Satan King of Waikato

I’m beginning to believe that Kerry Bolton really does have !cinataS powers. Or rather, that the crackademic authorities at the University of Waikato in Aotearoa/New Zealand do.

Last October — that is, four months ago — Roel Van Leeuwen’s 2008 MA thesis — ‘Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path, a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis’ — got pulled, following a complaint lodged by Kiwi nutzi Kerry Bolton.

And it’s still unavailable at the University library (see below).

Fortunately, his thesis is available online (via Scribd):

The title of Van Leeuwen’s thesis is reminiscent of Kevin Coogan’s excellent biography of Francis Parker Yockey, Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International (Autonomedia, New York, 1999). Loren Goldner’s review (available here), like Coogan’s text, is a valuable account of the meanderings of fascist ideology in the post-WWII period. Also of interest is Coogan’s review How Black is Black Metal?:

Lords of Chaos (LOC), a recent book-length examination of the “Satanic” black metal music scene, is less concerned with sound than fury. Authors Michael Moynihan and Didrik Sederlind zero in on Norway, where a tiny clique of black metal musicians torched some churches in 1992. The church burners’ own place of worship was a small Oslo record store called Helvete (Hell). Helvete was run by the godfather of Norwegian black metal, 0ystein Aarseth (“Euronymous”, or “Prince of Death”), who first brought black metal to Norway with his group Mayhem and his Deathlike Silence record label…

“Michael Moynihan is an interesting fellow”, writes Kevin, and so are the other odds and sods associated with various forms of ‘cultural fascism’. Unfortunately, but perhaps unsurprisingly, all seem to share a desire for notoriety which exists in inverse proportion to their talents. Speakiing of the Devil…

Kerry Bolton (1956–): A former NZ Nazi Party member, Bolton is a highly-entertaining fascist bozo, having been a member of numerous other political formations: the National Front (1978), Church of Odin (1980), New Force (1981), Nationalist Workers Party (1983), Fascist Union (1998), Workers’ Front (1999), and others. Bolton also helped form the New Zealand New Right (not to be confused with Welf Herfurth’s New Right Australia & New Zealand). Most recently, Unkle Kerry signed his name to ‘The ANZAC Declaration: Australia First Party And New Zealand Nationalist Alliance: Declaration Of Common Interests And Future Relations’ (April 25, 2008), joining fellow nutzis (‘For Australia’) Brendan Gidley, Jim Saleam, Neil Baird and (‘For New Zealand’) Kyle Chapman and Anton Foljambe.

Aside from the fearsomely powerful Kerry, a number of the other signatories to the Trans-Tasman fascist pact have been having some of their own awfully big adventures. Dr. Jim, for example, has declared that the “Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death“; his shooting to death — like Herr Doktor’s jailing for organising a shotgun assault upon the home of Australasian ANC representative Eddie Funde in 1989 — was apparently the result of an elaborate conspiracy on the part of the state to silence the ‘White Nationalist’ movement. Kyle Chapman, on the other hand, has been in the news (and the racial wars) following his announcement that he had a cunning plan to construct a Whites Only (Nie-Blankes!) pie shop in North Canterbury.

Chapman’s vision of pies aplenty for Nice White Families is mirrored in fellow Stormfronter Paul Innes’ desire to construct a ‘Pioneer Little Europe’ in the Perth foothills. Presumably, as part of his attempt to whip up support for his nutty scheme, Paul will attend the upcoming gig being organised by fellow nutzis Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. The gig is scheduled for ANZAC Day, and the boneheads will be celebrating the deaths of Australian (and New Zealand) soldiers in WWII by way of getting paralytic drunk while listening to the soothing sounds of Ravenous, Quick & the Dead and Indigenous Hate.

They’re a weird mob.

Thesis probe delay angers
Nicola Brennan
Waikato Times
January 31, 2009

The author of a thesis pulled by Waikato University last October is angry that it remains off library shelves.

The masters thesis, which explores Satanist and neo-Nazi themes, was removed from the university library without warning at the beginning of October following a complaint by the subject of the research, former National Front secretary Kerry Bolton.

By mid October, two top academics had been appointed to review the processes around the thesis and a defamation complaint amid accusations of university censorship.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Roy Crawford said yesterday he had received the report and would not make any further comment until he had read it.

The author of the thesis, philosophy and religious studies student Roel Van Leeuwen, told the Waikato Times this week he was not happy with the way the investigation was being handled.

“I was given a reassurance that it would take a couple of weeks. It’s now been months and months,” Mr Leeuwen said.

Mr Leeuwen, who has stood by his research from the start, was “profoundly unhappy” that his thesis remained off library shelves.

He said he had put a lot of work into the thesis, for which he received top marks.

While he understood that the university had to investigate the complaint, he said it had “gone on too long”.

Mr Bolton has repeatedly claimed that the thesis was riddled with errors and was no more than a personal smear.

“Its having passed with honours is a scandal,” he told The Times last year.

Speaking from his home in Wellington yesterday Mr Bolton said he told the university that he would not comment further to the media until after the investigation process was completed.

“The last I heard from them (the university) was before Christmas when they apologised for the delay,” he said.

Note that University of Waikato Vice-Chancellor Roy Crawford is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, whose primary research interest has been in the mechanical properties and processing behaviour of plastics. Announcing Professor Crawford’s appointment in May 2004, Waikato’s Chancellor John Gallagher said: “His research and business skills and experience, coupled with his very high-level academic experience, make him the ideal person to lead the university, particularly at a time when research performance affects our funding and we are looking to start up more businesses based on university-developed intellectual property. His track record in establishing spin-out [!] companies and other outlets for technology transfer is impressive.”

His reading abilities, on the other hand…

See also : Kerry Bolton and the Power of !nataS, October 6, 2008 | Kerry Bolton : a right scum bag? October 7, 2008 | Nutzis. New Zealand Nutzis. October 22, 2008 | “Wellington nazis. I hate Wellington nazis.” October 29, 2008

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  1. Asher says:

    FYI – Bolton is mentioned in the endnotes of the Coogan book about Yockey – I just lent my copy out to a friend yesterday so can’t type it up, but it’s about Bolton rediscovering and publicising/publishing “lost” articles of Yockey’s, from memory…

  2. @ndy says:

    Cheers Ash…er.

    You’re correct. The refs to Bolton appear in ‘Appendix I: The Devil and Francis Parker Yockey’ (pp.618–622).

    A small trove of writings by Yockey recently surfaced halfway around the world. The unpublished manuscripts (23 typewritten pages in all) consist of the essays “Life as an Art” (December 1940), “Thoughts Upon Waking” (June 1950 and October 1953), “XXth Century Metaphysics” (no date but probably late 1940s), “Culture” (December 1953), and “Thoughts–Personal and Superpersonal” (most likely 1950). The essays appeared in a pamphlet entitled Varange: The Life and Thoiught of Francis Parker Yockey, by Kerry Bolton, a New Zealand-based rightist and self-proclaimed satanist.

    From a biographical point of view Yockey’s most valuable essay is “Life as an Art”, written when he was a 23-year-old attending Notre Dame Law School. In it he argues: “Higher men and lower men– the few called to rule and the masses born in order that the higher men may actualize a grander destiny” cannot be “comprehended otherwise than as two different species… THESE ARE TWO SPECIES OF MEN AS DIFFERENT IN SPIRITUALITY AS LIONS AND LAMBS.” “High politics” is the “supreme field” for the higher men, who all have “the same deep, unspoken feeling of the mission”. Yockey concludes that the soul of the High Culture-man “IS AT BOTTOM ARTISTIC. In the deeps the will-to-power merges with the aesthetic instinct.”

    [Coogan then examines Yockey’s thoughts on sex and gender and his hatred for the United States.]

    Finally, some note must be made of the Yockey revival now occurring inside elements of the occult underground. Kerry Bolton, the New Zealand-based publisher of Yockey’s texts, has tried for some years to merge fascist politics with occultism. Bolton publishes a series of small journals like Nexus and The Flaming Sword, and some of his essays have appeared in the Church of Satan publication The Black Flame. He also founded two occult groups, the Order of the Left-Hand Path (Ordo Sinistra Vivendi) and the Black Order, whose newsletter is The Flaming Sword. Today, through his Renaissance Press outfit, Bolton sells copies of Imperium and The Proclamation of London, and he has been linked to a white-supremacist group called the Nationalist Workers Party, which has issued Bolton-penned tracts like “Scientific Origins of Racial Nationalism”.

    Bolton also promotes the writings of David Myatt, the British-based leader of a fascist sect called the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Myatt is the founder of the occultist Order of Nine Angles (ONA), which publishes a journal called Fenrir. Bolton, Myatt, and the American Michael Moynihan, who heads the Portland-based Storm Publications, all write for a far-right journal called Filosophem, which is published in Metz, France, by a group called Blood Axis.

    Bolton and [Christian] Boucher [a French “third-positionist” and occultist] have tried to turn the “Satanic” or “black metal” music scene in a fascist direction. Bolon, for example, has helped edit an occult/black metal fanzine called Key of Alocer. Bouchet’s group Nouvelle Resistance, meanwhile, is behind a fanzine called Napalm Rock. Napalm Rock has embraced a leading Norwegian black metal musician Varge Vikernes (“Count Grishnackh”), who is currently in jail for the murder of another black-metallist, Øystein Aarseth (“Euronymous”) [March 22, 1968–August 10, 1993]. When Vikernes was arrested, it was discovered that he had in his possession about 330 pounds of dynamite, some of which he claimed he was planning to use to destroy the Antifa (Anti-fascist) center Blitz House in Oslo. Both Napalm Rock and Filosophem have praised Vikernes as a gallant Viking warrior…


    “Blitz is an autonomous counterculture-centre in central Oslo. For over 25 years Blitz has been fighting oppression, government control, cultur[al] commercialisation and [social pacification]. There are a variety of political and counter-cultural activities going on at Blitz. Monday through Friday Café Blitz is open from 12am – 6pm. At the Café you get Oslo’s cheapest and definitely best vegetarian/vegan food and drinks.”

    Renaissance Press

    Renaissance Press : Archives, Research & Analysis on the Causes of War, Revolution & Ethnic Conflict

    “Renaissance Press is designed as an archive of rare material, primary sources and new research, specialising in backgrounding the causes of war, revolution, racism, anti-semitism, and other forms of social upheaval. Renaissance Press provides a variety of perspectives. The material does not necessarily express the views of the director. The premise of Renaissance Press is that real scholarship requires a dialectic of opposing views, otherwise theories at any given time become dogmatic. The pervasiveness of Political Correctness [for example] in academe and the media is having a stifling, totalitarian influence over free enquiry. Renaissance Press then is dedicated to free speech, free thought and free enquiry. Director: Dr K R Bolton.”

    http://www .

  3. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah… ‘RED ALERT: Behind the smear campaign against Australasian Nationalists’, K R Bolton (Spectrum Press, 2006) is superb.

    The smear-mongers and thugs opposing Australian and New Zealand nationalists are spear-headed by an organisation/website called Fightdemback (FDB), founded by Mat Henderson Hau (aka “Darp”). Darp and his comrades would not normally merit any consideration. Unfortunately, the attitude of the media has necessitated a different course.


    Normally this would not merit any attention, but the Darpists have decided to make an issue of it. I will explain briefly. By the late 1980s I decided to investigate political factions in the occult.

    Certainly the Right is more aligned to the metaphysical than the materialistic Left and there is nothing shocking or unusual about Rightists being involved in metaphysics, whether as Catholics, pagans or gnostics, a particularly famous [example] being the Irish poet W B Yeats. Darp’s feigned attitude is also bewildering when one considers that as a member of the Green Party he must have come across his share of wiccans (witches) as wicca tends to attract both feminists and Greenies to the extent that the Norse equivalent Odinism or Asatru attracts Rightists. We will also consider in due course Darp’s colleague, Daphne Lawless, the transgender communist witch.

    In seeking out supposed Rightist factions among occultists, I established a loosely organised group, the Order of the Left Hand Path (OLHP) and produced a newsletter called The Watcher. The OLHP doctrine was a synthesis of Nietzsche, Jung, and the concept of the “Faustian” soul of Western culture, as defined by the conservative philosopher Oswald Spengler and romanticised in the Faustus legends of Goethe and Marlow[e]. The group was overtly political and we opposed Marxism, globalism, capitalism and our critique of Christianity was Nietzschean. The OLHP’s doctrine was the opposite of what was being promoted by other ‘satanic’ groups, rejecting their hedonism, materialism and egotism as the by-products of the present decadent system.

    Furthermore, we were as open publicly and to the scrutiny of the news media as any political party, and I conducted several media interviews, wrote letters etc. as I would for any political campaign.

    At no time did my colleagues or I involve ourselves with the crude blasphemies against Jesus that are spouted by the likes of Darpist “Doctor” Sexenheimer. Nor did we indulge in what Darp likes to portray as “blood drinking witch doctor shit…”. Although I have long since thrown out the archives relating to this, quite a bit remains on the internet, from over ten years ago. Darpist Barrie Sargeant quips that this stuff is still posted on “Satanic websites” in yet another lying implication that I might still be involved.

    The first issue of the OLHP’s newsletter The Watcher set the tone of the group, the aim being a Nietzschean “continuing human ascent”. The second issue under the heading “Satanic morality” attacked the music genre of heavy metal as “anti-life [and] nihilist[“], and again advocated a Nietzschean “going beyond oneself” which required a “strong moral outlook”. Addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs were condemned as “self-abuse, self-dissipation, and self-destruction…”. Nietzschean “self-overcoming” demanded “will power, self-discipline, and physical well-being”.

    “Thus many of the youth in the Western world today and especially self-styled Satanist followers of heavy metal are dissipated through drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, dishevelled in appearance, dull eyed and stooped.”

    After a few years I rejected this occultism as I came to realise that the rise of cults [is] a symptom of a civilisation in decay, like the cults that proliferated during the declining phase of Rome and other civilisations. However I continued my investigations a while longer with the view to writing a series of exposes on the proliferation of cults. No doubt the Darpists will meet this claim with derision. Therefore I shall reproduce a letter from Pleroma Christian Supplies expressing appreciation for the first booklet Satanism in NZ, addressed to my wife Kathy Thomson as proprietor of Spectrum Press.

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