Soapbox Beer Presents: Australibus Tenebris

[Update (February 2, 2023) : This afternoon Brisbane venue Soapbox Beer announced that the Australibus Tenebris gig will not be going ahead. Thank you to Soapbox Beer for refusing to allow racist idiots a platform.]

Three years ago I wrote “Oh Australibus Tenebris, will you ever win?”. Now, in February 2023, the tentacles of the Victorian mob have reached into Soapbox Beer:

With a relaxing vibe, full kitchen and bar, our BrewBar space offers a range of options and can accommodate groups, big or small, perfect for all beer-flavoured events including birthdays, wedding receptions, corporate events, team building, meet up groups, festive season celebrations and much more.

Much more means, in this case, a gig on Saturday, February 4:

Given the recent fuss over Taake and Akhly having their tour cancelled, I honestly dunno why a boutique beer barn in Brisbane wants to come to the party.

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