Let Waikato @#$% you!

Hail! Satan! King of Waikato!

Word on the street is that University of Waikato Vice-Chancellor Professor Roy Crawford is trying desperately hard to read a report into a student’s Masters thesis, pulled from the University’s shelves after a complaint was received by the subject of the thesis, Kerry Bolton. Unfortunately, whenever Roy reads more than a few sentences, he is suddenly struck down with a blinding headache, and can read no more.

(Also, the dog ate his homework.)

Thesis report delay angers varsity student
Nicola Brennan
Waikato Times
February 12, 2009

A Waikato University masters student whose thesis was abruptly pulled off library shelves last year has threatened legal action against the university.

The thesis, which explores Satanist and neo-Nazi themes, was removed from the university library without warning at the beginning of October following a complaint by the subject of the research, former National Front secretary Kerry Bolton.

By mid-October, two top academics had been appointed to review the processes around the thesis and a defamation complaint amid accusations of university censorship. The outcome of that investigation is yet to be made public.

The author of the thesis, philosophy and religious studies student Roel Van Leeuwen told the Waikato Times this week that the university’s tardiness was “unconscionable and is prolonging what is becoming an increasingly negative and intensely disagreeable state of affairs”.

He had sought legal advice in relation to the damage that had been done to his academic reputation and his future employment prospects.

“At this point, I have no idea what the nature of the investigating committee’s findings will be or how they will impact upon the grade given to my thesis,” Mr Van Leeuwen said. “With this uncertainty hanging over my head I am finding it difficult to move on as my masters thesis mark forms the foundation of admittance into PhD programmes and the necessary scholarship award that goes with it.

“Until the report is released I cannot help but feel unable to move on.”

Mr Van Leeuwen said the university had not contacted him at any stage during the investigation to let him know of its progress.

“It is beyond appalling that I am informed of the report’s completion by browsing Bolton’s website rather than through official university communications.”

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Roy Crawford told the Waikato Times two weeks ago he had received the report. However, he said yesterday that internal processes were yet to be worked through.

Professor Crawford said he was obtaining feedback and had not yet reached any conclusions on the report.

While he appreciated the process was taking longer than originally hoped, his first responsibilities were to the university community as well as ensuring fairness for all involved, including the complainant.

He would not make any further comment until the review was complete.

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