Long live KIM JONG IL! Long live the immortal JUCHE IDEA and SONGUN POLITICS!

I and the Rural People’s Party (America’s Premier Songun Political Organization — All Australians are Called upon to Hold Aloft Banner of Songun!) express shock at reports in bourgeois pig-town U.$.A. that Dear Leader and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong-Il is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

The source of this information is the South Korean puppet communications networks.

Korea News Service (KNS) in Tokyo contains no such report.

A little over four months ago, Dear Leader won a landslide electoral victory in military constituency 333. This so-called ‘news’ also comes just days after the world commemorated the demise of President Kim Il Sung, and several months after the Dear Leader exploded an underground bomb. On behalf of the Central Committee of the Slackbastard Party and echoing the sentiments of all party cadre, I would like to heartily congratulate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) — which is sometimes referred to in the West as North Korea — on the successful underground nuclear test held on May 25th, 2009.

For more information on this Glorious Achievement, please refer to RPP Tribute to Successful DPRK Nuclear Test. Also remember the invincible and iron-willed commander as he founded the immortal Juche idea most brilliant in the history of human thinking Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung’s Exploits Lauded
July 12. 2009 Juche 98

Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA) — Khaleq Bhuiyan, chairman of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh, made public a statement on July 7 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

The statement said that the President was the invincible and iron-willed commander as he founded the immortal Juche idea most brilliant in the history of human thinking after embarking upon the road of revolution in his early years and led to victory the Fatherland Liberation War against the U.S. imperialists.

He was the father of the nation-building and benevolent leader of the people as he built the socialist system centered on the popular masses and a peerlessly great man as he devoted his whole life to the struggle for achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country, strengthening and developing the socialist movement and victoriously advancing the human cause of independence, the statement noted.

The statement stressed that General Secretary Kim Jong Il set a shining example in accomplishing the cause of perpetuating the memory of the President and has carried forward generation after generation the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by the President with his outstanding Songun political mode.

The statement expressed belief that the Korean people would courageously frustrate all the moves of the hostile forces including the United States against the DPRK and achieve greater victory in the honorable struggle to achieve national reunification and build a great prosperous powerful nation, the behests of the President.

See also : The Official Webpage of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Long live KIM JONG IL! Long live the immortal JUCHE IDEA and SONGUN POLITICS!
Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle!


Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is the great brilliant commander of Songun, the invincible strategist twenty-eight thousand times victorious against the criminal US imperialist, the reactionary Japanese militarists, and the US-puppet south Korean dictatorship. Under the flawless Songun-based leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, and invincible military commander, the Korean people vow eternal undying loyalty of single-minded unity to the leader, pledging to hurl their lives at the outsider aggressors in defence of the leader who is more precious than their own lives.

Added Bonus!

The Jews pull the strings of the world with control of the financial, banking, political, and media all over the world to make the people’s lives miserable, stealing children’s eardrums and walls to make cakes and profit. This document shows how the Jews control traffic jams all over the world in a bid to make the people’s lives miserable so they can then lord it over and oppress the poor ethnic minority Arab Palestinian progressive people. World progressives demand that the wicked Zionists who are the worst human rights abusers in humankind history be tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Crimes Court at no delay.

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28 Responses to Long live KIM JONG IL! Long live the immortal JUCHE IDEA and SONGUN POLITICS!

  1. Paul Justo says:

    You’re sucking up to the mainstream press/opinion by associating the DPRK/North Korea with a one man band crackpot political group in the US. Go all out and post the Thunderbirds style mockery of the DPRK’s leader. That will impress the kids no end.

    In this country both the CPA and the CPA(ML) recognise that the DPRK is opposing imperialism and both groups defend the DPRK’s right to arm themselves against the threat of Anglo/US/Australian imperialism.

    At the end of the day US bombs aren’t raining down on Pyongyang like they did on Baghdad. You try and take the piss out of Songun politics without actually attempting to explain what ‘Songun’ politics actually is.

  2. @ndy says:

    Leader Kim Jong Il said that the Songun politics of WPK is a powerful political mode which defends the fatherland, revolution and socialism and powerfully promotes the overall socialist construction by giving priority to the military affairs as the first and foremost affairs of state and the army as the core, major force.

    The Songun politics is a mode of politics regarding the military affairs as the first and foremost affairs of state.

  3. Paul Justo says:

    There you go that was easy wasn’t it?! Priority to military affairs came about because the DPRK/North Korea has to account for the threat posed by tens of thousands of US troops in South Korea. Sound pretty fuc**ng sensible to me, in the circumstances.

    Anyway I’ve never heard of KRudd visiting a tile factory! –


    Meanwhile across the border in the PRC Anglo-Australian imperialism (sorry I mean Rio Tinto) is getting fu**ed over –


    And the Trots reckon China is capitalist! What other capitalist state would investigate a bunch of shonky bastards like Rio Tinto?

  4. Authoritarian prol[e]democrat says:

    Degenerate sleazy slackbastard first world “anarchist“.

    You’re sucking up to the mainstream (US imperialist “world” public opinion) press/opinion and couldn’t resist an “Added Bonus” linking Korean concerns for national defence and against foreign military occupation to the Palestinian people’s struggles, attempting at belittling them both as crazy anti-Semites unreasonably struggling against traffic jams not for basic survival as peoples.

    You do see the link. But, it’s pretty sleazy racist crude pro Zionist, pro imperialist propaganda too that makes Nth Korean propaganda look tame. Imperialism’s supporters must stick together. Indeed that will impress the humanitarian Zionist and first world anarchistic kids especially no end.

    “The Jews pull the strings of the world with control of the financial, banking, political, and media all over the world to make the people’s lives miserable, stealing children’s eardrums and walls to make cakes and profit. This document shows how the Jews control traffic jams all over the world in a bid to make the people’s lives miserable so they can then lord it over and oppress the poor ethnic minority Arab Palestinian progressive people.”

    You forgot to mention the Nth Korean goosestepping in the direction of Israel!

    As to the Thunderbirds haircut indeed there is a link. Korea is moving into satellite space defence as the US have militarised space (despite signing a treaty against militarising space) for use in pre-emptive strike targeting against Third World peoples. From Palestine and threatening Korea. Go Korean Kim’s Thunderbirds!

    But as Paul Justo says:

    “At the end of the day US bombs aren’t raining down on Pyongyang like they did on Baghdad.”

    And add Palestine to that.

  5. @ndy says:


    1. Very easy to quote, yes.
    2. When he’s not @ home watching Hollywood films, Kim is constantly visiting factories. And? If KRudd visited one daily, it would still be irrelevant. What KRudd and Kim have in common is that neither have ever worked in one.
    3. China is capitalist, not because Chinese authorities occasionally arrest foreign businessmen, but because of the nature of its economy.
    4. BBC Profile: Kim Jong-il:

    He is said to have a library of 20,000 Hollywood movies and to have even written a book on the cinema. He even went so far as to engineer the kidnapping, in 1978, of a South Korean film director and his girlfriend.

    This taste for the exotic apparently extends to gastronomy.

    Konstantin Pulikovsky, a Russian emissary who travelled with Mr Kim by train across Russia, reported that the North Korean leader had live lobsters air-lifted to the train every day which he ate with silver chopsticks.

    The two men shared champagne with a bevy of female companions of “utmost beauty and intelligence”, according to Mr Pulikovsky.

    Mr Kim also has a reputation as a drinker.

    He was seen draining 10 glasses of wine during his 2000 summit with South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and is known to have a taste for Hennessy VSOP cognac.

    5. North Korean leader loves Hennessey, Bond movies, Wolf Blitzer, CNN, January 8, 2003:

    Dr. Post, in his study of the Korean dictator, says Kim Jong Il also loves to drink a certain Hennessey cognac that sells for $630 a bottle in Korea. “He is the largest customer over the last 10 years, averaging between $650,000 and $720,000 a year in purchases — while the average [North] Korean earns only about $900 a year.”

    There are other strange details about this man, according to Dr. Post. “He’s recruited these ‘joy brigades,’ where he finds these attractive young women as early as junior high to entertain senior officials.” Kim Jong Il also lives in a seven-story “pleasure palace,” Post says, “and sees himself as a great creative force.”

    6. The madness of Kim Jong Il, Philip Gourevitch, The Observer, November 2, 2003:

    Saddam has gone, Iran has blinked, and now only North Korea retains its status as number-one enemy in the axis of evil. But little is known of this great dictatorship apart from the fact that Kim Jong Il has presided over the systematic starvation of millions of his people. And that he now has the bomb…

    Authoritarian prol[e]democrat,

    It’s called ‘humour’.

    You may have heard of it.

    No gods, no masters (including Kim Jong Il).

  6. Paul Justo says:

    Damn, the Chinese communists are prosecuting corruption –

    Over 9000 state officials in one go:


    They’re getting prosecuted by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) and even worse another communist party body, the very sinister sounding CCDI – otherwise known as the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection – just last month announced investigation of a bunch of senior officials – at the level of vice-minister (no pun intended).

    Even worse for those who dream of capitalist restoration in People’s China the CCDI has unparalleled authority and resources. Typical Stalinists I say.

    Your follow up post on Kim Il Sung is really radicccaaalll maaan.

    “He is said to have a library of 20,000 Hollywood Movies”.

    Anyone can be “said to have” anything. Then you relay some shite from CNN and the pommy rag ‘The Observer’. Like I said raaddiiccaall maaaan.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS – Check out the hair on this nutter


  7. [Silly Peter Watson] says:


  8. Authoritarian proldemocrat says:

    Sorry about that ,
    I thought you were just repeating US militarist propaganda and racist justifications for all that ” all options on the table ” real world threats stuff .
    But I can see you are backing your comments with all the known gossip .
    I beleive every word of it .
    My bad . I just do not share the imperialist sense of racist humour and anarchistic
    sense of hypocritical moral superiority .
    But , now that you have explained your humour .
    It will be a great joke and I will have a good laugh now if and when the bombs go off .

  9. @ndy says:


    First things first.

    The hairstyle affected by The Anarchist Formerly Known As Prince Peter (Pyotr) Alexeyevich Kropotkin (Пётр Алексеевич Кропоткин) obviously confirms that he was no socialist.

    Secondly, I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure that the Chinese bureaucracy has engaged in purges in the past. Further: a) these 9000 (nine thousand!) officials were not taken “in one go” but over the course of the last six months (as the article clearly states); b) China’s bureaucracy is vast — there are millions upon millions of state officials — 9000 is a tiny percentage; c) the bureaucracy is under a good deal of pressure to tackle ‘corruption’, which is endemic — partly in order to avoid any further lynchings of the new(ish) mandarins.

    China in Crisis: Reason to Panic?

    In December 2008 the Financial Times spoke of an irony of history if the Communist Party of China (CPC), that had survived the collapse of the socialist Eastern Block in 1989 (and the social upheaval of Tian’anmen), would collapse through the events that come along with the global crisis of capitalism in 2009.1 Another commentator said, China’s politicians, faced with a possible social explosion of workers, peasants and unemployed, were already in a “state of panic”.2 But this is not just about China and the rule of the CPC. The question is whether the current crisis and subsequent social turnover can lead to the formation of a global working class that can finish off the capitalist mode of production world-wide. For any answer to that question class struggles in China play an important role.

    China is still the biggest country in the world, with 1.3 billion people, and by now the third biggest economy. Through the opening and industrialization of the 1980s and 90s China became the “assembly line of the world”, is part of global chains of production and circulation, and acts as a “global player” in investment and credit.

    Over the past 20 years the immense process of industrialization has pulled millions of migrant workers from the countryside into the cities and special economic zones where they work in factories, on construction sites, as domestic helpers etc. After 2003 their struggles have gained momentum and put the regime of the communist party under pressure. The current global crisis is overturning the social relations in China again. The communist party is trying to deal with the effects. If it fails that might weaken and possibly decompose the regime and the rule of capital in China, with important consequences for the rest of the world.

    This article describes the interrelation of crisis and class struggle in China in the past two decades and the current development. It focuses on the situation in the cities, especially that of the migrant workers…

  10. @ndy says:


    The Explosion Point of Ideology in China
    August 16, 1967

    The international association of totalitarian bureaucracies has completely fallen apart. In the words of the Address published by the situationists in Algiers in July 1965, the irreversible “collapse of the revolutionary image” that the “bureaucratic lie” counterposed to the whole of capitalist society, as its pseudonegation and actual support, has become obvious, and first of all on the terrain where official capitalism had the greatest interest in upholding the pretense of its adversary: the global confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the so-called “socialist camp.” This camp had in any case never been socialist; now, in spite of all sorts of attempts to patch it up, it has ceased even to be a camp.

    The disintegration of the Stalinist monolith is already manifested in the coexistence of some twenty independent “lines,” from Rumania to Cuba, from Italy to the Vietnamese-Korean-Japanese bloc of parties. Russia, having this year become incapable of holding a joint conference of merely all the European parties, prefers to forget the era when Moscow reigned over the Comintern. Thus the Izvestia of September 1966 blames the Chinese leaders for bringing “unprecedented” discredit to “Marxist-Leninist” ideas, and virtuously deplores the confrontational style “in which insults are substituted for an exchange of opinions and revolutionary experiences. Those who choose this method confer an absolute value on their own experience and reveal a dogmatic and sectarian mentality in their interpretation of Marxist-Leninist theory. Such an attitude is inevitably accompanied by interference in the internal affairs of fraternal parties.” In the Sino-Soviet polemic, in which each power is led to impute to its opponent every conceivable antiproletarian crime, being only obliged not to mention the real crime (the class power of the bureaucracy), each side can only arrive at the sobering conclusion that the other’s revolutionariness was only an inexplicable mirage, a mirage which, lacking any reality, has now reverted to its old point of departure. Thus in New Delhi last February the Chinese ambassador described Brezhnev and Kosygin as “new czars of the Kremlin,” while the Indian government, an anti-Chinese ally of this Muscovy, discovered that “the present masters of China have donned the imperial mantle of the Manchus.” This denunciation of the new Middle Kingdom dynasty was further refined the following month in Moscow by the modernist state poet Voznesensky, who, evoking the menace of a new invasion of “the hordes of Kuchum,” counts on “eternal Russia” to build a rampart against the Mongols who threaten to bivouac among “the Egyptian treasures of the Louvre.”

    The accelerating decomposition of bureaucratic ideology, as evident in the countries where Stalinism has seized power as in the others where it has lost every chance of seizing it, naturally began around issues of internationalism; but this is only the beginning of a general and irreversible disintegration. For the bureaucracy, internationalism could be nothing but an illusive proclamation in the service of its real interests, one ideological justification among others, since bureaucratic society is the total opposite of proletarian community. Bureaucratic power is based on possession of a nation-state and it must ultimately obey the logic of this reality, in accordance with the particular interests imposed by the level of development of the country it possesses. Its heroic age passed away with the ideological golden age of “socialism in a single country” that Stalin was shrewd enough to maintain by destroying the revolutions in China in 1927 and Spain in 1937. The autonomous bureaucratic revolution in China — as already shortly before in Yugoslavia — introduced into the unity of the bureaucratic world a dissolutive germ that has broken it up in less than twenty years. The general process of decomposition of bureaucratic ideology is now attaining its supreme stage in the very country where that ideology was most necessary, the country where, because of its general economic backwardness, the remaining ideological pretensions of revolution had to be pushed to their extreme: China…

  11. Authoritarian proldemocrat says:

    Only revisionist fools who do not do [M]arxist class analysis and examine the actual mode of production with billions in profits expolited [sic] from wageworkers by imperialists and compradors in an export of wealth economy, would assure us that “SOCIALISM” exists in China today. The same type who assure us that the Australian and American “working class” is a “proletatiat” [sic] and that the billionares [sic] and their bribed lackeys running the “communist” party are working class proletarian leaders. But, the situation in [C]hina today is growing to be exelent [sic] for class struggle.

    The bubble economy in [C]hina is in as much economic trouble as the US. All those capitalists are taking a real haircut.

    In the revolution following the war for independence … mostly driven by the peasants seaking [sic] land reform there was a shortage of actual industrial working class and half the party leaders were patriotic bourgeiosie [sic]. Land reform against feudalism is an aim of such types as well as the poor ever since the [F]rench [R]evolution. People like Deng support that, absolute egalitarianism in land reform only creates a fertile field for capitalism and corruption, it[‘]s the collective production and the solving of the contradiction between town and country they do not like.

    You will know when the struggle against corruption and revolution is seriosly [sic] back on track and not just a struggle between respectable capitalists and party [M]afia when you see the second [C]ultural [R]evolution break out […] targeting the “top party people in power taking the capitalist road”. This time the tens of millions of unemployed proletaria[ns] being sent back to the countryside will be lips and teeth with the impoverished peasantry. Maoist revolutiony [sic] war method is the country surounds [sic] the city.

    Even anarchists can join the fun. While the revisionists will side with their “socialist” party mates whinging about left extremists.

  12. @ndy says:





    If I read you correctly Authoritarian prol[e]democrat, you look forward to the development of a ‘Maoist’ insurrectionary movement in rural China. This will constitute a second ‘Cultural Revolution’ — a tragedy followed by a farce.

  13. Authoritarian proldemocrat says:


    It makes no difference at all what I personally may look forward to or whether potential proletarian Chinese revolutionaries call themselves or their movement Maoist or not. They can call themselves Anarchists for all I care. But they have their own past national and class experience and history including the Peoples’ War military strategies learned with Mao and their own learned experiences during the cultural revolution of struggling against corruption and the supporters of revisionist state capitalist economics within the party.

    It could well be, the first time “tragedy” for the Maoist feudal cultural “ iconoclasts”, after all they lost out to the “sensible” building “socialism” Revisionist “Theory of the productive forces” and got capitalism, not socialism, but the second time may bring class success for the masses?

    Historical development and class struggle has its strange twists and turns. Even a “Monarchical“ form of leadership for national defence against imperialism in Nth Korea. Matching the Monarchical “executive order”, permanent war against the third world militarist form of government in the “democratic“ republican U$ under Emperor Bush and his appointed heir Obama, Bush 2.

    I merely point to the capitalist creation of the material conditions for revolution in China and the necessity and inevitability of struggle for simple survival for the vast majority. The hundreds of millions or billion people in the again impoverished countryside. The end results of the Dengist destruction of the collective Communes and the reintroduction of private property (family leases) in land and the environmental mess that brought.

    And now, capitalist overproduction in the cities of goods produced merely for the imperialists, and the comprador and their local and national party princeling profits. With most unsaleable goods, destined for foreign markets. This economic crisis is leading to mass dismissals of the now underemployed reserve army of ‘free labourers’ now forced to return to the countryside. With the Soweto style Huakou pass system for city residency rights.

    It will be a new revolutionary proletarian class mix as people seek a way out of the enforced capitalist poverty and underemployment.

  14. Paul Justo says:

    I posted a long screed of a reply to all this but it vanished in to the ether – I give up.

  15. @ndy says:


    L8r h8r.


    Sorry ’bout dat. I checked the spam queue — no luck.

  16. @ndy says:


    Don’t the workers realise the great efforts the Chinese authorities have gone to in order to root out corruption?

    Ungrateful wretches.

    Probably a CIA plot…

    Workers clash with police (Beijing)
    The Age
    July 27, 2009

    ABOUT 30,000 Chinese steelworkers clashed with police and beat a general manager to death in a protest over plans to merge their mill, a human rights monitor said.

    Several hundred people were injured in the clash on Friday in the north-eastern city of Tonghua, the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said in a faxed statement.

    Employees of Tonghua Iron and Steel Group objected to plans for Jianlong Steel [to] take control of the company, the centre said. It said Beijing-based Jianlong controlled the company temporarily last year, and employees blamed Jianlong for financial problems at the time.

    Angry Tonghua employees attacked Jianlong general manager Chen Guojun during the protest and beat him to death, the centre said. It said Mr Chen’s friends confirmed he was dead.

    Workers were angry that he was paid 3 million yuan ($A538,426) last year while some retirees received as little as 200 yuan a month, the centre said.

    Beijing is trying to streamline China’s sprawling steel industry, the world’s largest, by orchestrating a series of mergers aimed at creating globally competitive producers. The mergers often are accompanied by lay-offs that sometimes spark complaints that workers receive too little severance pay.

    A woman who answered the phone on Saturday at the government office for the Tonghua district where the steel company is located confirmed a protest occurred on Friday said she had no details of deaths or arrests. She refused to give her name.

    A man who answered the phone at the Tonghua city hall said provincial government and Communist Party leaders had taken charge of handling complaints by Tonghua employees. Jianlong took over Tonghua last year but suffered losses after steel prices fell and jettisoned Tonghua, the human rights monitor said. It said Jianlong revived the takeover plan this year.


    For Blood. And Honour:

    Chinese urged to unite behind Communist Party
    John Garnaut
    The Age
    July 27, 2009

    BEIJING has called on the global Chinese diaspora to unite around the Communist Party on the basis of “blood lineage” and to spread the “truth” about separatism in Xinjiang.

    Wang Zhaoguo, Politburo member and former head of China’s United Front Department, congratulated delegates at the 8th National Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese and their Relatives for using “blood lineage”, “home-town feeling” and “professional linkages” to achieve “outstanding results in uniting the broad masses of overseas Chinese”…

    Workers of the world unite et cetera et cetera et cetera.

    More uppity workers:

    Shishou residents up in arms over suspicious death
    The Observers
    June 23, 2009

    Authorities say he jumped from the third floor. Local residents say he was murdered. The death of a cook from central China’s Shishou town caused an outburst of violence in the streets on Saturday, resulting in a harsh response from the riot police. And just in time to get past the censors, Web users have managed to pass on these images of events.

    Tu Yuangao was 24 when he was found dead in front of the Yonglong hotel last Wednesday, where he worked as a chef. His bosses say he jumped from the third floor. The establishment in question was known to be involved with drug trafficking. It is also partly owned by the local mayor. The police claim they found a suicide note by the body. But Tu’s family says there’s no way he jumped. They believe that the hotel bosses are behind his death.

    Tu’s parents say that his body and face were covered in blood, but not a trace was found near where he lay. The hotel owner offered 30,000 RMB [€3,200] to the family as compensation, in recognition of the suicide. The police then ordered that the body be cremated. Outraged, Tu’s father unwrapped his son’s body in the hotel entrance. Armed with a gas canister, he insisted that he would not move until he knew the truth behind Tu’s death, threatening to blow himself up if anyone came close.

    It didn’t take long for sympathisers to assemble outside the hotel. When the police tried to intervene at one o’clock in the morning, they were faced with 2,000 people blocking the entrance of the hotel. By morning that number had risen to 40,000, inciting the police to call on back-up in the form of riot police. The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy based in Hong Kong reported 200 were injured.

    By Sunday morning the situation had calmed down. But according to our Observer there, the town remains under high surveillance.

  17. Paul Justo says:

    Damn Chinese communists, looks like they actually listen to the workers –

    “Local government representatives announced on Friday night that the deal would now be shelved permanently and the crowd dispersed”.

    More at – http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2009-07/27/content_8475878.htm

  18. @ndy says:

    Direct action gets the goods!

  19. @ndy says:

    North Korea: “Sanity” at the Brink
    Michael Parenti
    June 25, 2009

  20. Paul Justo says:

    Parenti is pretty much on the money with that article Andy.

    In spite of what my friends in Australasian Spartacist say, Mr. Parenti sometimes gets it right.

  21. @ndy says:

    Chinese prostitutes ‘trustworthy’
    The Age
    August 5, 2009

    Prostitutes are considered more trustworthy in China than government officials and scientists, a survey has shown.

    The survey showed 7.9 per cent of respondents considered sex workers trustworthy, putting them in third place after farmers and religious workers, Insight China said on its website yesterday.

    ‘‘A list like this is at the same time surprising and embarrassing,’’ the China Daily said in an editorial on the survey.

    Prostitutes better than officials in China: survey

    BEIJING — Prostitutes are considered more trustworthy in China than government officials and scientists, a recent survey of more than 3,000 respondents showed.

    The online survey of 3,376 Chinese showed that 7.9 percent of respondents considered sex workers trustworthy, putting them in third place after farmers and religious workers, the Insight China magazine said on its website.

    “A list like this is at the same time surprising and embarrassing,” the China Daily said Tuesday in an editorial, commenting on the result of the survey, which was carried out in June and July.

    “The sex workers’ unexpected prominence on this list of honour… is indeed unusual.”

    The newspaper said the list showed scientists and teachers ranked “way below, and that government functionaries, too, scored hardly better.”

    Soldiers and students were ranked after sex workers on the list of trustworthy professions, the Insight China magazine said.

    “Given the constant feed of scandals involving the country’s elite, this is not bad at all,” the China Daily editorial commented.

    “At least (the scientists and officials) have not slid into the least credible category which consists of real estate developers, secretaries, agents, entertainers and directors.”

  22. Paul Justo says:

    Anglo American imperialism is in decline, the new hegemonic power will be a communist party or so says a book I’ve seen at a couple of airports in recent travels.

    Reviewed by the CPUSA here at –


    Western hegemony has been taken as the natural order since the age of imperialism began but it is neither a natural order nor eternal.

    The East is Red.

  23. @ndy says:

    Good news for Chinese-speaking bosses everywhere!

    “Conventional wisdom would have one believe that it is insane to resist this, the mightiest of empires… But what history really shows is that today’s empire is tomorrow’s ashes, that nothing lasts forever, and that to not resist is to acquiesce in your own oppression. The greatest form of sanity that anyone can exercise is to resist that force that is trying to repress, oppress, and fight down the human spirit.” ~ Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Tangled webs they weave span from Pine to Ruby Ridge, Back from Shay’s defeat on up to Gustafsen (now cue the ass parade of ditto-heads and commissars and pricks to drown out this faintest threat of commie faggot heretics). Conclusion: the nail that sticks up gets hammered down and the master’s finest tools are found slack-jawed and placid amidst the cacophony of screaming billboards and Disney-fied history. Sometimes the ties that bind are strange: no justice shines upon the cemetery plots marked Hampton, Weaver or Anna-Mae where Federal Bureaus and Fraternal Orders have cast their shadows; permanent features built into these borders. But undercover of the customary gap we find between History and Truth, the Founding Fathers bask in the rocket’s blinding red glare. The bombs bursting in air. One nation. Indivisible? The truth is when the back-country learned of ratification the People had a coffin painted black and solemnly borne in funeral procession, they buried it deep in the earth as an emblem of the dissolution and internment of their Publick Liberty. Someday, somewhere, today’s empires are tomorrow’s ashes.

  24. @ndy says:

    Another a w e s o m e vid:

  25. Paul Justo says:

    I’ll be damned “today’s empire is tomorrow’s ashes” – thats where Propagandhi got it from.

    Anyway Mumia is a Spart.

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