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Huh. That’s funny. Why are all the clothespegs on the ground? Along with all the washing? Please explain? It seems a local parrot has escaped and is terrorising my neighbourhood! According to

The Alexandrian originates from India and is well known for its mimicking abilities. These intelligent birds make good pets for those willing to provide continual obedience training. If neglected or not given the appropriate training, Alexandrians become prone to feather picking and other behavioural problems. The Alexandrian’s large and powerful beak has a strong bite and for this reason is not recommended as a pet for children. A larger cage is required for the Alexandrian to accommodate its beautiful, long tapering tail.

Dunno, maybe I’ll try and capture it? It ain’t wounded though, so hopefully it’ll fly home.

Update: Despite waiting patiently yesterday evening for Percy to descend from his (or her) perch on the plum tree, he (or she) flew away. And this morning, there’s no sign of him (or her).

Ah well. God speed you! green parrot.

Update: This afternoon: s/he’s back! In the plum tree! Again! And this time I was able to convince him/her to not only hop onto my wrist, but to perch on my shoulder and accompany me into the house: happy as Larry. Then some playtime — mmm, bananas! mmm, more clothespegs! — followed by a call to a local animal shelter and — hey presto! — s/he’s gone again! I now have three months to wait, after which, if s/he isn’t claimed by his/her ‘human companion’, I can, if I choose, adopt.


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