Richard Spencer Face Punch Remixes

“It’s Pepe, he’s kind of become a symbol of

See : Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, punched during ABC interview in Washington, ABC, January 20, 2017.






On Richard Spencer, see also : The Elite Roots of Richard Spencer’s Racism, Michael Phillips, Jacobin, December 29, 2016, ‘Alt-right racist Richard Spencer personifies a common, if overlooked, phenomenon: the well-educated and well-off bigot.’

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5 Responses to Richard Spencer Face Punch Remixes

  1. Sossle says:

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  2. Sossle says:

    Censorship is a tool of fascists and cowards… Up there with burning books.

    Obviously your arguments or view points are so limp or nonsensical that they in reality cannot hold up to any criticism.

    Clearly that must be the case, if your pseudo journalistic endeavours focus is the creation of unchallenged propaganda with protection by censorship.

    Each day you make it clearer that your political position and ideals must be so weak that you cannot defend nor will allow free critique of them. Once again it seems that you, Hitler, and Mussolini have a lot in common. I believe censorship was one of Mussolini’s favourite tools for controlling information and in turn the masses. And Hitler seemed to see its benefits also. Key influences for you maybe?

  3. @ndy says:


    You’ve made numerous comments on my blog as ‘Sossle’: 66 comments in total by my count, consisting of many thousands of words, over a 21-month period. In light of this, the claim that I’m censorious like Hitler and Mussolini is, like yourself, idiotic. Further, you confuse, whether deliberately or as a result of your own stupidity, my decision not to publish one or two of your comments and to disemvowel another with serious and systematic political repression. As I’ve noted previously, you’re simply not a serious commentator.

    In terms of your overall contribution, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you possess a paranoid and conspiratorial view of Islam (and not only Islam), based on a highly selective reading which, even when pointed out as wildly inaccurate by other commentators like Rashid, you hold to, in the face of all evidence and reason. In this regard, you are in total agreement with groups like Islamic State and your discourse serves only to reinforce their project in ‘Western’ societies like Australia. In your comments you present no intellectual challenge and are simply tendentious and committed, seemingly endlessly, to arguing in bad faith. You specialise in abuse, hysterical denunciation and specious claims.

    Finally, you’re free to publish your own blog and to articulate your views there, but your contributions here are ended.

  4. Hans Moleman says:

    If this meme isn’t totally dead by now, a small contribution:

  5. Dr Cam says:

    Hans, this meme will never die.

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