Sydney on April 10. This will be the second occasion on which the PFF have done so, having organised a rally outside the Halal Expo in 2015 which was also the site of a minor clash with anti-fascists (see : Protests at halal food expo turn violent, SBS, April 13, 2015).

Also today, a crowd of several hundred gathered at Fed Square to rally against racism and fascism. They also went on a march. A small contingent of Collingwood fans joined the rally, each one of them as beautiful as fascism is ugly. Props!

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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19 Responses to Halal Expo shenanigans : Antifa 1 /// Party For Freedom 0

  1. ablokeimet says:

    Well, count me as disappointed that I didn’t know about this action in advance. A Fascist group (unlike, say, a mere Right wing populist group) is a conspiracy to murder, so breaking them up is an act of self-defence. Nick Folkes and his followers got what they deserved, but it’s a pity that our side wasn’t a lot bigger, because the fash would then have gotten a lot more of what they deserved.

  2. Sossle says:

    @ ablokeimet

    Lol, this isn’t self defense in any definition of the word. Keep lying to yourself if you like. So fighting fascism allows the permission of any act of aggression, like maybe death camps, suppression of free speech and public beating for dissidents? Give it time ANTIFA are halfway there already. Sounds awfully similar to the National Socialists who saw themselves as “protecting” Germany from the Jews. Clearly blurring definition is a tactic used by those wishing to deceive for their own agenda and outcomes. Imagine if the driving forces behind this group had the power and the right to do as they please. That truly is a scary thought…

    ANTIFA seems only to stand for acts of extreme aggression and violence to forward its own socialist political agenda. The use of dominance and brutality are in its DNA.

    Here are a few definitions for you, and no it’s not for the term “self defence”…

    a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.

    a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.

    Both of these terms better define ANTIFA’s actions. If they do in fact want to be defined as a political movement with aims to defend human rights, it’s time they started acting like one. ANTIFA strays closer and closer each day to becoming what National Socialism was for Germany half a century ago. And those that can’t see that fact are pretty much the same as those who couldn’t see the monster that the Nazi party was becoming.

    The symbol for Australian ANTIFA is clearly a man/woman all dressed all black (red) with his/her face covered, punching another unarmed individual in the face to silence their viewpoint. It truly makes me sick. In the end violence begets violence. ANTIFA are nothing more than school yard bullies and should be treated as the violent extremists that they simply are.

    You know what’s just as scary as a world ruled by fascism? A world ruled by the likes of ANTIFA and its thugs and supporters. Very rarely does the end truly justify the means. Especially when the means involve justifying unmitigated violence perpetuated by masked thugs looking to silence any that disagree with them. Self defence [shakes head], grow up ANTIFA. It’s sickening what you have become, but I guess if you’re willing to believe that beating people with steel poles is what stands for being an “anti-racist” you’re likely willing to believe almost anything. Funny how those that have the most hate for “fascism” seem to have failed to learn the lessons that history has taught us about how to avoid arriving back at the same point over and over again.

  3. Sossle says:

    I guess the saying “won the fight, losing the war” is lost on the likes of ANTIFA?

    This says it all https://antifaaustralia.wordpress.com/our-friends/

    ANTIFA Australia truly needs a lesson in real world modern PR if they ever want to achieve anything more than senseless acts of violence and an extremist agenda in this country.

    Guess when you have an organisation that is run by idealist delusional anarchists one cannot really expect to see anything more from the organisation than swirling chaos. All I can say is I’m glad my freedom, future and security isn’t in the hands of ANTIFA thugs and extremists.

    Like many things ANTIFA’s main enemy is most likely themselves, acts like this one described above do more to turn public opinion against them than any right wing nationalist speech ever could.

    Good job ANTIFA! Keep busting skulls and burning flags and showing the world what you truly represent… Because the world is watching…

  4. Phil says:

    Just learnt about Antifa as there was a story in the Sydney Morning Herald about the confrontation in Melbourne over the weekend. I don’t condone violence but if anything I applaud the actions of Antifa for their anti-racist stance, and standing up to the meathead bigots draped in Australian flags. The article mentioned this blog so had a browse.

    After having a browse, I’m a bit disappointed you being a Melburnian you are of course afflicted with the impulse to have a go at Sydney (what’s with that?). Fair enough the racist protesters were apparently from Sydney, and your jab about a band being great ‘despite being from Sydney’ can be taken tongue in cheek, but can you really claim you are a ‘marvelous multicultural Melbourne’, when just a few posts down you list these events:

    “The UPF have staged a series of publicity stunts since forming in April/May 2015. These include an ‘anti-Communist’ rally in Richmond (May 2015), roasting a pig outside the ABC offices in Melbourne (June 2015), beheading a dummy outside Bendigo council offices (October 2015) and being uninvited guests at the Melbourne Anarchist Club and community radio station 3CR (November 2015) — while trying to hunt me down.”

    So keep up the good work but leave the childish city vs city rivalry out of your posts, and you have might have more people supporting your cause.

  5. @ndy says:

    @ Phil:

    Briefly, I agree: it’s a daft rivalry. Pls read it as tongue-in-cheek!

  6. David Hollis says:

    People forget the reason there aren’t 5000 racists at neo nazi rallies is partly because they know antifa will be there to “welcome” them and this keeps them at home as keyboard warriors jerking off to the great aussie patriot

  7. Sossle says:

    @ David & other ANTIFA cheer leaders.

    ANTIFA *IS the modern equivalent of the Nazi party.

    Offering a generalised solution to the “problems” of the day. Which are solved with the prejudiced judgment and the brutal punishment of others. To build a better country!

    If you hate Nazis so much maybe you should learn the lessons of history before you begin to blindly repeat them in a fanatical fervour in the service of group that believes violence and brutality are their right to establish a better society.

    In reality ANTIFA has done nothing but help stimulate a new political swing towards the Right globally. It’s naive to believe that physical intimidation and violent acts can successfully control political persuasion. Again this is another belief that ANTIFA seems to share with the Nazi party and is in common with fascist states’ control methodology.

    ANTIFA have been hijacked and stand for very little in the modern day. Beating people in the streets with steel poles is not political activism. Might doesn’t make right.

    The ANTIFA agenda is well known: it’s even listed on their webpage for those that take the time to look. Here’s a condensed version.

    Step 1 – “Smash the system!”
    Step 2 – “Complete step 1 and work the rest out later.”

    That is how fascist dictatorships are born not defeated…

  8. @ndy says:

    Roy can you pls shoot me an email? chummyfleming[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot[au]

  9. Sossle says:

    Of course you would want to make contact with an individual that puts a video on Youtube with nothing but clips of police officers being shot Andy… A nice touch adding an angsty sound track so peeps can tap their feet along while they watch.

    Oh, that’s right police equal fascist collaborators, guess we can look forward to a world where ANTIFA storm troopers maintain law, order and equality on the streets. I’m sure they will conduct themselves with better behaviour than they do currently.

    I can see it now, dressed all in black with red arm bands in troops of ten or so. Ruthlessly beating anyone with batons that steps out of line or dares speak their mind about anything the new order disapproves of. There sure won’t be any racism going on! What a glorious future we can hope for.

    People will sit in fear inside their homes continually worried that their neighbors might say those dreaded words about them “Nazi” or “racist” and that they will be dragged away to be reprogrammed by the new powers whose favourite tool of persuasion is a big stick.

    But at least the Fascists won’t have won…

  10. @ndy says:

    @ Sossle:

    Eat a Snickers.

  11. Sossle says:

    Trust the anarchist to use a commercial social culture reference, which was put in place to move a capitalist product, to stem off a discussion. Watch much commercial advertising @ndy? I’m sure Mars would love that you are helping to reinforce their commercial brand identity. Way to stand by your convictions mate. lol

    Anyways, I prefer my peanuts not to have been sacrificed to an imaginary sky god with more blood spilled in his/her/its(?) name than that of Mars himself. 😉

  12. Sossle says:

    What do yo know peaceful Halal expo, with peaceful anti Halal protesters today in Sydney, April 10th 2016.

    No violence, no ambulances, no police intervention, no media headlines, no thugs stomping on other’s rights, no destruction of property or violent assaults.

    What was the difference? No ANTIFA.

    Must be a coincidence I guess…

  13. Sad Sossle says:

    Crikey, have a fucken sook about it, mate.

  14. Sossle says:

    @ Sad Sossle

    Nice sock puppet btw. And who’s ‘Fuckin sooking’?

    I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy that dwells within these walls. Funny that personal attacks are the method you would choose to refute opposing arguments to your rhetoric. I guess it falls in line with bashing protesters though.

    Isn’t this whole blog a bit of a sook really? Fighting toothless terrors to advocate an anarcho/socialist agenda?

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