“The Uncuckables” : 0 / ECAJ : 1

Above : Timmeh! Wilms in his Proud Boy Right Wing Death Squads tee. See also : Adriana Rivas: Pinochet-era kidnap suspect ‘eligible for extradition’, BBC, October 29, 2020.

Just a brief post to note that an antisemitic YouTube channel, ‘The Uncuckables’, is closing.

The Uncuckables was the offspring of a marriage between Timmeh! Wilms’ of ‘The Unhinged’ blog and David Hiscox’s ‘XYZ’. It featured a glittering array of AltRight talent over the course of its brief existence, including: bankrupt egghead, former Senator and Tramadol farmer Fraser Anning; YouTube blabbermouth Claudia Benitez (‘Dia Beltran’); ex-BNP now ‘Patriotic Alternative’ neo-Nazi Mark Collett; former UniMelb Liberal yoof Stefan Eracleous; and convicted antisemite Neil Erikson (along with a handful of other, even-more-obscure keyboard rightists).

Why The Uncuckables have gotten cucked is unknown, and the last episode offered no explanation, but the timing of the announcement is interesting. Hence it was just a few weeks ago that Hiscox’s kamerad and frequent XYZ contributor Ryan Fletcher had a yarn with members of the local constabulary. According to Fletcher:

Last month, during the early stages of the U.S. Presidential election turmoil, I received a knock on the door from half a dozen Victorian police officers who executed a search warrant pertaining to the Offence of Serious Religious Vilification and Incitement.

The warrant was served by personnel from the Security Intelligence Unit based in Docklands.

Along with my computers, phone and storage devices being seized police also confiscated my XYZ writing/art portfolios, my Christopher Cantwell signed Ralph Manheim edition of Mein Kampf (which is the same edition available at my local library) and a paperback copy of Trading HEMP for Hitler.

I was arrested, handcuffed, brought in for questioning (which as illustrated resulted in a “no comment” interview) and released shortly thereafter …

It’s unclear if Fletcher will be charged. Indeed, to the best of my knowledge, the only criminal conviction under the relevant Act was obtained by the Christchurch killer’s ‘Emperor’ Blair Cottrell, who got a slap on the wrist for his cack-brained stunt on the behalf of Bendigo locals — and carried on precisely as before. In either case, the intervention has had zero effect upon Fletcher’s calls to murder Jews, which proceed uninterrupted on his Twitter-for-nazis account (and elsewhere).

That said, this was not the first time Fletcher, Hiscox and their fellow ‘jouranlist’ Matthew Roebuck have run into trouble with the forces of (((political correctness))). Late last year, the boys were massively cucked by the ECAJ, and capitulated to those infamous (((Cultural Marxists))) after a complaint was allegedly made with the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding some other antisemitic batshit the boys published.

It remains possible that the other, supplementary reason for the split is because, while Timmeh! remains timid about directly addressing The JQ — which could jeopardise his capacity to have Tory MPs like George ‘The Convict Report’ Christensen and Craig ‘1, 2, 3, Ustasha Are We!’ Kelly agree to appear on his platforms — Hiscox and Roebuck have jumped feet first down the neo-Nazi rabbit-hole.

Also appearing on the final, cucked episode was Proud Boy brawler and Constitutional lawyer Jarrad Searby. You may remember Searby from such stirring headlines as Victorian father arrested at NSW border checkpoint told police ‘COVID is fake’, court hears (‘There was a scuffle outside court following the hearing, with Mr Searby’s wife ramming media with her pram as they left’) and COVID-19 denier Jarrad Searby sought $500,000 for legal battle (‘A COVID-19 denier who sought $500,000 in public donations to fund his legal bills has raised just $50 in three months’). Meanwhile, Daddy Trump has given the Boys in America licence to go knock some sense into critics, and they’ve celebrated by inter alia attacking Black churches in Washington.

Anyway, semi-literate rural gymbros from The School of Hard Knocks are an xclnt source of recruitment for the extreme-right, The University of YouTube can boast a number of high-achieving graduates, and the hate-machine continues to grind on …

See/hear also : What the far right’s been up to, The Signal (ABC), December 16, 2020.

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    There is a reason nobody reads this blog, everyone you slime is better than you in every possible way. What a cowardly bunch of faggots you are.

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