Satan : 1 University of Waikato : 0

Kerry Bolton (1956–) is a right scum bag d00d.

A former NZ Nazi Party member, Bolton is a highly-entertaining fascist bozo, having been a member of numerous other political formations: the National Front (1978), Church of Odin (1980), New Force (1981), Nationalist Workers Party (1983), Fascist Union (1998), Workers’ Front (1999), and others. Most recently, Bolton helped form the New Zealand New Right (not to be confused with Welf Herfurth’s New Right Australia & New Zealand). In April 2008, Bolton signed — along with, ‘For Australia’, Brendan Gidley, Jim Saleam and Neil Baird, and, ‘For New Zealand’, Kyle Chapman and Anton Foljambe — ‘The ANZAC Declaration’.

He also has !cinataS powers.

Last year, Bolton cast a spell over Roel van Leeuwen and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Waikato, Roy Crawford. Having studied Kerry’s necromancy, van Leeuwen was able to manufacture powerful counter-magicks — thus avoiding having his hair fall out, while remaining able to find a car park at the local stupormarket. Crawford, on the other hand, had no such defences, and thus for many months was rendered both speechless and unable to read.

Above : New Zealand PM John Key offers VC Roy Crawford support during his battle with Beelzebub.

Jason Drummond is Johnny-On-the-Spot:

Dark Dreams: Waikato’s and the van Leeuwen thesis
Joshua Drummond
July 13, 2009

In September last year, the University of Waikato did a strange and dangerous thing.

What was strange is that it took the unprecedented step of removing graduate student Roel van Leeuwen’s published, marked Master of Arts in Philosophy thesis, which had earned first-class honours after internal and external examination. The thesis, entitled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand path, a Case-study of a Satanic-Neo-Nazi synthesis, was removed from Waikato University’s library and online publishing repository, without the University notifying van Leeuwen or his supervisors, Professor Dov Bing and Marg Coldham-Fussell.

What was dangerous is that it did so following a “complaint” (actually an implied legal threat) from a former National Front secretary and occultist, Kerry Bolton.

Nexus found out about this, and when we published, everyone else found out too. It was an academic scandal that was reported around the globe, because of its implications for the doctrine of academic freedom – a right enshrined in New Zealand law.

Since this happened, the University has been nearly silent for almost a year while the thesis was subject to internal review. The process has taken around ten months, but finally, last Friday, the University announced that the thesis has been returned to the library and website, having been found worthy of its mark, with Waikato University Vice-Chancellor Roy Crawford’s full blessing…

See also : Roel Van Leeuwen Thesis Original | Leaked documents reveal thesis fighting, Joshua Drummond, Nexus, July 13, 2009 | Leaked documents show discord over thesis, Nicola Brennan, Waikato Times, July 13, 2009.

From the Department of nutzis need ! N A T A S:

University backs thesis on neo-Nazis
Britton Broun
The Dominion Post
July 6, 2009

A thesis on neo-Nazism and Satanism in New Zealand will be going back on Waikato University library shelves after it was cleared by the university.

In September, the thesis by master’s student Roel van Leeuwen, was removed after Kerry Bolton, former secretary of the Right-wing National Front, complained that it was substandard, despite the piece winning first-class honours.

Entitled Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path, a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis, it analysed ideas published by Mr Bolton and focused on how neo-Nazi thought was repackaged for a younger generation…

See also : Let Waikato @#$% you! (February 16, 2009) | Satan King of Waikato (February 4, 2009) | Kerry Bolton : a right scum bag? (October 7, 2008) | Kerry Bolton and the Power of !nataS (October 6, 2008).

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2 Responses to Satan : 1 University of Waikato : 0

  1. Magda says:

    Idiots all round. The university should never have removed the thesis or entertained the complaint. For Prof Sutton to say that because thesis co-supervisor Professor Dov Bing had “well known and longstanding views against neo-Nazi groups” there was a possible conflict of interest is really something. Most well adjusted people have longstanding views against Nazism in any form and I wonder why Prof Sutton doesn’t.

    What IS this thing that Nutzis have with the occult? Do they really think there is a Supreme Being out there to do their bidding? Just as weird as still believing in Santa when you are older than 12.

  2. @ndy says:

    “What IS this thing that Nutzis have with the occult? Do they really think there is a Supreme Being out there to do their bidding?”

    I think it has to do with the will to power — the Supreme Being being the race / nation / state.

    “Just as weird as still believing in Santa when you are older than 12.”

    Nothing wrong with that.


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